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Hello. My name is Susan and I’m a perfectionist.

It’s only within the last – oh – three or four months that I realized I’m a perfectionist.  I would often tell people I like to do things really, really, really well – but I wasn’t a perfectionist and you’d only have to take a quick look in my refrigerator or open some of my drawers to think that not only am I NOT a perfectionist but I don’t even do stuff really, really, really well!

But then several months ago I had an issue with a close friend and – using a third friend – went through a guided process to try to sort things out.  I won’t go into tons of detail – but you start with the facts, move onto stories you’ve made up, your judgments of the other person and then how those same judgments are true of you.  The friend guiding the process then delved further into where those judgments of myself stemmed from (almost always from some emotional wound) and how I learned to compensate.  It was during these final questions – and my answers – when I realized I believe I need to do things perfectly in order to be loved and accepted.

Really, Susan?

Nothing at Jubilee Furniture is ever perfect.  Customers routinely find things I’ve missed when pricing, there are always more questions than I have answers to, volunteers forget to get key information from customers and it’s almost always because I forgot to tell them to, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why people who’ve signed up to get notified whenever there’s a new blog post aren’t (though I think it has something to do with having too many photos in my posts).

Yet here’s the beauty of realizing something about yourself – self awareness helps you choose different ways of thinking and acting.  Ain’t easy – but day-by-day (sometimes even moment-by-moment) it can be done.

And here are some of the beautiful things which were donated this week.  Our store hours are Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4 and EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to shop here (I had a conversation on Sunday with a friend who was worried that if she bought something at Jubilee Furniture – when she had the means to shop retail – she’d be taking away something that someone else with fewer funds might need/want – which is not the case.  Please consider stopping here before heading to a retail furniture store.  Please.).

JFC 09-07-12 001JFC 09-07-12 002JFC 09-07-12 003JFC 09-07-12 004

this is a really unusual piece – it’s actually two pieces (top lifts off the base w/legs) – looks hand painted, has two drawers and is possibly hand-crafted – priced $295; black chair next to it is from a couple of weeks ago and is priced $35

JFC 09-07-12 005

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous (and did I mention it’s gorgeous?) wingback – love the color, in excellent condition, priced $145

JFC 09-07-12 006

this is that “new” table from Hekman that I posted last week (priced $595 – retails for $1,900) – this week I’m showing you the six micro-suede chairs around the table.  The donor told me they paid $150 per chair – there are some minor spots – and we’re selling all six chairs for $360 (that’s $60 per chair – what a deal!)

JFC 09-07-12 007JFC 09-07-12 008JFC 09-07-12 009

this is an amazing teak dresser/secretary that’s in great condition priced $295 – The Danish Control Furnituremaker stamp was a Denmark quality control agency

JFC 09-07-12 010

beautiful Nichols and Stone rocker priced $85

JFC 09-07-12 012JFC 09-07-12 013

lovely painted rocker for $65

JFC 09-07-12 014JFC 09-07-12 015JFC 09-07-12 016

this leather sofa has fantastic lines and – depending on your taste/style – might be just fine as is.  The seat cushions are highly distressed (leather wearing off or intentional?  You decide) whereas the rest of it isn’t – which makes me think the seat cushion leather is not supposed to be so worn looking and impacted my decision to price it $165 (instead of oh probably around $700 – this is a seriously fabulous sofa).  The last photo is with my flash on and the leather color is not accurate (the other photos better represent the lovely dark brown of the leather)

JFC 09-07-12 017JFC 09-07-12 018

these two pieces don’t look too bad in these photos – but there are a lot of issues with them (rips, recliner handle missing) the reclining loveseat is priced $50 and the sofa is $25 (obviously it’s in worse shape of the two of them)

JFC 09-07-12 019

two wonderful ottomans priced $30 each

JFC 09-07-12 020JFC 09-07-12 021

Tell City manufactured these lovely maple chairs – we have three of them, one with arms priced $50; one armless in good condition for $40; and another armless one which has an issue with the seat rushing which is priced $30

JFC 09-07-12 022

sweet swivel rocker with a washable slipcover – priced $65 (would be perfect in a nursery!)

JFC 09-07-12 023JFC 09-07-12 024

Bernhardt made this four piece sectional (we have it displayed with one piece as an armless side chair – but it could be a super long sofa) and it’s in so-so condition and is priced $55 for all four pieces

JFC 09-07-12 025

nice coffee table for $40

JFC 09-07-12 026JFC 09-07-12 027

these made in Italy chairs are stackable and the fabric needs to be cleaned – otherwise they’re very nice – priced $150 for all six.  The butcher block table they’re around (and they look really nice with the table – I think) has a self-storing leaf and is priced $135

JFC 09-07-12 029JFC 09-07-12 030

we received a number of amazing chairs for donation this week (you didn’t forget about that gorgeous wingback you already saw, did you?) – this retro chair is missing some decorative pieces on each side – but with lines like that – who needs ‘em!  Priced $75

JFC 09-07-12 031

rolling bamboo and wicker cart priced $35

JFC 09-07-12 032JFC 09-07-12 034JFC 09-07-12 033

lovely dining table with one leaf and six chairs (there are mirrors on the table top and there’s a crack in one corner) priced $225; matching two piece china cabinet for $275; decorative statues on table are $2 each

JFC 09-07-12 035

large, very nice Drexel coffee table – missing pulls on each side – priced $55

JFC 09-07-12 036

funky and fine armless side chair for $75

JFC 09-07-12 037JFC 09-07-12 038JFC 09-07-12 039JFC 09-07-12 040

mid-century side chair by Knoll (note rip in arm – otherwise it just needs to be cleaned really well – grime in all the seams) priced $75

JFC 09-07-12 041JFC 09-07-12 042

very nice FIVE piece sectional (three of the pieces recline!) seems to be a leather/pleather mix (leather where you sit – pleather on arms and back) – priced $245

JFC 09-07-12 044

lovely retro sofa in excellent condition priced $125

JFC 09-07-12 045

here’s another wonderful chair – also vintage – fabric is worn/needs to be cleaned – priced $45

JFC 09-07-12 046

I’m also totally in love with this incredible retro chair (you would feel like royalty sitting in it!) – priced $95

JFC 09-07-12 048

fun, comfy loveseat priced $45 (donor also gave us some neutral slipcovers if you don’t like the floral)

JFC 09-07-12 049JFC 09-07-12 050

table with two leaves and six chairs (one chair has a rip in the caning) priced $125 for all

JFC 09-07-12 051

final neat-o chair – this vinyl recliner is a great mustard yellow with an oak frame priced $115

Honestly, I think the desire to do things perfectly (which – as we all know – is impossible and the very idea makes me laugh – yet…) will probably always be my default.  Yet armed with the knowledge that flawed, imperfect me is dearly loved – by my family, many friends and God – helps keep this need in check and gives me the freedom to relax and let go of unattainable expectations of myself and experience peace, satisfaction in the many ways I do my job – and life – well and much joy.

May you too, dear reader, know peace, a sense of deep satisfaction and great joy today (and tomorrow and the next day…).

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