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Jubilee Furniture–where quality used furniture goes to party!

Do you mark special occasions?  I grew up with a mom who did.  With my birthday close to Halloween I can remember me and my friends painting pumpkins as part of one celebration.  For another, I can still see our large Early American style Ethan Allen dining table decorated with orange streamers leading out to each place setting from a centerpieces of sweet cloth dolls that she’d made.

I’ve mentioned before my mom’s sewing/crafting talents were passed onto one of her four daughters and, unfortunately, it ain’t me.  Oh, I can whip up a fun party atmosphere but it’s not done with anything homemade – I’m sad to say.  But that spirit to celebrate birthdays (and other special occasions) are most definitely part of all four of us girls.  Trust me when I say we know how to party!

Why – today of all days – do I bring up birthday references?  I’m glad you asked.  It’s my daughter’s birthday!  24 years ago today Abigail Anne – Abby – was born! 

With Jubilee Furniture only open two days a week (Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4) – it sorta feels like a special event each week especially when you factor in the surprise element of never knowing what you might find!  This blog gives you a sneak peek at some of the new-to-us items which were donated this week.  Let’s take a look!

JFC 09-21-12 001

nice southwestern-style sleeper sofa priced $65

JFC 09-21-12 002JFC 09-21-12 003

two great rolling side chairs each priced $75; sweet drop leaf side table for $35 (it’s a little wobbly)

JFC 09-21-12 004JFC 09-21-12 005

fabulous vintage sewing cabinet and chair (there’s no sewing machine) priced $65

JFC 09-21-12 006JFC 09-21-12 007

amazing travertine leaf shaped coffee table in mint condition priced $495

JFC 09-21-12 008JFC 09-21-12 009JFC 09-21-12 010

though the leather is worn/distressed this is a fantastic three piece sectional priced $225 and a matching chair and ottoman for $150

JFC 09-21-12 011JFC 09-21-12 012

look at this old kitchen storage piece – so fun! – priced $135

JFC 09-21-12 013

red micro-suede futon for $145

JFC 09-21-12 014

antique wicker (in surprisingly good condition through you might want to paint it) sofa for $125; small wrought iron bench for $8

JFC 09-21-12 015

lovely wicker desk for $45

JFC 09-21-12 016

beautiful floral Pennsylvania House sofa in excellent condition priced $155

JFC 09-21-12 017JFC 09-21-12 018

two matching small recliners (you have to push HARD to recline ‘em) priced $35 each

JFC 09-21-12 019

plaid sleeper sofa with several rips and needs to be cleaned priced $35

JFC 09-21-12 020JFC 09-21-12 021

nice table, one leaf and six chairs priced $165 for the set

JFC 09-21-12 022JFC 09-21-12 023JFC 09-21-12 024JFC 09-21-12 025

this is a gorgeous art deco bedroom set – full size head board, foot board and side rails for $245; dresser with mirror for $225; and chest of drawers for $195 (all original drawer pulls have been replaced, which is too bad)

JFC 09-21-12 026JFC 09-21-12 027

fabulous marble table w/base priced $895; leather chairs are $4 each; marble and chrome buffet is $225

JFC 09-21-12 028JFC 09-21-12 029

desk with left return which slides under desk priced $95; larger desk is also $95; two – three drawer storage pieces are $40 each.  The two desk have different stains (one with return is lighter) and the two storage pieces match the lighter desk (the desks look the same color in my photos)

JFC 09-21-12 030JFC 09-21-12 031

though a few nicks on both pieces – these dressers are in good condition.  The dresser w/mirror is missing one small piece of trim and is priced $155; matching chest of drawers $135

JFC 09-21-12 032JFC 09-21-12 033

here’s another set of dresser in the art deco style!  Dresser w/mirror is priced $255; matching chest of drawer is $155

JFC 09-21-12 034

there are TWELEVE drawers in this retro dresser that I think would make an excellent media stand (just think of all that storage!) priced $75

JFC 09-21-12 035

evergreen color corduroy sleeper sofa priced $125

JFC 09-21-12 036

gorgeous credenza priced $225 (donor used it to store a rolled up futon for overnight guests – futon is still there and I priced it $50)

JFC 09-21-12 037

very nice table with THREE chairs (too bad) priced $145

Since I’m working tonight – we decided to celebrate Abby’s birthday on Sunday and though it might not be as balloon and banner filled as parties of old – marking the amazing gift of Abby – the blessing she is in my life – will never change.

Love you, Abbers!  And you too, dear reader.

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