Romantic Country Rooms #4

Aren't these rooms lovely also? Girls, look at some of the ideas in these room, adapt them to your homes and run with it.

Pair a red and white check chair/sofa or cloth with a kilim rug and some old pottery found at a garage sale. Do NOT be afraid to mix several patterns in a room. I think it's dramatic when done.

Or look around your house or your mother's or grandmother's house for some old furbelows (trims) and bibelots to showcase in your homes. Showcase them magnificently!

Add drama with a bold color somewhere in a room.

Or find what you might consider an ugly oddity and showcase it. I'll bet you it will grow on you. That has truly happened to me.

While I absolutely love pink and most colors associated with reds, I'm not averse to other colors, especially yellow. Yellow is a cheery color when you have a dark house. Nuuuuu, I'm not changing my walls from pink to yellow, but I truly LOVE pink and bright yellow together. I guess the owner of this room does too because she pairs those bright yellow walls with a red/pinkish sofa on the left.

Tropical Home Decor of Decoration Ideas

Tropical Home Decor of Decoration Ideas Tropical home decor is the easiest way to feel the cool ambience of the islands around you. When one thinks of tropical interior decorations, one relates to sand, leisurely vacations and the tranquility of the Caribbean and Hawaiian islands. As you start conceptualizing the tropical interiors for your home, close your eyes and imagine the blue ocean and green vegetation around you. And what can be a better way to relax than to simply enjoy the feel of vacation right from your home.
Color Combination In Tropical Interiors
Colors play a very important role in tropical decor. The islands generally have vibrant and bright colors mostly in floral patterns. In home interiors one can use yellows, reds and oranges with some whites and greens in the background. One can also add banana trees, colorful animal and bird prints and motifs to complete the tropical look.
The most popular colors in tropical home decor are earthy tan, ivory, beige, camel, blues and greens. Also popular are light golden and subtle shades highlighted with black or deep brown.

Tropical Home Decor of Decoration Ideas Furniture for Home Interiors
Tropical decor requires colorful floral patterns. So add some vibrant cushions to your furnishings. If you are selecting furniture for exteriors then teak furniture is a good option. Beachwood is extensively used in tropical decorations. If you want to go for a natural look then go for bamboo or rattans. These furniture materials are very durable and comfortable as well.
Tropical Decorations for Homes
When selecting decorations for homes bright flowers play a major role. Orchids and red Protea are the favorite. To complete the tropical feeel add some artificial palm trees in the corner. You can of course go for the real ones if the climate and space permits. Other than palms one can also opt for larger plants with lights in the corner to have a tropical feel.
Water is a key element in tropical home decorations so how about having some rock or bamboo fountains. One can add some foliage around the fountain to give the feel of a hidden fountain. The soothing sound of water is going to add to the serene ambience of the rooms. The next important element is the windows so give it a personalized style as well. Bamboo blinds, panels from plantation give a breezy and warm look.

Tropical Home Decor of Decoration Ideas Motifs and Decorative Pieces
Handicrafts are an important part of the tropical decorations. Coral and shell handicrafts are some must have items in your tropical decor. Don’t give your home a cluttered look and instead of going for small pieces, select larger decorative pieces. Jungle look is also very popular. Try out different animal hides and hang them on the wall to create an unusual look.
The fabrics chosen for a tropical home decor are never stiff and hard. On the contrary they are soft and supple. Ottomans, pillows and other accessories normally will have leafy or jungle designs.
Materials for Tropical Decorations
Materials and fabrics need to be carefully selected as well. Go for those baskets, rattan, wicker chairs and wall coverings. Stone tableware looks great with tropical decorations. Have strong and sturdy glassware to complement the tropical look.

Shades of Blue Awesome Family Residence

Antonio Sofan Architecture and Interiors Studio has success design familty residence  with topic Shade of blue  in located Montera Colombia . The house was constructed within the Sinu Valley, known as one of the most fertile lands on the globe and has wonderful views of the Sinu River. The construction has a total building area of 500 square meters. Painted in blue and white, its exterior stands out and contrasts the green surroundings while offering a very pleasant sight. A large outdoor pool is said to cool off the warm breeze coming from the near-by river and create an enjoyable atmosphere for the home owners. As we step inside, more surprises await. The interior design is absolutely spectacular, featuring unusual color combinations and original furniture ideas and arrangements. We can hardly wait for you guys to let us know what you’ve discovered.

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Moscow Apartment Interior

From Moscow, Russia,   Andrey Zharnitsky Studio will be show a beautiful apartment design. The apartment is divided into two levels, the first floor measures 200 square meters and the upper level is about 45 square meters. The interior is mostly designed in natural colors with modern furniture and beautiful decorative elements, such as chandelier in the living and dining room. The apartment takes living room as the center piece that is completed with cozy white sofa, fireplace and television. Besides, there is also a bookcase that is located near to it and could occupy many of books and stuff. Main floor is used for public area, while the upper level is used for the kids and master bedroom. We love the master bedroom that is decorated with modern floating bed and lighting under the bed. It makes the bed as a focal point of this space. This apartment is totally stylish and very beautiful; we hope it will inspire you.

