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My Kitchen Thrill

Love Bunny had a 7 am church meeting sunday morning and got home about 9 am. I had on clothes from previous day since I hadn't showered yet prior to church. He was in the kitchen and I walked in and went up to give him a smoochie and hug (Smoochies are what my youngest grandsons and my son call them, just in case ya ever wanted to know. ;-) I end every single call to them with "smoochies for the boys"!), and he took my t-shirt bottom and started pulling it up! Faaaast!! Maaaaaaaan, was that a surprise, but let me continue. He pulled it up to my neck and I gasped! In that split second I wondered what in the heck he was doing while he was still in a suit. Well, he bent over and then kissed me and I looked at him in wonderment and he said "your shirt." I looked down and had forgotten that saturday night I had a Weight Watcher's chocolate cake and while ripping off the plastic sheet on the top I lost control (It WAS chocolate, after all!!) and narrowly missed dropping it on the floor. It landed on my "chest"! But I'm setting ya straight, chicks, that I would've been on my knees.......licking the chocolate cake off the floor if my "chest" hadn't stopped its further descent!!! To prove my story the shirt is pictured below and it ain't pretty:
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