Floating House Design

Designed by MOS Architects, this gorgeous prefab floating cottage in Ontario, Canada crosses the traditional concept of “home” with the unique geographic conditions of the little island on Lake Huron. Due to the naturally rising and falling water levels surrounding this location, the cottage is places on steel pontoons, allowing the entire structure to rise and fall with the tides. The landscape not only influenced the design of this rustic home, but its construction as well.

Lake Huron as a waterway was in delivering the materials to an off-site workshop, where the house was built and then towed to its floating location. Cedar siding dresses the home’s exterior, with an additional cedar rain screen that can be opened to allow light to filter through its slats, or closed to keep the elements outdoors. Whether you take a seat by the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, or kick back on the outdoor deck, the beautiful lake and its natural surroundings are yours to behold. MOS Architects via Arch Daily
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