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Landscape Design,Landscape Design Ideas

Landscape designing is a field where you get ample opportunities to display your creativity. Your home backyard is one place where you can try out different things without the fear of making mistakes. But designing a landscape is not that easy. Lots of things need to be considered while designing it. It becomes much more interesting and complicated as you enter its depths. There are numerous ways of designing a landscape. Let us take a look at some of them.

Here are a few things to remember before you start designing your landscape.

* Use the available space in your landscape to the fullest.
* Try to be simple and effective while designing.
* There is no point creating a riot of colors, as the landscape should look pleasant to the eyes.

Planting :-
The plants to be chosen for a home landscape should be local ones. It is easy to take care of native plants since they are more familiar to us. Try to plant something every season, so that the garden remains a treat for the eyes throughout the year. Plants can be used to construct a fence around the landscape. Nowadays, lawns are considered to be an integral part of any landscape. The concept of having a lawn in gardens originated in England. It rains evenly throughout the year in England, which makes it easy to maintain lawns. But lawns should be avoided in areas which experience the problem of water scarcity. For using water economically, micro-irrigation proves to be the best option. Flower beds should be layered. Layering places taller plants behind and the shorter ones and the other plants can occupy the space in between them.
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