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Cleaning and Redecorating

I'm finally able to clean the dust from the plant shelves. This involved taking down all of the items up there and trust me, it's HIGH up there - 4th rung from the bottom TALL up there! You can see all the faux foliage on the counter top below drying after a good wash. I'll skip showing you the dirty water, chicks. ;-) I guess I don't run as tight a ship as I thought I did.

Here is the clock that we're putting in the corner of the pix just below this one.

Uhhhhhhhh, do you just happen to see all the stuff on the living room floor??? I've had to "side step" all day!!!!!!

This wall will have the sofa table in the photo just below this one.

I've cut in with the paint in some spots. The whiteness of the wall is actually the "texture" that was sprayed on saturday. On the right side of the arch that patch of color is where I painted around the light switch.

Okay, story time: Last night Love Bunny was doing something with that switch and I said to be careful because of the electricity. He said you can't get shocked because the light is off. Soooooo this morning I took the little plate off and painted the area around it. I noticed the little "switch box" inside was a tad crooked. (My first mistake!) I unscrewed the l i t t l e teeeeensy screws, inserted s c r e w driver and Zzzzzzzapppppp! My fingers were actually still buzzing 5 minutes later. I r e p l a c e d the plate back on and called Love Bunny and said "YOU LIED." He said "Well, it doesn't work if it's a 3 way switch!" Now, I want you go GUESSSSSSSS what kind of switch that one wassssss?!?!?! Nuuuuuuuuu, not a regular one, but a 3 WAY ONE!!!!!!! It has 2 places in that room to turn it on and turn it off. (I guess that was my 2nd mistake - asking him if that switch was a 3 way, which I didn't even consider asking because I wouldn't have known to A S K!) Yes, he's still alive! (Those are not typos, just my way of e m p h a s i z i n g the s i t u a t i o n !!! *Smirk* or * S M I R K * !!

Oh, remember the sink??? Well, hubs cleaned out under it and left it on the opposite side of the k i t c h e n so when the contractor comes back tuesday night it'll be r e a d y for him. * S M I R K * ;-)

Since I didn't have any room any where to put "drying" faux foliage it landed here till further n o t i c e !!!

In all this mess I found this little cow bell we picked up at an antique shop in Pennsylvania once while visiting H I S relatives there. It's going to be "PINK" soon!!
This little victorian house flower pot was given to me about 35 years ago by my sister's brother-in-law at the time. It was a Christmas present and he had put red carnations and Christmas tree cuttings in it. It was absolutely stunning when he gave it to me. I've kept it of course, but it sat on top of the grandfather clock and you really could not see it at all. That's going to change. I love it and will think of something lovely to put in it.

I can actually write my initials in the dust it's sooooo bad. Tomorrow that will change, sweet bloggers. :-)

Another view of what I've been dodging around all day. Ooooops, I hear Love Bunny c o m i n g n o w!! ;-)

Okay, all you lovely decorating chicks, question: Should the burgundy sofa table be near the arch or further down the wall to the right? I need help in deciding!
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