Gifts for New Great Granddaughter

I'm somewhat—but not compulsive—about the things of my forefathers and foremothers. I mean if I have something my grandmother gave me, I cherish it, but I certainly would never, ever fight my siblings over something. It just isn't worth the time, trouble or negative feelings you get from those disputations with family.

My parents were divorced after about 38 years of marriage and each remarried. They're both deceased now but my father had a pocket watch from my mother's father. It never stated in any will that it was his—my brother's—so it went to his widow. My brother laments to this day over a pocket watch our grandfather told him would be his. It's been 40 years! I inherited nothing from either parent and I have never, ever—not for one second—given it any thought. Those are just "things" and I have wonderful memories. Those I can hold and savor and take with me to the next life. But my brother has let it wear him down for all these years over things that "could have been." I don't think I've ever done that.

I have a corduroy quilt my grandmother made for me. (That's it in the pictures below.) She made it out of scraps from jumpers she made me when I was a young child. She gave it to me when I got married almost 49 years ago. I used to snuggle under it when I was very cold because it is heavy. When you get under it you'd better be in the position you want because it is so heavy you can't move once it's on top of you! But that quilt will go to Washington state with us next week to be in our great granddaughter's room, and she'll know it came from her great great great grandmother. It sounds so ancient when put that way but it's only 60+ years old.

Our granddaughter and her hubby haven't decided on a name yet but so far they've liked the name Violet or Anastasia. Mandy's favorite colors are lavender, violet and purple and I think she likes pink but her house isn't decorated in those colors. Mostly she used beiges and darker colors but her office has lavender walls. She was going to put the baby in the office and work there when she wasn't at her office at Microsoft. Her hubby's office is downstairs in a big room but since he has so much computer equipment in there it wouldn't hold her office equipment. He does a lot of work at home also since he works for MS XBox as a designer and...well, you can just imagine what that room looks like. But guess what?! All her office stuff has been moved out and it is now officially a little girls room! Gee, what being pregnant can do to a professional chick. *Wink* She's told us we can do lavender, pink and soft greens.

Now, I do not plan on spoiling that girl; I'll leave it to her grandmother, my daughter. That's a grandmother's prerogative. I'm talking about clothes, nursery furniture, etc. But I do plan on making her as much frilly and froufrou-y stuff as I can. The birdhouse below is the first thing I've actually made since learning of her imminent birth and confirmation of her gender. I have a box full of stuff that is going over to Washington with us and so far I have a lamp I made, a crown, the quilt, another doll quilt my grandmother made that I think she'll enjoy having knowing its sentimental value and various other things I think Mandy might want from me. I've already given her my original wedding rings and some jewelry. I think she should enjoy them now and not wait until I'm dead! I want to see the sparkle in her eyes when she is wearing something that came from me.

These pictures were before I finished it with the bow, added a few minor touches and Love Bunny put the screwy thing on top so it can be hung from the ceiling.

This little crown I made last year and was for sale on my selling blog. She'll love this in her bedroom. Fit for a princess, which she is.

In her later years my grandmother had to live in a nursing home but she made these little doll quilts to keep her hands busy and to give to indigent families. This one came to me. She always thought of me and told me I was her favorite granddaughter. I believe it to this day. I think I was.

Another little lamp I made but never sold. It's hers now also. I'm glad it didn't sell. ;-)

I made this a few months ago and it was meant to be a giveaway. It will now go to her and I'll do another one for a giveaway soon.

The Eleventh Hour - A Curious Mystery

When I buy a book whether in the book store or online I always write my name in it with the date that I bought it. Thus back in 1990 I bought this very clever picture book. I say clever because it shows intelligence and skill by the author, Graeme Base. The Eleventh Hour - A Curious Mystery is a book that appeals to all ages. It's a mystery albeit for children also. I've included a few photos to provoke an interest. But as you can see, I've never broken the seal at the back of the book. That's not to say I haven't peeked! ;-)
Depending on the cleverness of your child, I should say it's for ages 5 or 6 years old on up. Adults will get a chuckle out of it also.

