Putting Things Into Perspective

Just checking in today, but I'll have more for Pink Saturday tomorrow. Is it spring yet?????? Trying to think positive about it.

I've been busy reevaluating things in my life recently: what's important, what's not and the in-between things. It just feels like something is missing. I think most of you will understand this since most of us experience this at one time or another. We sometimes don't even recognize it when there is something amiss. But I've figured out one thing I need: more challenges. I say this with my heart in my throat because I'm not sure what God will throw my way now. Sigh. But I've gotten a missionary call to help with genealogy. I won't have to travel to far away countries, which I don't want to do anymore, especially with the travel regulations such as they are now. I can do it right from my home computer with a headset (which I have), Skype (which I've been using for many years) and a telephone. Qualified!

I think this comes because I'm feeling useless in the scheme of things right now. But anyway, I'm going to do it.

The other thing is I got food poisoning Sunday night. After fasting for 24 hours, which we do once a month and then give the money we would have spent on 2 nice meals at a restaurant to our bishop to use for needy families in our ward. I broke the fast with a frozen cashew chicken (Sundays are easy meals for us since we try to keep "work" to a minimum) and within a couple of hours I started feeling very, very nauseous. At 9:30 pm I told hubs we need to go to bed. I lay there for over 4 hours trying to squelch the nausea but to no avail. At almost 2 am I awoke and rushed to the bathroom. So I spent the night on the toilet with a plastic lined trash can in my lap. Not fun! I didn't get out of the house until last night when hubs took me to Jack in the Box for a salad. I'm feeling 95% better but still tired.

But I went to the doctor today for a visit I've had for a month and I'm in fine shape. Blood pressure is 118/65. Not bad for an old lady. My doctor was impressed and so was I.

So I'll stop rambling now and have a better post for y'all tomorrow! :-)

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bathroom improvement

The bath is one of the most important rooms in a house. Styles in bathroom designs are constantly evolving and new trends are being developed everyday. So whether you are interested in a bathroom for a new home or a remodel of your current one, let Mitchell Construction design the perfect bath for you.Read more…
bathroom light

Designed for the Italians from Falper, they look equally stylish, sensuous and inviting after a hard day (or night). Achieving the perfect blend of form and function, Scoop is a bathroom design that uses curves while Shape uses straight lines to create an harmonious look all around. Using only the simplest and most unassuming shades along with the integrating ergonomic design, these are like minimalist’s gateway to bathroom peace. [via DigsDigs]Read more….
Bath Fixtures

Their luxury bathroom design ideas are amazing and can please every customer requirements. With their ideas you create piece of art which would be great place for relaxing and refreshing. Everything they made is full of harmony, beauty and luxury. If you want create not just beautiful but also unique bathroom which you can be proud of than getting ideas from Axor will help you a lot.Read more…

from : http://www.luxtam.com/tag/bath-faucets/

Modern Minimalist Living Room Interior Design

Kitchen Interior Design White Cabinet

from : http://besthomeinteriordesign.blogspot.com/2009_10_01_archive.html

Colorfull Modern Interior Bedroom

from : http://besthomeinteriordesign.blogspot.com/2009_10_01_archive.html

Dining Room

from : http://www.indianholiday.com/india-photo-gallery/rajasthan/jodhpur/nimaj-palace/drawing-room.html

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Danice and Jack's lovely living room!

So glad you stopped by for today's installment of customer inspiration where a customer provides photos of things they've purchased from Jubilee Furniture and how amazing the items look in their home - either exactly as they looked leaving the store or after some spiffing up!

Today's post includes some spiffing up! I first met Danice just a couple of days before she was getting married to Jack. They were having an outdoor wedding and needed some extra seating and she stopped in the store and found exactly what she was looking for! The wedding was beautiful and Danice and Jack have been stopping in at Jubilee every now and then ever since. Danice is creative and has a good eye when it comes to spotting things that have clean lines and good "bones" but need some work (just like Shelli, Brooke, Caroline, Theresa, Jean, Megan, Alice and John and Deanna).

The ottoman in this photo was pretty ratty, if I'm remembering correctly, when Danice purchased it - but look how amazing it is now! I love the woven material she used on the bottom part! The chair in the background also needed some love and Danice found this gorgeous slipcover for only $40 at Overstocked.com.

Here's another view of the amazing ottoman and, I believe, Danice also purchased the chair in the corner from Jubilee. I love all the pillows! What a great place to kick back and relax (having a couple of dogs also sends a warm and welcoming, come-as-you-are message!).

Thanks for coming by, dear reader and I hope to see you here again on Friday for my weekly update!


