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Jubilee Furniture weekly post for Friday, February 21, 2014

Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by the Jubilee Furniture blog where each Friday I post photos of some of the new-to-us furniture which was donated that week!

It’s also probably the best place to find out the latest on our upcoming move and liquidation sale.  And I’m happy to report we’ve nailed down some dates!

So, God willing and the creek don’t rise (which could easily happen with our freaky rain/wind/snow weather!) – here’s the plan:

Friday and Saturday – March 14 and 15 – 20% off whatever’s in the store

Friday and Saturday – March 21 and 22 – 50% off whatever’s in the store

Friday and Saturday – March 28 and 29 – 80% off whatever’s in the store

Friday and Saturday – April 4 and 5 – regular store hours but IN OUR NEW BUILDING!

In the spirit of full disclosure – we will be moving some of the furniture from the old space into the new building before each mark down.  For example, the Serta prototype, never-been-used, queen size mattresses will be moved prior to the start of the liquidation sale.  And then after each mark down we’ll review what’s left and think through if we’re willing to allow a certain item to be marked down further.  So, I might be okay letting a high end piece go for 20% off our already super low price but not 50% – so will move the item into the new space before the next weekend of mark downs.  Does that make sense?  That’s said, we really don’t want to regurgitate tons of stuff from our current inventory into the new space – but want to fill it with new, quality used furniture from incoming donations.

The other big change as we get closer to ending our time in our current space will be when purchased furniture can be picked up.  Right now our customers have two weeks from date of purchase to pick up their items.  Obviously, everything will need to be removed by 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 29th.  We will NOT be moving sold furniture into the new building.  We’ll have lots of reminders (signs, on your receipt) – so, hopefully, that will not be an issue for anyone.

Now that you’re up to speed, let’s take a look at those aforementioned photos!

JFC 02-21-14 001JFC 02-21-14 002

this is a lovely tile top table with a self-storing leaf (leaf has been added in these photos) and four chairs – all for $135

JFC 02-21-14 003JFC 02-21-14 004

Bauhaus brand sofa, chair and ottoman – photos don’t show general wear and there’s a rip on the ottoman.  Sofa is $75 and the chair and ottoman are $40

JFC 02-21-14 005JFC 02-21-14 006

vintage Hon pleather side chair for $35

JFC 02-21-14 007JFC 02-21-14 008

gorgeous chest of drawers – priced $145

JFC 02-21-14 009JFC 02-21-14 010JFC 02-21-14 011JFC 02-21-14 012JFC 02-21-14 013

this is a massive McCreary (sold by Room & Board) three piece BLACK sectional.  The black fabric is sort of nubby – and there’s some fuzziness (which wouldn’t have been there when it was brand new) – but overall in excellent condition.  Super comfortable.  Priced $1,195

JFC 02-21-14 014JFC 02-21-14 015

these two Room & Board pieces need some work. Both need to be cleaned and the seat cushions of the sofa might need to be replaced due to how they’ve sort of lost their crisp corners (know what I mean?).  The sofa is priced $50 and the chair is $35

JFC 02-21-14 016JFC 02-21-14 017

there’s something about the fabric on this Century brand wingback chair that I love!  In fantastic condition – priced $80

JFC 02-21-14 018JFC 02-21-14 019

two – one drawer end tables (or night stands) priced $40 each

JFC 02-21-14 020JFC 02-21-14 021

another comfortable sofa in great neutral colors – priced $75

JFC 02-21-14 022JFC 02-21-14 023

coffee table with glass inserts for $50; matching end table for $25

JFC 02-21-14 024JFC 02-21-14 025

lovely round glass top table for $75; two fiberglass chairs for $40 each

JFC 02-21-14 026JFC 02-21-14 027

sweet side chair priced $45

JFC 02-21-14 028JFC 02-21-14 029

amazing wood and upholstered chair priced $75

JFC 02-21-14 030JFC 02-21-14 031

lovely pedestal table – top needs to be refinished – priced $70

JFC 02-21-14 032JFC 02-21-14 033

Room & Board solid walnut dining chair retails for $349 (here’s the proof since people often don’t believe how expensive R&B furniture is).  Has MINOR dings.  Priced $125 (that’s just under 65% off the retail price)

JFC 02-21-14 034JFC 02-21-14 035

really lovely sofa with bench style seat (there a stain on the reverse side).  Love the soft blue color – priced $65

JFC 02-21-14 036JFC 02-21-14 037

this is a huge 3’ x 6’ coffee table (with one drawer) – great space for game playing or to hold the pizzas and pop on movie night – priced $125

JFC 02-21-14 038JFC 02-21-14 039

desk with hutch – priced $70 (sorry for the bad second photo – my shadow appears to be blocking the light)

JFC 02-21-14 040JFC 02-21-14 041

wonderful swivel rocker for $55; large end table for $40

JFC 02-21-14 042JFC 02-21-14 043

comfy loveseat priced $35

JFC 02-21-14 044JFC 02-21-14 045

sofa in good condition priced $65

JFC 02-21-14 046JFC 02-21-14 047JFC 02-21-14 048JFC 02-21-14 049

here’s a Danish retro swivel chair with a reclining back – typically a chair like this would have a matching ottoman, this one does not.  The leather is also cracked on one arm but otherwise is in fairly good condition.  Priced $65

JFC 02-21-14 050JFC 02-21-14 051

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a leather sleeper sofa – but I have now!  The leather needs some reconditioning/cleaning – but there are no rips or cracks.  Priced $65

JFC 02-21-14 052JFC 02-21-14 053

2 – three drawer dressers, priced $40 each; matching two drawer night stand (there’s only one) priced $20

JFC 02-21-14 054JFC 02-21-14 055JFC 02-21-14 056JFC 02-21-14 057

I’m ending with some fabulous, amazing, retro chairs by Loewenstein/Oggo.  The four chairs are in great condition and are priced $120 for all four.  The wood table is also very nice and is priced $95

There you have it, dear reader – I have one final question before I sign off.

Do you think I used the word, “regurgitate,” correctly in this post?  It seemed like the exact word to describe what I meant (even though it’s one of those words that sort of grosses me out – you know, like phlegm and pus) – but now I’m not sure.

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