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Mountain climbing + Jubilee Furniture = what exactly, Susan?

This has been sort of a weird week. My husband left Monday for Colorado with two friends to hike in Rocky Mountain National Park - specifically to climb a couple of the non-technical (no special equipment needed) 14,000 feet mountains. Though at 53 Michael is in great physical shape, the climbs have challenged him in every way possible. Meanwhile, I've been home working, reading, watching LOST (my daughter dragged me kicking and screaming to the LOST party - and though for most the party is over, I've just begun season 3 and I'm still a little bit kicking and screaming - it's a maddening show - but I digress) and organizing and cleaning my house. None of these things are wrong or bad - but I've been wondering how I've been challenged this week and do I even WANT to be challenged?

I've told this story before - how at the age of 45 I returned to school to finish my bachelor's degree and how it was the most challenging and rewarding thing I've ever done (other than raising my children and staying married that is! :-) and I distinctly remember feeling like my brain was expanding and growing with new knowledge and new ideas - and it was an amazing experience! I haven't felt that way in a while.

What all this means - I'm not sure - but I think I'm telling you I want to challenge myself - continue growing and learning - in some way. Or maybe I'm telling you I want to get comfy in my favorite chair with a hot cup of tea and a good book...smile

Speaking of favorite chairs - you would not believe this week's donations! I have some amazing pieces to show you, so let's get going!

This Roche Bobois leather sofa is in excellent condition - this super high-end piece would have retailed for big bucks, but at Jubilee Furniture it's priced $595

Here are a couple of other high-end pieces this time by Paoli and both are in mint-condition. I love the shape of both and the faded orange-y color. The chair is priced $245 and the sofa $395

fireplace and hearth - throws off heat and has some flame thing in a can - and is priced $195

brown leather chair that would have retailed for $199 but our price is $40 and we have two of them

Glen Oaks Country Club has again donated some nice chairs to us - the style in the photo on the left is priced $25; and the chairs in the right photo are $15 each

nice dresser with mirror - but (don't you hate it when there's a but!) when I opened the drawers to examine the piece (I do examine each piece when I'm pricing) I immediately smelled cigarette smoke - bummer - but hopefully the $20 price tag makes up for the smell

no smoke smell this time with this lovely six drawer dresser priced $125

Lazboy swivel rocker and ottoman for $75

Flexsteel sofa for $95 and matching love seat for $75

this chair is stackable and there are two of them and they are priced $25 each

wingback chair for $25 (nice lines, fabric in not great condition)

entertainment center for $135 (small amount of water damage along bottom on one side)

Canterbury House sofa for $65 (this is a very pretty sofa, I'm not sure why I priced it so cheaply - probably because it needs to be cleaned); oval coffee table for $25

green leather love seat for $35

two brown fabric chairs for $35 each (in great condition - can't you see them on each end of your dining table?!)

one of my favorite customers (Hi Tom!) donated these pieces and they're beautiful! The secretary/hutch opens (as you can see by the top photo on the right), has two drawers underneath the desk area and can be placed on whatever base you want and is priced $125. The low coffee table is also gorgeous and it's priced $85

this sleeper sofa by Smithe is priced $135

this is an extremely nice bar-height table with one leaf and four chairs and is priced $225

these matching ottomans have two different price tags due to the fact that one of them has a rip. Unripped ottoman is priced $50 and the ripped one $35 (rip is clean and even and should be fairly easy to repair - says the woman who can hardly sew a button on!)

Oh, I forgot about these fan-flipping-tasic Room and Board pieces! The fabric is a combination of blue and black threads and there's the sofa and the armless piece that could turn the sofa into a "L" shaped sectional (or left as a stand alone armless love seat) and I've priced the two for $195. The lower priced tag reflects some fading along the back :-( and that the donor had a pet (some white pet hair on the pieces - though not a ton - just fyi). The huge wall clock that's on the armless love seat is priced $45 and seems to be keeping time correctly - but has no glass covering the face (and it looks like it did originally)

Reminder: we're open Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4 - and I'll be working today and tomorrow so introduce yourself to me if you stop in. I'd really like to meet you!

I'll keep you posted on the ways I challenge myself over the next few months - finally learn how to cook? (what? you think at almost 52 I'm too old to learn?); learn how to sew? (doubt it - no interest); start exercising regularly?; audit a class at Wheaton College?; hone my writing skills?; take the motorcycle class at College of DuPage? (do you have to have your own motorcycle to take the class?); buzz off my wild hair and go gray? (I know I would look like a little old man if I did - but it looks so great on a lot of women!). So many options!

How are you growing, learning and changing these days? Like my husband, you can challenge and inspire me (and others) so please share!

And that, dear reader, is all for today! May you fully take in God's peace, love, grace and forgiveness to you at this very moment.
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