Children Bedroom Design Ideas

A child spends approximately 12-16 hours a day in their room. The main activity is sleeping coupled with grooming, studying and numerous moments of play time. A kid’s room design should consider the child's personality, age, parent’s budget and the different purposes for the room.

Kids Bedroom Design

• Remove all furniture, clothing, posters, toys, and accessories from the room.

• Do a thorough cleaning of the room with natural cleaners. Clean the walls, baseboards, windows and floors. Repair wall holes, cracks, squeaky windows, peeling paint.

• Locate all the compass points in the room. Label a sticky note with each compass point and life area characteristics on the appropriate walls. Be sure to label the closets and windows as well

• Paint the wall a soothing and relaxing color. Greens, blues, pinks, pastel orange and beige's are good choices. Let your child choose their paint color but eliminate the dominant reds, yellows or dreary grays and blacks from their choices. A bedroom should be painted every 2-4 years.
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