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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Friday, February 14, 2014


The Jubilee Furniture blog is where you’ll find breaking news about our upcoming move (hopefully, we’ll be in our new space the beginning of April.  New building is just east of our current location) and liquidation sale (again, hopefully, the liquidation sale will begin mid-March).  As soon as we have firm dates I’ll fill you in.  I promise!

Meanwhile, the warehouse guys are making donations pickups as fast as they can and the proof is the tons of inventory currently for sale at 610 E. North Ave. (where’s Jubilee Furniture’s been for the last eight years – in the Wheaton Christian Center building).

We hope you can stop by either today (from 1 to 8) or tomorrow (from 9 to 4) and take a look.  Here are photos of some of what was donated this week.  There’s some incredible furniture – so enjoy!

JFC 02-14-14 001JFC 02-14-14 002

we received an amazing donation of mint-condition furniture from a single donor who lived alone (and had great, expensive taste and appeared to never sit or use his furniture – truly it was a dream donation!).  Starting with this arm-less chair from Lazar which is priced $395

JFC 02-14-14 003JFC 02-14-14 004

this side chair – also by Lazar – is in a cool gray metical thread that seems to change colors and is priced $495

JFC 02-14-14 005JFC 02-14-14 006JFC 02-14-14 009

Room & Board sells these handcrafted dressers by Wood Castle Ltd. and the bottom drawer has a cedar bottom.  Priced $225

JFC 02-14-14 011JFC 02-14-14 012

This split back sofa is part of the Pantera collection by Lazar and is upholstered in a gorgeous gray velvet.  There’s one minor place where the velvet seems to have been rubbed wrong (does that make sense?).  Priced $895

JFC 02-14-14 013JFC 02-14-14 014

Room & Board coffee table – part of the Noguchi collection finished in black – retails for $1,599.  Jubilee Furniture price $295 – that’s almost 82% off of the retail price

JFC 02-14-14 015JFC 02-14-14 016

sweet floral bench/loveseat for $75

JFC 02-14-14 017JFC 02-14-14 018

small side chair for $40 (some wear on fabric)

JFC 02-14-14 019JFC 02-14-14 020

Thomasville sofa in great condition priced $195

JFC 02-14-14 021JFC 02-14-14 022

wingback/recliner – also in excellent condition for $95

JFC 02-14-14 023JFC 02-14-14 024

we’re back to our single donor’s furniture – this time a Room & Board chair and ottoman (it must have been custom made because I couldn’t find this exact chair/ottoman on their website – but the pieces do have the R&B tag).  Once again in excellent condition – priced $595 for both chair and ottoman

JFC 02-14-14 025JFC 02-14-14 026

here’s a small Room & Board side table priced $125

JFC 02-14-14 027JFC 02-14-14 028

gorgeous purple micro-suede chaise for $325

JFC 02-14-14 029JFC 02-14-14 030

fabulous Klaussner round side table with lovely details – priced $75

JFC 02-14-14 031JFC 02-14-14 032

two matching floral swivel rockers – priced $45 each

JFC 02-14-14 033JFC 02-14-14 034

Henredon loveseat in a lovely peachy floral – priced $45

JFC 02-14-14 035JFC 02-14-14 036

have this amazing sofa professionally cleaned and it will be a show-stopper!  Truly fabulous and in excellent shape but needs to be cleaned – priced $55

JFC 02-14-14 037JFC 02-14-14 038

this two piece sofa/chaise is by Italsofa and is in PERFECT condition except for one small paint dip on the corner of the arm cushion.  Priced $995

JFC 02-14-14 039JFC 02-14-14 040

McCreary three piece sectional – there’s general fabric wear and pulls – priced $125

JFC 02-14-14 041JFC 02-14-14 042

clean up this Seven Seas by Hooker buffet and re-stain the edges where the stain is gone and you will have an amazing piece of furniture.  Can you see the painted doors?  Love the lines of this puppy.  Priced $225

JFC 02-14-14 043JFC 02-14-14 044

Nate thinks the donor’s family silver is hidden in the top drawer which we could not open (personally, I think he’s wrong – but then again…).  Otherwise this is a lovely piece – top opens so you can set hot dishes on it without worry of damage – priced $95

JFC 02-14-14 045JFC 02-14-14 046

pleather loveseat in great condition – priced $40

JFC 02-14-14 047JFC 02-14-14 048JFC 02-14-14 049

let’s end with this fantastic green (looks bluish on my computer – but it’s green) leather cube chair in great condition -  priced $75

I’ll have a bowl of sweets by the register (in addition to the FREE cookies always available as you walk in the door) for all my valentines (that’s YOU, dear reader)!

Why?  Cause I’m crazy thankful for you!

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