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I shall not pass this way again - except to return to Jubilee Furniture!

Are you familiar with the line in today's title? Here's the whole thing:

"I expect to pass through this world but once; and any good thing, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again." author unknown

I actually purchased a small plaque with these words on it from Jubilee Furniture (you truly never know what you might find at Jubilee!) and it's a good reminder of what we're trying to do at the furniture store.

Though any marketing expert will tell you it makes good business sense to treat your customers well - my desire is that everyone who walks through our doors feels welcomed, respected and valued - whether you purchase anything or not. You're special, dear reader - truly unique and I want to validate and appreciate that about you. We all - at Jubilee Furniture - want to do that.

In a great Steven Curtis Chapman song part of the choir is: "I can see the fingerprints of God when I look at you...You're a masterpiece that all creation quietly applauds and you're covered with the fingerprints of God." How cool is that?!

In addition to all the human masterpieces who will be walking around Jubilee Furniture today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4 (and yes, we will be open even though it's Labor Day weekend), there are lots of pre-owned (translate - used - hey, it works for cars why not furniture?) furniture masterpieces to be found at the store (sorry, sort of a lame way of moving into showing you this week's photos - but the best I could do). Ready? Let's go!

early American green sofa in excellent condition for $45

we got in tons of artwork this week - I mean tons - and it's all beautifully framed. This is a colorful scene of San Francisco and is priced $35

there are two large lamps in the store - among many - that I love and wanted to show you. One is this green beauty and is priced $20 (I know - can you believe how cheap it is?)

can you see the cool mirror hanging on the lattice? the pieces are all beveled and it's priced $45

this is a sweet dresser with a hutch and is priced $85

here's a dresser by Kroehler and is priced $45

this IKEA chair frame and ottoman came in with pads which I threw out (don't need to say any more about 'em), but the frames are great and only priced $20 for both pieces

one of my favorites from this week - a wonderful country style cabinet and hutch covered in that crackled paint (up close of the paint in the photo to the right) for $135

here's a beautiful Stanley dining room set which includes a table, 2 leaves, 6 chairs and table pads for $175; matching china cabinet for $125

very nice over sized green chair for $135; floral print for $15; and matching green sofa for $155

here's the second lamp I was telling you about - the base is bumpy and I love the color. Price? $35

French hot air balloon framed prints for $55 each

nice paisley sofa for $115

this massive (massive = very, very, very, very heavy) dark stained pine table and two benches has a rustic look with the uneven edges (can you see what I'm talking about in the photo on the right?) and is priced $275. Personally, don't love the dark stain - but this baby has tons of potential!

an area church donated a slew of kid's chairs and these we've priced $5 each

small drop leaf round table and three chairs for $125

same church, different chairs - this time these are antique wooden chairs - there are six painted the lime green, one red and one wood stained (the red one is on top of the natural wood one) and are priced $15 each

beautiful three piece pine entertainment center with matching bookshelves for $195 (for all three pieces)

I love the lines of this side chair and it's priced $65 and there are two of 'em

smaller student desk painted blue with the drawer fronts stained a natural wood and priced $45

gorgeous, oval, beveled mirror ready to hang exactly as it's shown in the photo (except you'd probably hang it straight - smile - though you probably could hang it the other way but you'd have to add hardware to the back to do so) for $75

super clean, excellent condition Lazboy rocker/recliner for $95 (nice moss green color)

more artwork this time - my favorite - birds and priced $30 each

love, love, love these two retro orange chairs - but don't love the musty smell - $65 price tag for each reflects the fact that you're going to need to have them cleaned

these photos totally do not do justice to this gorgeous Lineage armoire which is priced $250

feeling French? Then you might want to purchase one, two or all four of these prints! At $25 a pop you can!

incredible, mirco-suede, contemporary sofa in mint condition for $325

sorry but there's so much artwork that I really liked and wanted to show you - and, hello? they're bird prints - priced $45 each

here's another sofa that I really, really like - especially the curved lines of it - but it too smelled musty to me (maybe it was my own body odor - it was very hot and muggy in the store yesterday when I was pricing) and priced $95

with a sea of parking lot between our building and North Ave. how could this grasshopper end up on our front door? I don't know, but had to snap a photo!

And we've come to the end of this week's installment! I pray as you pass through this life that you do extend kindness to others - and to yourself. And if you commit to viewing the world through eyes of wonder - I promise - you''ll be overwhelmed with the beauty and delight around you.

God's peace be with you!
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