The book is about solving the mystery of who is eating all the cake for the party. Just an adorable book!

Small Acts of Kindness

Every now and then we'll open a file cabinet or dresser drawer and find something the donor has accidentally forgotten about and left in there. Depending on what it is, I'll contact them and see that the item is returned. That happened recently and the donor had moved out of state so I prepared a package and mailed the items to her. Yesterday I received the nicest thank you card back and she ended the note with these words, "You just never know what seemingly small act of kindness does." I love it! It's so true, yet how often do my small acts of kindness come with a string attached? I'll let you merge into traffic ahead of me, but you better thank me with a wave for I'll glare at you for as long as we're driving on the same road. You know what I mean? What if my acts of kindness were freely given with no expectations whatsoever? The person on the receiving end might - or might not - appreciate what I've done, but more importantly I'll have lived that moment with grace and kindness towards others. And when I'm able to do that, my stress level goes way down and I'm -to put it simply - a happier, nicer person. Then when you do receive a wonderful note like I did yesterday it's icing on the cake!

What does acts of kindness have to do with the latest donations we received at Jubilee Furniture this week? Nothing. So before I go off on another tangent, here are photos of some of the new-to-us pieces we received in this week:

You know I like unusual pieces and this is a metal tray table. The top lifts right off and the legs actually fold up for easy storage - price $25

Excellent condition, super clean sleeper sofa for $135

Sweet retro two sliding door storage unit - looks like a Steelcase piece, but I couldn't find the Steelcase name anywhere, so I'm not sure $35

I always like plaids and I love the colors in this chair - unfortunately, there are a couple of rips so I priced it at $65

Nice sofa - faded along the top and the back - but otherwise in great shape $85

Love seat where both sections recline - super clean but obviously dated fabric print $45; there is a matching sofa where both ends recline, also in excellent condition for $65 - oh, and both love seat and sofa are wall huggers - which is nice

Oatmeal color sleeper sofa for $65

Gorgeous blue leather wing back/recliner for $250 - I love the nail head trim

It's plaid so of course I took a photo of it! Blue and green plaid sofa for $125; coffee table in front of it for $50

2 piece sectional - large and comfy - for $100

We got in quite a few really nice lamps this week - this one looks like brass but it's too light to be brass - so what is it? I'm not sure, but I love the etching (hard to see in the photo, sorry). There are two of them and Chet priced them $35 each (I'm warning you now, you'll need to purchase new shades for most/many of the lamps we get in)

Blue stripe sofa $125

Brown floral patterned Bernhardt love seat for $135; we also have the matching sofa for $175

Wonderful oak table with a self storing leaf (pull the top apart and the leaf pops right up and into place!) and six chairs for $175 (we actually have two tables both with six chairs that are identical)

There's a little of a story behind all of this split log furniture but it's not that interesting - so I won't bore you with it. The point I want to make is we have several of each piece of furniture. Know what I mean? So we received four of these "magic" chairs and I tagged them magic because they open like a futon - a futon for a small person (very small). My guess is you put two chairs together and it would be the size of a twin mattress (about). Now, you would either have to tie the chairs together to make sure they don't separate during the night and dump your guest on the floor, or, you put someone on it who doesn't move when they sleep. Clear as mud? After all that you still want to know the price? Oooookay $100. Can you see the end table next to the chair? It's priced at $35

Futon $200 (we have two of them); coffee table $50 (only one coffee table)

Queen size head board, foot board and side rails for $200 (this is my favorite of all the log cabin like pieces); queen mattress and box spring for $75; can you see the one drawer night stand? Price is $65 and, I think, we have eight of them

As always, hope to see you either today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 - bring your muscle with you because Dave - Jubilee Furniture warehouse manager - left last night for a ski trip in Colorado and I don't know exactly how many warehouse guys I'll have! Yike!

