This With The Green Walls.

this with the green walls.
this with the green walls.

Like mother like…on the Jubilee Furniture blog!


Abby the Guest Blogger!

You don’t know me, but you probably know my mother. She’s the curly haired lady in charge at good ol’ Jubilee Furniture. She also normally writes this blog and has no problem with posting pictures of herself in the morning with hair as tall as Marge Simpson. (You should probably link to that one Mom!)  One thing you might not know about her is that she laughs so hard at birthday cards during family parties that sometimes I’m afraid she’s going to pass out. So basically, I have really good genes.

Here are a few things about me: I’m in grad school for social work at Aurora University, I would love to go to France, I’m kind of a geek, and I have an obsession with jewelry shaped like leaves.

Photo at top is me. Guess where I got the afghan around my shoulders. If you guessed my grandma, you are dead wrong. I got it from Jubilee! This just goes to show… what class? Yes, that’s right! You never know what you’re going to find at Jubilee!

Like I said, you don’t know me (well now you know me a little) but… there’s a possibility that I might know you! Quite often, my mom and I are out doing fancy lady things like going to the dry cleaners and shopping at Target. We might be browsing the shampoo aisle while I try to explain Ke$ha to my mother and she’ll stop me, gesture to a random person and say, “Hey, she shops at Jubilee!” And then I say, “Well she must be a super cool person.” This happens a lot. The point I’m trying to make isn’t that there are a lot of Jubilee Furniture customers (even though there most certainly are), but that the general manager and volunteers care enough about their vast amount of customers (that’d be you) to remember you! I don’t know about you, but that pretty much never happens to me. I went to the same Starbucks for a year in Aurora and the people there still didn’t recognize me. The people at Jubilee care about what they are doing and about their customers.

So while you’re out and about on Friday and Saturday doing your fancy lady or dapper man things like gassing up the Toyota or stocking up on fruit roll-ups and pop tarts, you might want to stop by Jubilee. I counted literally 14 things in my room alone from Jubilee Furniture, including the coolest painting ever of a peacock that I named Rupert. Now you can’t have Rupert, but below you’ll find out what’s “new” at Jubilee.

Thanks for letting me steal the show, and I hope you guys find some great stuff this weekend!

JFC 09-30-11 001JFC 09-30-11 002

black leather sofa from IKEA priced $85; art deco glass top coffee table $40; matching end table $30 (and there are two of them)

JFC 09-30-11 003

gray sofa for $40

JFC 09-30-11 004

brown futon with mattress (a very nice thick mattress) priced $145

JFC 09-30-11 005JFC 09-30-11 006

brown sofa priced $75; matching chair $55

JFC 09-30-11 007

fake fireplace (I didn’t have a chance to plug it in to see exactly how it works) priced $35

JFC 09-30-11 008JFC 09-30-11 009

southwestern style chairs priced $20 each (need to be cleaned); matching sofa for $35 (also needs to be cleaned); pine coffee table is $45; matching pine end tables are $30 each

JFC 09-30-11 01035JFC 09-30-11 011JFC 09-30-11 012JFC 09-30-11 013

wonderful bedroom set by Thomasville (a little masculine looking) – long low dresser with mirror (mirror is leaning up behind the dresser) priced $75; tall chest of drawers is $95; night stand in front of chest of drawers is $35 and the other night stand is $40 (less expensive one needs some minor top refinishing); head board opens for storage and will fit either a full or queen mattress; queen mattress shown is one of our prototype (NEW) sets from Serta which includes the mattress and box spring priced $475

JFC 09-30-11 014JFC 09-30-11 015

fabulous retro sleeper sofa from Ethan Allen priced $95; teak coffee or end table for $35

JFC 09-30-11 016

lovely older chairs – has amazing trim -  priced $45

JFC 09-30-11 017JFC 09-30-11 018

we currently have TONS of sorta standard issue side chairs that are very comfortable, well made and could be transformed into one-of-a-kind pieces with a little TLC from YOU – most are priced $25 each

JFC 09-30-11 019JFC 09-30-11 020

five drawer flat file cabinet priced $125 and we have two of them (screw missing which is why one of the drawer handles is sort of hanging)

JFC 09-30-11 021

table, one leaf and six chairs priced $125

JFC 09-30-11 022

farm style table with four chairs for $145

JFC 09-30-11 023JFC 09-30-11 024

this is a custom build entertainment center with lots of storage and display space – photos really do not properly show you how lovely and massive this piece is – donor paid $8,000 new – our price? $295

JFC 09-30-11 025JFC 09-30-11 026

McCreary love seat priced $25; matching McCreary sofa for $35 (both pieces are pretty worn)

JFC 09-30-11 027

super wonderful two piece hutch priced $125

JFC 09-30-11 028

neat-o chairs $18.50 each

JFC 09-30-11 029JFC 09-30-11 030

fabulous heart-shaped swivel stool priced $35

JFC 09-30-11 031JFC 09-30-11 032

brown swivel rockers priced $25 each

JFC 09-30-11 033

wonderful art deco desk for $65

A big THANK YOU to Abby for writing this post’s opening!  You do make me laugh, Abbers – and though I still don’t get the whole Ke$ha thing, I’m thinking I should go by $u$an from now on!  Yo?  Okay – maybe not.

Anyone else want to write a Friday post?  Mom?  Peggy?  Tara?  Alice?  You, dear reader?  Come on!  Contact me at if you’re willin’!

Pink Saturday Apron Giveaway #2

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I planned to announce the winner of each preceding apron giveaway on the next week's giveaway, so in keeping with that the winner of the apron on last week's PS post is:

Cindy Adkins

Today is the 2nd apron giveaway. This is the apron for this week. Only people who comment on this particular post are eligible for this one. Just trying to give everyone an even chance, gals. And once again thank you, Beverly, from the bottom of my heart for helping with this. I receive so many blessings from bloggers and friends that it is truly amazing and humbling. I'll also help in any way I can if you need me to, bloggers.


Easy to win. Just leave a comment and you'll be given a chance to win one of twelve aprons I'm giving away on Pink Saturdays for the next couple of months. To see all of them go to this post.


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