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Unveiling the Living Room Now

Now, you know I can't stop once I'm on a roll, right? Okay then, once I put the covers on I noticed that there was a bit too much white in the room in that area. I love white and love those curtains, but it needed some color behind that sofa. I then put up the curtains I talked about here. I like it much better and will even more once I can get that Solartube in the ceiling. (I'm saving for it!) But before I show you the big photos of the sofa I thought I'd show you the fabric, texture and makeup of the slipcover up close.

So here is the room now. The curtains have a color in them that makes the red Thomasville chair go with it even if the photo looks odd. Colors aren't exactly true on monitors as much as in person.

And I also put this pillow that I bought at Ethan Allen 15 years ago back on the sofa. I like a mixture of pillows on my sofa and don't think it's too formal to put on there. Even if it is formal, I like it and that's what matters. :-)

Customer Inspiration - Karen and John's home

Welcome to this week's customer inspiration and Karen and John's lovely home! Karen, John and their three adorable children recently moved to Michigan but before leaving DuPage County purchased a number of pieces from Jubilee Furniture to take with them. So, let's take a look at what they've done with what they bought!

entertainment centers are quickly becoming the newest "white elephant" and yet are often very nice pieces of furniture which provide a lot of storage - if you can see past using them only for storing your television - and that's exactly what Karen and John have done. By adding crates and boards the piece has been adapted to meet their needs (and keeps things looking tidy behind the closed doors). Karen writes: "We bought this media cabinet particularly for an interest piece in our living room and to house our stereo amp and some photo albums (we've not yet hung anything on the walls, hence the pile of stuff on top)."

both the futon and the floor lamp are from Jubilee - though Karen did purchase a new lamp shade (again, if you can see past the often battered shades on our lamps - you'll find some really nice lighting). I love the pillows Karen's added to the futon and how they warm up the neutral color of the futon fabric

both the table and four wooden chairs are from Jubilee Furniture (two fabric chairs are from IKEA) and John did refinish the table top but, "we left the legs rough, for that instant weathered look. The table and chairs were not an original set, but they look great together!" Yes, Karen - they do look great together and John did a nice job refinishing the table top - it looks fantastic!

Karen mentioned she didn't even get downstairs to snap photos of the rest of the furniture they purchased from Jubilee Furniture. What with moving to a new state and having three young children to get settled, I'm impressed she took photos and emailed me at all!

Okay everyone - if Karen can take some photos and email me - there's no excuse for the rest of you! Email me photos of how your Jubilee Furniture purchases have enhanced, changed, prettified your home and I'll share every Tuesday.

Next Tuesday, we'll take a peek into Mandy's fun/retro apartment!

Karen ends her email by writing, "You had just what we needed at just the right time." How cool is that! Thanks for sharing, Karen!

And so, dear reader, that's this week's "customer inspiration." I'll close with these excellent words from Dr. Seuss: "Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one."


Modern Interior Design Decoration Ideas

Modern Interior Design Decoration Ideas Modern Interior Design Decoration Ideas #1

Modern Interior Design Decoration Ideas Modern Interior Design Decoration Ideas #2

Modern Interior Design Decoration Ideas Modern Interior Design Decoration Ideas #3

We used to ignore the foyer and just decorate it with simple coat hanger or wall mirror. Hulsta comes with stylish solutions to upgrade your hallway and foyer design. As the first entrance, we need to pay more attention on this space. This foyer furniture collection is available as a coat hanger, wall shelves, mirror, and cabinets. It has spacious storage to help you organize your stuff and make your room look tidy and clean. This stylish hallway furniture also comes in several attractive finishes like natural wood, black and white and many more. Dubbed the Tameta Collection, this compact furniture will bring a new different atmosphere to your home. Check it out at Hulsta.

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Design Interior for Bathroom

Design Interior for Bathroom Design Interior for Bathroom are base on individual needs, everyone uses bathrooms every day. So, it's good reason to have a well designed and decorated bathroom space because not only for aesthetic reasons but for ergonomics and functionality.

Design Interior for Bathroom Now days, bathrooms are very dependent on electricity as well as water and of course it will take much budget for you to make a project luxury bathroom's design. If you want to build a new house, try to create some ideas for your bathroom such as how the bathroom's look and style. May be you want to make it romantic bathroom's style, so it's need special color such as the wall, lights, nice cabinet's design and better if you can put a jacuzzi to take bath.

Design Interior for Bathroom Many of furniture are design for bathroom use, and you can choose them to make your bathroom look nice and put all item that may you use in the bathroom. Interior Design for Bathroom also according to what size the bathroom do you have, then you can decide what kind of you want needs, design layout.

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