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We are family…I’ve got all my sisters with me!

I was raised in a family who mark occasions.  My mother was the original DIYer who created amazing birthday parties for each of us five kids (I remember one which included a small cloth doll – that my mom made - for each of my friends sitting as the centerpiece on the dining room table with ribbons connecting them to a place setting).  Gathering family and friends to celebrate both the large – and small – events of life is a way of affirming both the person being honored (“Yay – good for you”!) and the importance of community. 

Community is also a huge part of what we do at Jubilee Furniture.  Connecting with our customers is something we work hard at doing (whether you buy something or not).  Wanting to affirm uniquely you and connect in some small but meaningful way – is very important to all of us at the furniture store.

You just want to shop our amazing selection of quality used furniture without anyone bugging you?  We understand and respect that too!  We’re all pretty good at picking up on the “thanks, but no thanks don’t need/want any help” vibe! 

And what might you find if you stopped in the store either today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4?  Let’s take a look at some of the furniture donated this week!

JFC 05-10-13 001JFC 05-10-13 002

this is a way cool sofa/bed by Innovation and is in excellent condition – though some minor fading – and priced $295

JFC 05-10-13 004JFC 05-10-13 005JFC 05-10-13 006JFC 05-10-13 007

okay – this accordion is something I donated – been in my husband’s family for years – case is pretty battered and there’s a hole in the bellow – yet a beautiful instrument – and priced only $30

JFC 05-10-13 008JFC 05-10-13 009JFC 05-10-13 010

this is a FABULOUS three piece sectional – yet all the seat cushions (and some of the back cushions) have weird bleach-like spots (see last photo) on BOTH sides – the main body of the sectional is fine (go figure).  Looks great from a distance (?).  Priced $275

JFC 05-10-13 011JFC 05-10-13 012

lovely burgundy velvet dining chairs – priced $150 for all four; glass and brass dining table is $425 (measures 6’ x 41 1/2”)

JFC 05-10-13 013JFC 05-10-13 014

this sweet four drawer dresser was hand-painted by one of my volunteers – and I love it – priced $75

JFC 05-10-13 015JFC 05-10-13 016

wonderful button-back loveseat (needs to be cleaned) priced $95; three panel folding screen for $25; mahogany end table for $65 each (there are two of them)

JFC 05-10-13 017

here’s the second mahogany end table – you can see the leather insert better in this photo – again, priced $65 each; love the needle-point foot stool which is priced $15

JFC 05-10-13 018

ahhh – who needs a sweet cradle?  EVERYONE that’s who!  Priced $55

JFC 05-10-13 019

wonderful, old, two piece kitchen hutch priced $80

JFC 05-10-13 020

nice plaid sofa in great condition priced $85

JFC 05-10-13 021JFC 05-10-13 022

fabulous trunk priced $125


JFC 05-10-13 023

you better get in fast to buy this metal folding shelf which would be prefect outdoors in your garden and is only priced $35 – before I decide to buy it!

JFC 05-10-13 024JFC 05-10-13 025

so sweet painted dresser by Thomasville for $85; matching nightstand for $35; twin headboard, footboard and side rails for $75

JFC 05-10-13 026JFC 05-10-13 027

fabulous set of four chairs (two with arms; two without) with a lovely blue stain on the wood priced $100 for all

JFC 05-10-13 028

great round side table – dust free with purchase! – priced $40

JFC 05-10-13 029JFC 05-10-13 030

neutral sofa priced $35; matching loveseat for $20 – both are frayed in spots and need to be cleaned

JFC 05-10-13 031JFC 05-10-13 032JFC 05-10-13 033JFC 05-10-13 034

great white wicker set – no cushions – sofa is priced $40; chairs are $20 each; chest of drawers is $75; fabulous long retro coffee table is $75

JFC 05-10-13 035JFC 05-10-13 036

gorgeous two piece china cabinet manufactured by the United Furniture Company (which is located in the United Arab Emirates) priced $245

JFC 05-10-13 037JFC 05-10-13 038

great bar-height stools – love the rush seats and green stain on the wood – priced $45 each

JFC 05-10-13 039JFC 05-10-13 040

wonderful sofa in good condition priced $125; matching loveseat – also in good condition – priced $75

Though there are many disadvantages to Jubilee Furniture only being open two days each week (I’m sorry – but there’s nothing we can do about it right now!) – one advantage is how it feels a little like a celebration when we do open!

So, dear reader, I hope amazing, one-of-a-kind you can come celebrate with us, ‘cause – sing with me now – We are family…!

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