And remember, you just never know what a seemingly small act of kindness might do for others!

Beautiful Images For You #1 and Pink Saturday

Join Beverly of HowSweetTheSound and the other participants for Pink Saturday and see all the pink items. You'll be delighted for sure, Chicks.

I am a firm believer in sharing. I cannot even tell you how many images I have from when I was designing templates. I don't do that anymore but I thought I'd start sharing with you so you can use them also. I probably have well over 10,000 images so I'll put some on here from time to time so you can use in your scrapbooking, crafting or any way you wish. As you can see I'll be numbering them so count on a number 2 sometime soon. I promise you it will be worth it. I have all kinds of images for different holidays. Enjoy.


Random Thoughts:

Now, you didn't think I wouldn't say something else, did you? Oho, you should know me better than that, chicks. ;-)

At the ward Christmas party at church in December, Love Bunny was dressing for it and I perused his attire with a looooong, slow look at him. Nice Dockers and button-down red shirt.

She: You're not wearing that, are you?

He: Why? Which don't you like?

Looking at himself, he looked puzzled.

She: The Santa hat. (He is one of the church leaders and I thought that was a bit undignified with the Santa hat on his head.)

He decided I was right because we focus on the Savior with our Christmas parties. Kids get candy but there isn't a Santa Claus there.

Several months ago now I was doing my monthly visiting teaching with my V.T. companion and we were going to a sister out quite a ways from us. I wasn't in the mood that day and as it turned out we spent 5 hours doing this and neither one of us has that kind of spare time.

However, I learned something.

I must admit I had a major attitude that day. We went to this lady's home and she had it built and it was beautiful. We had the tour—a major BIG TIME tour. But when I walked in I saw her very formal dining room set with place settings on the table, I thought to myself that it was a bit showy just to show us her new home. I was thinking she had "styled" it as is done for magazines. Well, I later learned we had been invited for lunch and wasn't even told about it. Now, I was trying to lose some weight and was a bit miffed that I didn't have control over my food on that occasion. But as we were preparing to eat after the hour and a half tour, she served a salad and desserts. But we spent just over 2 hours with her and by the time we left I was ready to "KILL"! I had scheduled 2 hours for the 2 women we visit and when it turned into 5, I was fit to be tied.

But later, I thought about it and realized I missed the major point here: I had a nice lunch. But with the attitude I carried for those hours I lost the purpose for the visit—to bring a spiritual message and companionship to a fellow Christian. I failed that test. I shall be more compassionate in the future.

A few weeks ago now Love Bunny and I (okay, mostly "I") wanted a hot dog. So since I was driving we stopped at the Chevron Gem Stop station. It's brand new and you could practically live in there with what they offer. Even has a Starbucks. So as we were leaving a man held the door for me. I wasn't sure if he was just being a gentleman or if he thought I was an old lady that needed help with the door. Aaaaack, is this what happens when we are over "39"? ;-)

What exactly is meant when we say "the far side of town"? I guess that depends on what side of town you live on. So I don't refer to the "far side" anymore; I usually say north, south, east or west side of town.

I'm going to leave this world kicking and screaming carrying pink, frilly and froufrou-y things if it's the last thing I do......well, that will be the last thing I do. *Wink*

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Paola Navone is the exception on the Italian design scene. For the past thirty years she has been a welcome feature of the otherwise male-dominated Italian design elite. Navone works as an interior designer and consultant to furniture and material manufacturers. In her designs she always tries to combine modern design with traditional handicraft. For Italian furniture company Lando the designer created the Gingerbread furniture series.Her Gingerbread collection for Lando has surrealist, theatrical touches and looks almost childlike.

The Gingerbread collection rediscovers the decorative power of wood trough unusual shapes, materials and styles to create fascinating contemporary effects. Part of the collection is this gorgeous bookcase, which is made of rough, solid wood supported by white ceramic vases.

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