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Wag more, bark less...

is my new motto to live by. I saw it last week on a bumper sticker and it made me smile. If I did maintain an attitude of excitement, always on the lookout for fun, easy to please and spent less time getting worked up about stuff - which in the big scheme of things almost never really matters - I would be...Relaxed? Fun to be around? Easily distracted? Not allowed on the furniture?

Since it's been awhile since I've written, "What does this have to do with Jubilee Furniture? Nothing." I figured you probably missed my weird little rabbit trails and I would hop down one!

So, what's the deal with my weekly update occurring on Wednesday night, you ask? Excellent question. Tomorrow I'm off to Upland, IN to pick up my son (insert happy dance here) - who's just finishing his freshman year at Taylor University. At first I thought I would write an entry Friday morning - as usual - but without photos and simply list the stuff Dan and Chris picked up this week. "But what's a write-up without photos?" - I thought - and headed up to the store and took a few photos to give you a taste of what's "new" this week. Bear in mind, nothing has been arranged yet and I was wearing flip-flops and didn't want to move stuff around too much (for fear of dropping something on my bare toes - ouch!) and there are still donations to be picked up so this really is a small sample but...it's better than nothing. Right?

Oh, before I get to the photos - I wanted to let you know that last Friday and Saturday we had sales of just under $7,700! Not a record - but a very, very good weekend. Thank you if you were part of making that happen. June 30th marks Outreach Community Ministries fiscal year-end and it looks like Jubilee Furniture will have profit of more than $100,000! Did I already tell you that? Can you believe this amazing amount? I am still blown away when I think about how our sales have increased this past year. I honestly can't thank my donors or my customers or my volunteers enough - thank you!

Since I don't have that many photos to show you and this post already seems to be a bit scattered (a bit?!) - I've been kicking around an idea for a while now and wanted to share it with you. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a Jubilee Furniture book club with me. How it would work - I don't know - but I love to read and love to discuss good literature with others. Anyone interested?

Okay, okay enough already - here are a FEW of the many, many wonderful things to be found at Jubilee Furniture either this Friday (1 to 8) or Saturday (9 to 4):

very pretty, yellowish chest of drawers for $65 and there are two matching nightstands with marble inserts on the top - which I thought I took a photo of, but obviously didn't (I priced the nightstands $40 each)

I know the wood in the photo looks greenish - but I don't think it really is. Love the eagle - this armless rocker has been re-upholstered (and they did a nice job but the pattern doesn't go with the style of the rocker, unfortunately). Priced $135

I love this wicker chair and ottoman priced $165 for both pieces

This photo really does not capture how pretty this button-back, slightly curved sofa is and the amazing Jubilee Furniture price is only $195

green rattan chair for $40 and three piece sofa thing for $65

If you need - or someone you know needs - a bookcase take a look at this one (and there are three matching). They're built by Gat Creek. We've received a couple of Gat Creek donations in the past and in the research I did this is a super cool company and each piece of furniture is handmade. There are three adjustable shelves on the top and two fixed shelves on the bottom - shoot I meant to measure how tall the bookcases are - but forgot (not sure what my problem was - I guess I'm all excited about my son coming home - insert happy dance AGAIN). 6 feet? 6 1/2 feet? No more than 7 - I think. Priced $225 each

So, dear reader - there you have it. A small selection of some of the wonderful items to be found at Jubilee Furniture - the place where we wag more and bark less!

Blessings to ya!

Friday morning update - we arrived home safely last night at 8:00 p.m. My daughter made the drive with me and the only mishap was when we missed a turn off on our way to Taylor due to the fact that the two of us were singing and dancing (as much as you can dance in a car!) and laughing our butts off and drove an extra 45 minutes further south than we should have! Ah, but we did have a good time!

Connie, Anne and Linnea were kind enough to not only arrange yesterday but to do all the pricing too. God bless 'em. I can hardly wait to see how the place looks! Take care!
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