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Jubilee Furniture weekly update for Friday–May 3, 2013

I’ve found myself strangely unmoored these last six weeks since downsizing and moving and I’m realizing – again – how much I thrive on living in an organized space.

Knowing where stuff is frees precious brain cells from having to go through mental gymnastics every time I need something (“Shoot!  I know I saw the tool box somewhere – but where?”) and by the time I find whatever I was looking for I can’t remember why I needed it or am then too tired to finish the job!

Similarly, creating rooms which are comfortable, clean, organized and reflect my unique decorating style (which I’d call “eclectic resale classic modern with a hint of granny”) are the spring board from which I dive into life more engaged and present – looking for opportunities to open my home and entertain.

That’s why having a place like Jubilee Furniture to browse and shop is so important to me.  In addition to the amazing fact that every purchase is helping area kids and families – our 30,000 square feet of inventory is a treasure trove of fabulous finds at great prices tailor-made to my unique tastes and limited budget.

What follows are photos of some of the pieces currently available for purchase:

JFC 05-03-13 001JFC 05-03-13 002

this is an amazing two piece vintage sofa (note how one piece ends as a corner end table)!  Fabric on the cushions is so-so and the maple frame needs a little touch-up in spots (but not bad and structurally in perfect condition) priced $245 (thanks, May, for the donation!)

JFC 05-03-13 003

this cream color micro-suede two piece sofa is also in great condition – just needs a good vacuuming – priced $295

JFC 05-03-13 004

fun walnut chair priced $45

JFC 05-03-13 005JFC 05-03-13 006JFC 05-03-13 007

here’s some great outdoor furniture – table with four stools priced $85; rocker with cushion for $35; chair with cushion priced $20; small side table for $12.50

JFC 05-03-13 008JFC 05-03-13 009

lovely oval table with two leaves, six chairs and table pads is priced $225 for the whole set!

JFC 05-03-13 010

great mossy green Bauhaus loveseat for $35 (needs to be cleaned and some issues with the fabric); drop leaf rolling tea cart is $85

JFC 05-03-13 011

pedestal table with one leaf is priced $85; great chairs are $30 each

JFC 05-03-13 012

funky purple desk – missing hardware – is priced $15; small stool is $20

JFC 05-03-13 014

mission-style rocker is $85

JFC 05-03-13 015JFC 05-03-13 016

it’s a little hard to see what this is a photo of – so let me explain – it’s a four poster king size headboard, footboard and side rails (very nice) priced $250; king size mattress and box spring (used – but in excellent condition) is $295

JFC 05-03-13 017

nice table with four chairs priced $125

JFC 05-03-13 018JFC 05-03-13 019

we got in 18 or 19 of these evergreen color rolling conference chairs – a couple of them have a space between the back cushion and the seat cushion but the majority don’t – all are priced $35 each

JFC 05-03-13 022JFC 05-03-13 021

nice armoire priced $75; matching dresser (no mirror) for $95

JFC 05-03-13 023

there’s something about this round gray table that I love!  Priced $40

JFC 05-03-13 024JFC 05-03-13 025JFC 05-03-13 026

fabulous bamboo and twine/rope sofa and table – both handcrafted in the Dominican Republic – sofa is priced $225; table $75 – perfect for a covered porch

JFC 05-03-13 027JFC 05-03-13 028

lovely square coffee table priced $95; matching end table for $55

JFC 05-03-13 029

great old leather top desk – needs some work – priced $60

JFC 05-03-13 030

nice leather sofa – issues with seat cushion leather (can see where the leather’s come off in my photo) – priced $60

JFC 05-03-13 031JFC 05-03-13 033

this is a Pablo tube top 14” lamp with blue base – still in the original box – in perfect condition (I took it out and plugged it in and it works just fine) which retails for $120 – Jubilee Furniture price? $75 (that’s a $45 savings off the retail price – thank you very much!)

JFC 05-03-13 020JFC 05-03-13 013

if you – or someone you know – is in need of a queen-sized mattress, I suggest you run, not walk, to Jubilee Furniture either today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 – and here’s why.  This week Serta donated over 90 pieces of queen size bedding from their Research and Development department.  These prototype (definition: an original model on which something is patterned) have never been used and some of them retail for over $3,000.  Jubilee Furniture is selling the queen size mattresses for $325 each; queen size box springs for $100 each

So, whether you’re an organized person like me or the thought of “a place for everything and everything in its place” gives you the willies – we can agree that Jubilee Furniture can help us tidy up or add to the lovely chaos!

Because, bottom line – dear reader – your home should be a place you love and which both anchors you and frees you to engage in this big beautiful world!

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