Sumptuously Ornamental Hotel Interior Design

A hotel sumptuously rich interior design, really inspiring design for you who want to remodel or makeover your house interior design to become more glorious and rich of ornamental flavors. This luxury interior design has crashed colors and textures, a chaos combination, instead create stunning views. Luxury furniture with various patterns faces the interior wall color scheme and patterns. This awesome hotel interior design inspired of southern American origins. Hotel Monaco Alexandria interior designed Cheryl Rowley

from : http://jokamfamily.com/sumptuously-ornamental-hotel-interior-design/

Shiny Interior Design Of Cavo Tagoo Hotel

 Cavo Tagoo is a luxury hotel located on the “Mykonos” island, Greek. This Hotel gives a good service, quality, and comfort to the guests. Hotel interior design is a profession that involves artistic decoration and furniture in the hotel. The hotel suites Displays with private pool, a spa center, swimming pool in the room, fitness center, swimming pool and stunning lounge bar. The hotel provides a complete service, quiet, and comfortable for a family vacation.

from : http://inhometrend.com/shiny-interior-design-of-cavo-tagoo-hotel

Hotel Bathroom design ideas with Elegant Lighting Fixtures

Hotel Bathroom design ideas with Elegant Lighting Fixtures. This is so elegant lighting fixtures in the bathroom interior design at hotel. The hotel bathroom is one of most important place to serve the costumer, so better bathroom is better value for consumers. This is some hotel bathroom design ideas with elegant lighting fixtures.

from : http://midhomes.net/2010/01/16/hotel-bathroom-design-ideas-with-elegant-lighting-fixtures/#more-1043

Amazing House with Minimalist Concept, OM House in Brazil

This is Amazing House with Minimalist Concept in interior which located in Londrina, Brazil and designed by Studio Guilherme Torres. The architect has offered a plan that consists of two large blocks crossed perpendicularly in an area of 400m2. The current structure consists of a large lounge, a block contains 3 bedrooms and a laundry area discreetly. The lounge is well endowed with natural light overlooking the pool. The pool has a 16m lap po…

from : http://www.homedecoratedesign.com/search/kindergarten-design-concept/

Comfort and Open Space Concept Bedroom Ideas

I think you will feel comfort with this open concept bedroom ideas. A room with incredible views of the surrounding forests. Wake up to bird song and see how they sing. If it is a sanctuary that is like, without isolation, is this open space for you. It is not the attic area of the city that is so rare an experience to live. Beams and wooden floors remain true to the environment and create a resource almost tree house. The window of a generous…

from : http://www.homedecoratedesign.com/search/kindergarten-design-concept/

Green Residence Concept Eva Street Residence in Austin, Texas.

Here is Green Residence Concept created by American architect Chris Cobb called Eva Street Residence. It’s located in Austin, Texas. Chris says that the design arose from the need to build in relation to the tree and to investigate whether an urban home can achieve some of the spatial dynamics of the tree: sheltering the family without sealing them off from their surroundings. The solution was to create a taut multi-storied volume that fe…
from : http://www.homedecoratedesign.com/search/kindergarten-design-concept/

a Living Space Concept Design, 45 Faber park in Singapore by Ong & Ong

This is a living room space concept design by ong & ong which the design team consist of Diego Molina and Maria Arango. Camilo Pelaez. For Site Area: 840 sqm and House Area: 592 sqm. Living space concept design, derived from the clients’ requirements, was to create a living space open to the outdoors in a clean contemporary aesthetic. The building would need to allow fluid movement between each space within and perform as a sustainable mech…
from : http://www.homedecoratedesign.com/search/kindergarten-design-concept/

Contemporary University Design: Ravensbourne College Building in London

Here is a campus building project located in London. The project was completed by the Office of foreign architects, in order to meet the demands of development era to -21 century for learners.  Here is more from the project developers: “The architecture of the building has been designed to express the culture of contemporary production, by using a non-periodic tiling system which symbolises a more diverse and contemporary approach to technology. Gothic rose windows and flower patterns have also been a rich field of inspiration for the project, but in this building they will not be produced as an imitation of nature but as an abstract construction. To achieve this we have resorted to the use of a non-periodic tiling pattern on the fa├žade, which allowed us to build seven different types of windows out of only three different tiles.” home-4us readers, what is your choice-  traditional or contemporary university building designs?

Family Retreat With Surrounded by Technology and Contemporary Design

If you and your family have a super busy activity and makes you tired and stressed, your family may need a moment amid the fatigue isitrahat daily routine. We suggest that you can make a family holiday in a place of comfort and calm. If  you have a house like the designs below, it would be a cheap and enjoyable vacation spot for your family. The design of this house has a beautiful scenery, surrounded by technology and contemporary design. Growing up in a place like this next home can be surprisingly helpful in learning about clean design lines and uncluttered space. Judy Goodger has this beautiful residence for sale and describes it as a perfectly positioned family retreat: “Spread over two levels, this first-class floor plan offers space for the entire family. The first level features an open plan dining and living area that merges effortlessly without compromising the definition of each space. Neutral tones accentuated by polished timber flooring create a warm and inviting atmosphere that gives way to a generously sized deck and pool area. With views of the tranquil surrounds, it is the perfect outdoor space to kick back and watch the kids enjoy the extensive child-friendly grounds.” With a modern kitchen allowing allows easy service to the dining area and four bedrooms, the residence at the end of a cul-de-sac in Chapel Hill has a total land surface of 577 sqm. Do you think that you would need more space for raising a family?

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