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Jubilee Furniture–great savings without the hassle!

Several weeks ago I was shopping at a clothing store where I was given a coupon worth $10 toward a future purchase.  During this same promotion my daughter also bought something from this store and she “earned” a $30 coupon.

I put my coupon on the refrigerator to remind myself to use it and Abby did the same thing.  About a week ago I looked more closely at the coupons and – upon reading the fine print – realized 1.) they were good for only five days and 2.) I had to spend $25 to get my $10 off and Abby had to spend at least $75 before she’d get her $30 off.

I don’t know about you – but store “bucks” feel a lot like cash to me and I hate – with a passion – wasting them.  I know, I know – I’m exactly who the marketers are thinking of when they create promotions like this – but I can’t help it!

So, all day Wednesday – the last day the coupons were good for – I felt this burden either to use them myself or to give them to someone else who would.  Seriously, I had lunch out and sat by two women and the whole time I was wondering if I could interrupt their conversation and offer them my coupons.  I even thought about running by the store and offer ‘em to whoever was going in!  I was sorta possessed!

Abby and I both arrived home around 4:15 p.m. and I asked her if she wanted to go to this store so we could use our coupons – which led to us frantically looking for…anything we could justifiably buy.  Whose birthday was coming up and might they like a Spaghettios t-shirt?  Would my 21 year old son think an “I love Elmo” lunchbox was funky and fun or simply weird?  Abby was trying on clothes and we were adding up our potential purchases to see how much more we needed to spend when…

I came to my senses and stopped the madness. 

Madness of the best kind (right - there’s good madness?) is often what you’ll find at Jubilee Furniture – especially this week (and you’ll know what I mean after you take a look at the following photos).  You never know what you’ll find at the store!  Red and orange velvet-like over-sized chair with amazing curved arms that open wide like a hug?  Check.  Crushed red and black velvet living room suite of furniture with smoked glass tops?  Check. 

So, I hope you’ll be able to stop in either today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4!  Here are a FEW of the things you’ll find:

JFC 09-14-12 001JFC 09-14-12 002

this is a lovely Bauhaus sofa – first photo is with a flash, second without – trying to show you the true color – priced $235

JFC 09-14-12 003

two fabulous Bent & Bros oak chairs priced $45 each

JFC 09-14-12 004JFC 09-14-12 005

very comfortable and nice to look at black wooden chairs – there are scratches which make them look distressed – priced $175 for all six (two of the six have arms) – that’s just under $30/chair

JFC 09-14-12 006

oak pedestal table with one leaf in good condition priced $85

JFC 09-14-12 007

great bench for $75

JFC 09-14-12 008

here’s another Bauhaus sofa – this time in a fun red fabric – showing a little wear – priced $235

JFC 09-14-12 009

lovely sofa – has a raised caned part behind back cushions (you can see it faintly in my photo if you look really hard) priced $75

JFC 09-14-12 010JFC 09-14-12 011

Rowe sleeper sofa – needs to be cleaned – priced $125 – matching loveseat (looks cleaner than the sofa) priced $85

JFC 09-14-12 012JFC 09-14-12 013

futurist stools by Lyra – from Room and Board – two for $195

JFC 09-14-12 015JFC 09-14-12 014

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing this large chair (two normal sized people could fit as long as they were okay touching each other) – the material seems to be velvet and it’s red with orange!  RED with ORANGE – how fabulous is that?!  Priced $195 and it’s in great condition – look at those curved arms!  Even the round throw pillow is fun!  This chair is guaranteed to make you smile (or grimace and think I’m batty)

JFC 09-14-12 016JFC 09-14-12 017JFC 09-14-12 018

I was having trouble with the – to flash or not to flash – question last night.  The flash always makes neutral pieces look the wrong color – so here’s a sofa (with a fairly major rip) photo taken with the flash and then the matching loveseat photo is taken without the flash.  The non-flash photo is more correct (correcter?) – color-wise.  Sofa w/rip priced $45; loveseat is $85

JFC 09-14-12 019

very nice leather loveseat priced $175 (missing feet – but we have ‘em)

JFC 09-14-12 020JFC 09-14-12 021JFC 09-14-12 022JFC 09-14-12 023

gorgeous glass top table on a mirrored base – nice and large (could easily fit six and probably even eight) – top is chipped – so priced only $195 (I probably would have added another $300 if not for the chip)

JFC 09-14-12 024

sweet floral loveseat by Broy Hill priced $45

JFC 09-14-12 025

super nice blue sofa priced $245

JFC 09-14-12 026

wee little oak drop leaf table with two chairs priced $95 for the set (would have put more but the pieces weren’t finished very well – sorta bumpy if you look closely)

JFC 09-14-12 027JFC 09-14-12 028

just to prove that not every sofa in the store is priced over $200  - here’s today’s super duper deal – a two piece sectional (sofa/chaise) and a matching chair – everything needs to be reupholstered – sectional is $25; chair is $15

JFC 09-14-12 029JFC 09-14-12 030JFC 09-14-12 031

not sure I can adequately describe these red crushed velvet pieces – I’ve priced the three piece sectional (two sofas and corner table) for $50; other table is $10 and the chair is $20 – actually nothing is in bad condition (no rips) but things need to be cleaned and the velvet shows some wear

JFC 09-14-12 032JFC 09-14-12 033

another example of whether or not to use my flash (photo on left is more accurate as far as the color of the piece goes) – Stanley two piece china cabinet – very nice – priced $235

JFC 09-14-12 034

nice six drawer dresser w/mirror priced $125

JFC 09-14-12 035JFC 09-14-12 036JFC 09-14-12 037

might be the most comfortable furniture I’ve ever sat in – loveseat is priced $50 (small rip); chair and ottoman are $40 (ottoman has several tears along top)

JFC 09-14-12 038JFC 09-14-12 039

if I can figure out a place to put this marble? table/floor lamp in my home – and you don’t come in and buy it – I might.  Priced $35

Once the dust – and my crazed attitude– settled, Abby and I realized we had about $40 worth of stuff we really wanted so could use the $10 off coupon.  I then strolled around the store until I found someone with an arm full of clothing – probably totally over $75 – and asked if she had a coupon.  She didn’t and I gratefully gave her mine.  Whew.  Burden lifted.

So, how’s your week been, dear reader?  Can you relate to my coupon saga or are you thinking my family should stage an intervention and the sooner the better?

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