Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcome to the last day of February and the Jubilee Furniture blog where you’ll find the latest news about our upcoming liquidation sale and move!

Since people have a lot of questions about both the sale and move – I’ll do my best to answer them here:

Q: Susan, why – after eight years – is Jubilee Furniture moving?

A: A building just east of our current location came on the market for an unbelievable price that made owning instead of renting (which is what we’re currently doing) suddenly in our reach.

Q: When does your liquidation sale start?

A: Friday, March 14th with 20% off whatever’s in the store

Q: Can I get the 20% off now?

A: No.

Q: Then what?

A: Beginning Friday, March 21st the discount will increase to 50% off whatever’s in the store followed by 80% off on Friday, March 28th.

Q: When will you open in the new building?

A: Friday, April 4th.

Q: Will you extend your hours?

A: Yes.  We’re adding Thursday hours starting Thursday, April 10th. So, starting 04/10 Jubilee Furniture will be open Thursdays and Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4 (same Friday/Saturday hours but adding Thursday).

Q: What can I expect in the new space?

A: Windows!  Great lighting!  Same amazing donated inventory set up in both vignettes and rows of furniture to make shopping easier.  Same warm welcome.  Same excellent customer service.

Q: Will the new showroom be as large as it is now?

A: Not out of the gate – but an addition is already planned for the spring that will bring us to up to – roughly – the same size as our current space.

Q: What will adding Thursday hours do to the weekly Friday blog post?

A: It’ll move to Thursday and – down the road – we plan to engage in multiple different social medias to keep you better informed.

Have a question I didn’t answer?  Please ask it as a comment.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the new-to-us furniture which was donated this week!

JFC 02-28-14 001JFC 02-28-14 002

cool rolling buffet – photos show the top opened but the two pieces can slide together.  Priced $80

JFC 02-28-14 003JFC 02-28-14 004

sweet make-up table and chair – both need to be repainted – priced $35

JFC 02-28-14 005JFC 02-28-14 006

cool stone top cafĂ© height table with two stools (underneath one stool one of the support springs has poked through) – priced $145 for the set

JFC 02-28-14 007JFC 02-28-14 008

sorry, I should have removed the artwork so you could better see this very nice black leather sofa which is priced $125

JFC 02-28-14 009JFC 02-28-14 010

sofa and ottoman – there’s a pulled thread on one of the arms – priced $85 for both pieces

JFC 02-28-14 011JFC 02-28-14 012

I love the shape of this side table!  Priced $30

JFC 02-28-14 013JFC 02-28-14 014JFC 02-28-14 015JFC 02-28-14 017

the leather on this sofa and chaise is fairly worn/small cracks – definitely a “distressed” look.  Priced $125.  Two matching end table are priced $30 each

JFC 02-28-14 018JFC 02-28-14 019

this retro chest of drawers is actually a fabulous secretary!  Priced $85

JFC 02-28-14 020JFC 02-28-14 021

there’s something about this velvet wingback that I really like – it’s in great condition and is priced $90

JFC 02-28-14 022JFC 02-28-14 023

and then I totally love this light blue sofa!  Look at the shape of the back!  The blue is a little faded but not much.  Priced $125

JFC 02-28-14 024JFC 02-28-14 025

this is an amazing – but huge – writing desk.  Look at all that storage!  Priced $85

JFC 02-28-14 026JFC 02-28-14 027

this is a very long, vintage sofa – lots of buttons (and I didn’t notice any of them missing!) – priced $50

JFC 02-28-14 028JFC 02-28-14 029

interesting modern twist on this distressed leather sofa – I like it – priced $165

JFC 02-28-14 030JFC 02-28-14 032JFC 02-28-14 033JFC 02-28-14 034

wonderful mission style furniture – Bassett name on the sofa and loveseat.  All the pieces need some works (wood needs to be re-stained and veneer along the edges of the coffee table is chipped).  Sofa is $70; loveseat $50; coffee table for $30; end table is $40 (Penny and Ken – are you in the area?  I know how much you love this style!)

JFC 02-28-14 035JFC 02-28-14 036

wonderful loveseat – both sides recline!  In the second photo that’s not a rip along the back but where the fabric is loose so it can recline.  Priced $85

JFC 02-28-14 037JFC 02-28-14 038

this is actually a really neat piece of furniture.  The two side pieces come off so it’s super easy to transport and loveseat opens to a twin size bed!  Yes, the leather is coming off in a number of areas – but isn’t that why throws were invented? Priced $30

JFC 02-28-14 039JFC 02-28-14 040

four oak chairs priced $125 for all four.  Oak pedestal table – top needs to be refinished – priced $70

JFC 02-28-14 042JFC 02-28-14 043

two high-end leather desk chairs – very comfortable – priced $95 each

JFC 02-28-14 044JFC 02-28-14 045

small student desk for $40

JFC 02-28-14 046JFC 02-28-14 047

another sweet small student desk – this time the price is $50

JFC 02-28-14 048JFC 02-28-14 049JFC 02-28-14 051JFC 02-28-14 053

this Room & Board wool, cable, area rug came from their showroom – still has the R&B price tag on it (a mere $2,199).  It’s 8’2” x 11’6” and seems to be in excellent condition (some fuzz but I think this type of rug tends to get pretty fuzzy).  Priced $325

JFC 02-28-14 054JFC 02-28-14 055

love the clean lines of this “L” shape desk with frosted glass top – priced $80

Would love to have you stop by, dear reader!  Remember we’re open today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4!

Take care!

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