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Snowy Greetings!

I finally created a facebook page so I can try to keep up with my wild family and all their happenings and I needed a profile picture so I started experimenting with taking photos of myself...

Anyway, I am now at least as hip and cool as my 80 year old mother who has been on facebook for a l-o-n-g time. Leapin' lizards, I'm stylin' now!

This is what it looked like outside my window at work yesterday morning:

It snowed most of the day and a lot of the night too. The sun was out for about an hour this morning, but now it's cloudy and gray with more snow on the way? I wouldn't want anyone to come out to the store if the weather and driving conditions are bad, but if you live close and/or the roads are clear, I would love to have some company today (1 to 8) or tomorrow (9 to 4). I have a feeling it's going to be really quiet!

If you do make it out, our inventory is still plentiful as far as sofas, mattresses and desks go. We have some selection in dining room table and chairs and dressers - but not as much to choose from as I would like. Here's a few of the "new" items we got in this week:

one of the few dressers we got in priced $60

somewhat dated fabric but in good condition, three piece sectional with two recliners, though I couldn't get one of the recliner to recline so I priced the whole thing $45

cream colored leather sofa for $45

plaid sofa and both end are recliners (and both ends work!) for $125 (oh, and it's a wall-hugger too)

beautiful Room and Board love seat - but with some funny stains - for $75

Bauhaus two piece sectional similar to one we had last week that sold immediately, but this one is actually in a little nicer shape so I priced is a little higher at $165

retro love seat for $30 there is a matching sleeper sofa for $45

carmel color leather tufted sofa for $50 (seat section is pretty worn)

brownish/greenish Room & Board sofa for $195

look at this amazing beautiful brown sofa for only $165!

Take care and have a good weekend!
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