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Weddings and tornadoes and used furniture–oh my!

Between a royal wedding and killer tornadoes it’s been quite a week in parts of the world – and though on a much, much smaller scale (much, much, much) through gray skies and off-and-on rain – Dan and Chris (see side bar if you don’t know who Dan and Chris are) have been making their own news by picking up quality, used furniture.  Our warehouse is over-flowing with some amazing pieces and what follows is a sneak peek showcasing some of the items the guys picked up this week!

Let’s take a look!

JFC 04-20-11 001

this is a great color brown, leather sofa in very good condition priced $245

JFC 04-20-11 002JFC 04-20-11 003

on either side of the great leather sofa are two end tables which are priced $50 each

JFC 04-20-11 004

this is a lovely wood top, metal base end table priced $85 (and there are two of them – each priced $85)

JFC 04-20-11 005JFC 04-20-11 006JFC 04-20-11 007

here are two fantastic Room & Board over-sized chairs and one ottoman – one chair is priced $195; and the second chair and ottoman are $265; the child’s rocker is $25 (and there are two identical rockers each $25)

JFC 04-20-11 008

I’m not going to be able to adequately describe the fabric covering this gorgeous McCreary dark gray sofa – it looks a little like flannel but softer, almost spongy (in a good way) – the sofa is firm but comfortable, classic lines, great condition…amazing.  Price?  $395

JFC 04-20-11 009JFC 04-20-11 010

the end tables flanking the beautiful McCreary sofa are Lane – mission style – priced $45 each; matching sofa table is $75 (I don’t know why I priced them so cheaply – they’re super nice)

JFC 04-20-11 011

this retro, two seater sofa is in good condition and a fun color and priced $45

JFC 04-20-11 012

this is a lovely media center and priced $125

JFC 04-20-11 013JFC 04-20-11 014

very nice glass top table and four chairs for $295

JFC 04-20-11 015

this wonderful glider has a handle which makes the chair stationary (which I’ve never seen before) and we’re selling the glider with the matching ottoman for $95

JFC 04-20-11 016

this is a super nice Smithe loveseat priced $95 due to some pet hair on it

JFC 04-20-11 017JFC 04-20-11 018JFC 04-20-11 019

this is a gorgeous Henredon lighted curio cabinet and is priced $495

JFC 04-20-11 020JFC 04-20-11 021JFC 04-20-11 022

we received for donation some super nice dining room furniture this week – including this country style table, one leaf and 4 chairs for $195; matching two piece lighted china cabinet for $175; and wonderful buffet for $145

JFC 04-20-11 023JFC 04-20-11 024JFC 04-20-11 025

and then look at this table and four chairs!  It looks fabulous together, but we’ve priced them separately – the glass top table (and the glass is 3/4” thick) sits on a glass and gold chrome base and is priced $295 (one of my volunteers said it would be easy to change the color of the gold chrome); the four parson chairs are on wheels and in excellent condition and priced $200 for all four

JFC 04-20-11 026

this is a kitchen cart – on locking wheels – and with a little work could be super cute and functional and is priced $25 (Amy – if you’re reading this, this is the piece I was describing to you over the phone)

JFC 04-20-11 027JFC 04-20-11 028

here’s an amazing, antique oak one-piece mantel/surround and is priced $785

JFC 04-20-11 029JFC 04-20-11 030

these two IKEA dressers are in great shape and priced $145 each

JFC 04-20-11 034

this dark blue corduroy sleeper sofa has some fading and is priced $60

JFC 04-15-11 - and Abby's new haircut! 033

remember this donation of prototype (never been used) queen size, brand name, mattresses we received two weeks ago which are priced $325 each?

JFC 04-20-11 031

well we purchased Englander foundations – brand new, straight from the manufacturer – so we can offer a complete queen-size, NEW set to you!  Price per foundation is $100

JFC 04-20-11 032JFC 04-20-11 033

we have even MORE amazing rugs – lots of sizes, colors and prices!

Though you might not have been invited to Will and Kate’s wedding and I hope you weren’t impacted by this week’s tornadoes (though I certainly am praying for those who were) – the circle of life and used furniture continues at Jubilee today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4.

Take care, dear reader and I hope you have a wonderful weekend (and best wishes to Deborah and Stephen!)!

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