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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Friday, February 7, 2014

With the cat out of the bag about our upcoming move – people have lots of good questions.  Unfortunately, we don’t have very good answers. 

There’s some work that needs to be done at the new building (730 E. North Ave. – which is just a little east of our current location) and – like any good not-for-profit – we’re using volunteers to keep the cost down as much as possible.  Lining up the volunteers – as well as – scheduling paid workers for certain jobs, coupled with a bitterly cold and snowy winter makes for a bit of a nightmare.

Our target date (remember, this could very well be a moving target) is to be out of our current space by the end of March with a seamless transition into the new building the following Friday/Saturday. 

Once we nail down our final sales days in our current space – we’ll back up three weeks and begin our liquidation sale.  The liquidation sale will start at 20% off whatever’s in the store; increase to 50% off the following Friday/Saturday; increase again to 80% off the next Friday/Saturday and end with a FREE MUST TAKE WTH YOU NOW blowout!

Once in the new space we don’t see opening more hours immediately.  Again, staffing is our issue.  Though we do hope to add Thursday hours fairly quickly after making the move.

Speaking of staffing – we’re currently looking to fill two paid positions.  Click here to find out more about our Transportation Coordinator/Lead Driver position.  And here for the Store Operations Manager job description.

Meanwhile, it’s business as usual at 610 E. North Ave.!  What follows are photos of SOME of the amazing furniture which was donated this week!

JFC 02-07-14 001JFC 02-07-14 002JFC 02-07-14 003JFC 02-07-14 004

three piece Room & Board sectional – some wear and I saw some pet hair – but overall in good condition – priced $225; matching chaise for $95

JFC 02-07-14 005JFC 02-07-14 006

bar height pedestal table with two swivel chairs – in excellent condition – priced $195

JFC 02-07-14 008JFC 02-07-14 007

wonderful side chairs – there are two of them – they both need the wood trim to be cleaned up and some dark stain applied to cover the scratches – priced $55 each

JFC 02-07-14 009JFC 02-07-14 010

sweet drop leaf table (in these photos one leaf is up and one down) – two toned wood finish – priced $95

JFC 02-07-14 011JFC 02-07-14 012

perfect square table for breakfast for two or for playing games – priced $50; two matching wood chairs priced $30 each

JFC 02-07-14 013JFC 02-07-14 014

for anyone who keeps asking about the many 6’ or 7’ rolls of fabric we’ve had for several months now – we’re finally ready to sell ‘em.  The fabric came from Serta and is normally used for mattresses and box springs so the fabric has a finish on it and isn’t like regular material (you have to touch it to know what I mean).  We were hoping to sell the fabric to a bedding company since we probably have over $50,000 worth of fabric – but alas that didn’t work out.  We’re selling the un-opened rolls (still in plastic) for $20 each and the opened, partial rolls for $10 each

JFC 02-07-14 015JFC 02-07-14 016

I love the lines of this chairs – but the seat needs to be re-upholstered (which means the whole thing probably does too unless you like that look with two different fabrics) – priced $20

JFC 02-07-14 017JFC 02-07-14 018

sweet old side table – needs some love (see gap between door and side of the piece?) – priced $45

JFC 02-07-14 019JFC 02-07-14 020JFC 02-07-14 021JFC 02-07-14 022

if your style is country – have I got some furniture for you!  Mint condition, lovely blue floral with warm, wood accent trim, firm but comfortable – all priced very well!  This set is by JC Penney – the sofa is priced $225; two matching chairs (sort of modified wingbacks) for $95 each (coffee table is NOT from JC Penney – but is very nice and is priced $55)

JFC 02-07-14 023JFC 02-07-14 024

I love this Plunkett camel back sofa – I noticed crayon marks on one cushion (which we were able to flip over) but otherwise in good condition – priced $95

JFC 02-07-14 025JFC 02-07-14 026JFC 02-07-14 027JFC 02-07-14 028

I am super intrigued by this couch – it’s upholstered in two similar materials – and the fabric on the cushions (which are attached) has interesting squiggles on it.  Words?  Someone’s signature?  Random squiggles?  I could not find any manufacturer’s name (I even flipped it over).   Though super firm – it’s surprisingly comfortable too.  We’re selling this mystery sofa for $195

JFC 02-07-14 029JFC 02-07-14 030

great looking desk by Hooker – needs some scratches covered and all four legs have been re-enforced with “L” brackets – priced $75

JFC 02-07-14 031JFC 02-07-14 032JFC 02-07-14 033JFC 02-07-14 034

Carson’s camel back sofa in a great floral and in excellent condition for $155; matching upholstered bench or loveseat for $135 (in mint condition)

JFC 02-07-14 035JFC 02-07-14 036

nice muted floral – there are several stains that need cleaning (can you spot the stain in the second photo?  Free cookie for anyone who can!) priced $30

JFC 02-07-14 037JFC 02-07-14 038

here’s another very nice drop leaf pedestal table with two chairs (and these chairs are solid and heavy!) priced $115 for the set

JFC 02-07-14 039JFC 02-07-14 040

two identical loveseats – bot of them need to be cleaned – priced $40 each

JFC 02-07-14 041JFC 02-07-14 042

ivy plant need a home?  Bust of Beethoven?  Two cement (or something like cement – they have a heft to them) stands for $15 each

JFC 02-07-14 043JFC 02-07-14 044

this is a solid, well built, rolling media stand which is priced $125

JFC 02-07-14 045JFC 02-07-14 046

loveseat by Rowe – showing wear – priced $50

Thus ends another Jubilee Furniture post, dear reader!  Before I wrap up I have three final things to say…

Happy Birthday, Mom!  You’re the best!  I love you!

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