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Yes, Jubilee Furniture is OPEN today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4! Lots of people are wonderin’!

The first time Good Friday rolled around and I was working at Jubilee Furniture, I assumed we’d be closed. Jubilee Furniture is a division of Outreach Community Ministries – a FAITH-based, social service agency. If you’re a person of faith, Good Friday is a biggie on the religious calendar. Loving, compassionate God – in essence – turned his back on his amazing, beloved son, Jesus – so Jesus could voluntarily, willingly, take on both my sins and the sins of the world and become a sacrifice in order to make a way for me (and you) to have a relationship with a perfect and holy God (that’s a long sentence and it doesn’t flow very well – but I can’t seem to think of a way to say it better without leaving out some key point). The paradoxical, amazing, beautiful part is the necessary separation of Father and Son ended three days later with Jesus’ rising from the dead and ascending into heaven. The heart-break of Good Friday (have always thought it should be called “Bad” Friday) followed quickly by the miraculous healing of Easter Sunday. Does not get any better and deserves a day off of work – amen?

Yet now – today – my fifth Good Friday of working at Jubilee Furniture I think I understand why we keep the store open: 1.) Jubilee Furniture is making money for Outreach – money desperately needed in order to allow Outreach to continue positively impacting lives in DuPage County; 2.) Jesus was forever working and healing on holy days and driving the religious leaders of his day batty. By following his example – I can count on it being a good thing; 3.) it allows me and the rest of the staff/volunteers at Jubilee Furniture an opportunity to interact with some of you who can’t make it out to the store on a normal Friday/Saturday due to your work schedule – and connecting with you is, honestly, one of our favorite things!

So, if you were to head out to Jubilee either today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 – what exactly might you find? Excellent question! Let’s take a look at some of the new-to-us stuff we received for donation this week!

JFC 04-22-11 001

gorgeous LeatherTech leather chair and ottoman for $175

JFC 04-22-11 002

lovely Nichols & Stone rocker for $95

JFC 04-22-11 003

sweet Pennsylvania House chair for $60

JFC 04-22-11 004

bentwood rocker for $35

JFC 04-22-11 005

floral Alexvale sofa for $40

JFC 04-22-11 006

black leather sleeper sofa for $65

JFC 04-22-11 007

amazing, retro, blue (photo doesn’t do credit to the sort of electric blue of this piece) sleeper sofa for $95

JFC 04-22-11 008

very nice, beige color Sherrill sofa for $145

JFC 04-22-11 009

I love this oak podium – priced $60

JFC 04-22-11 010

I think this cool, retro looking end table was hand made (couldn’t find a label) and it’s fabulous and priced $45

JFC 04-22-11 011

funky student desk for $35

JFC 04-22-11 012

this is a fantastic Steelcase file cabinet with six drawers and a wood top (which needs to be refinished) for $75

JFC 04-22-11 013JFC 04-22-11 014

two door Steelcase storage thingies, priced $45 each and there are four of them

JFC 04-22-11 015

six drawer dresser priced $50

JFC 04-22-11 016

ornate chest of drawer for $55; matching two drawer night stand priced $25

JFC 04-22-11 017

very nice, oak nine drawer dresser priced $95

JFC 04-22-11 018

lovely maple Sumter chest of drawers priced $85; matching dresser and mirror for $75

JFC 04-22-11 019

white painted bookcase with two adjustable shelves priced $40 and there are two of ‘em

JFC 04-22-11 020JFC 04-22-11 021

gorgeous brushed silver king-size head board, foot board and frame priced $275 (does not include mattress or box spring)

JFC 04-22-11 022JFC 04-22-11 023JFC 04-22-11 024JFC 04-22-11 025

amazing Thomasville dining room set which includes: table, 2 leaves, 8 chairs and table pads priced $445; buffet with drop leaf ends (ends are raised in this photo) priced $125; gorgeous two piece lighted china cabinet for $275 – buy the whole set for $800 and save $45!

JFC 04-22-11 026JFC 04-22-11 027

you have to see these pieces to fully appreciate the whitish wood with darker grain showing through (hard to describe – pretty in person) which include an entertainment center (middle piece) and two bookcases/storage units and I’ve priced the whole thing for $875

JFC 04-22-11 028

sweet table and two chairs for $35 (table top needs to be refinished)

JFC 04-22-11 029

table, 2 leaves and four chairs for $85

JFC 04-22-11 030

table, 1 leaf and six chairs for $145

JFC 04-22-11 031JFC 04-22-11 032

gorgeous, amazing, six Nichols & Stone Windsor chairs (two with arms, four without) for $275 for all six!

JFC 04-22-11 033

lovely side chair for $40

Though we have much to celebrate every Friday and Saturday at Jubilee Furniture – as we remember the cost to both Father and Son on our behalf – there’s just something special in the air this weekend! Hope you’ll come out and see for yourself!

Blessings, grace and love to you, dear reader!

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