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Buckle in - wild times at Jubilee Furniture!

Greetings! After a week of rain and gray skies the sun's out in DuPage County and everything looks new and fresh and clean! What better on such a marvelous day than to contemplate heading out to Carol Stream and Jubilee Furniture to see all the fabulous "new" merchandise which was donated this week. We're open today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4. If you've been thinking of coming out to the store "some day" - this would be that day! Seriously, I was pricing until 7:00 p.m. last night due to the fact we have so much stuff! I'm not sure we've ever had more inventory. We truly are bursting at the seams - and the best part is - it's all wonderful! I'll stop blabbin' and let my photos do the talking!

we could possibly change our name to "Chairs R Us" due to the fact that we have so many in the store right now. In addition to the 202 chairs we received from the Glen Oaks Country Club, we picked up 89 from the Carol Stream Public Library this week and still have lots from a pickup we recently did at an office building in Naperville. Whew - that's a lot of chairs. Most are nicely waiting for you in rows just behind the line of metal bookcases where we showcase odds and ends and bits and pieces

nice, plaid sofa for $85

gorgeous Thomasville dresser for $50 - so what's the catch? Good question. As you may, or may not, know I screen all my donations and one of the questions I ask is, "Is there a smoker in the home?" If the answer is "yes" than I politely turn down the donation. Let me stop right here and say I have nothing against smokers - but if you're a smoker the smell permeates everything in your home, including your furniture. I'm super careful to ask this question in regards to upholstered pieces but sometimes forget when someone is donating a wood piece - like a dresser. I forget that wood absorbs the smoke smell too. See where I'm going here? This is a beautiful piece of furniture - I love it - but when you open the drawers you can smell smoke. Enough said.

white, six drawer Stanley dresser for $85

this is a beautiful Pennsylvania House bedroom set which consists of: nine drawer dresser for $145; night stand for $50 (there are two of them but the other one needs a small repair); and queen size head board, foot board and side rails for $135. The tops of the dresser and night stand need some refinishing but otherwise in excellent condition

lots of odds tables and chairs in dining room land! This round table is priced $45 and there are no leaves (though originally there were)

table, 2 leaves and 6 chairs for $150

I love, love, love these chairs - as you can see they're S. Bent Bros. and there are four matching and priced $100 for all four

the 42" square oak table is also from the Carol Stream Public Library and we have four of 'em and I've priced each $50; the four chairs around this table are priced $75 (which comes to $18.75 a chair which - if I do say so myself - is an amazing deal!)

excellent condition table, 1 leaf and 6 chairs for $165

there's something about this folding stool that makes me smile - I guess because you could do so much with it - extra seat where your friend can perch while you're working and talking in your kitchen; on a stage with one of your kids sitting on it playing their guitar and singing; you sitting on it in front of an audience answering questions about your wildly popular... Smile - all that for only $20!

we received too many pieces this week which I fell in love with for me to identify all of them, but I do love this set - especially the china cabinet. I couldn't find any markings which would tell me who manufactured these pieces, but there's the table, 3 leaves and 6 chairs for $115 - the lower price reflects the fact that some of the caning is broken and two of the chairs need to be re-glued and are in our shop area so we can do that; the china cabinet is priced $175

OK, I just said I wouldn't keep telling you how much I love everything but I do love this chair! The photo doesn't show how incredible this lime green velvet chair is - and it's only $40!

Homer's sofa for $85

guess where these chairs came from - you're right! - the Carol Stream Public Library! Excellent condition - beautiful oak, each priced $55 (there are three blue ones)

this is an amazing Pennsylvania House secretary in mint condition for $235

super clean white sofa for $195

square coffee table for $95

gorgeous green floral and bird sofa for $325

I'm so sorry to keep gushing but we really did receive a ton of super nice stuff this week! Here are two - like new - Thomasville side chairs for $225 each. Nice firm seat cushion (but not too firm - prefect for those of us who don't want to sink too far down in case we can't get back up without someone having to haul us out! Know what I mean?)

Confession time. I'm a wannabe interior designer. I love watching HGTV (Curb Appeal one of my favorites - though I have many!) and I'm addicted to many designing blogs. That said, I usually do not create the vignettes you see when you walk into the store. I have a great team who does that while I'm off pricing. Yesterday I was still pricing long after my team went home and I came across these striped foot stools (the legs fold up - how cool is that!) and decided to stage them with some other pieces. The end results are a little funky - but I had fun doing it. Now to try to give you pricing. In the top right photo there's a cool painted chairs which is $30, in the same photos there's a blond bookcase with glass doors for 40; the foot stools which started it all are $25 each (the material is corduroy) and the lower right photo shows some chairs we received from - all together now - the Carol Stream Public Library! - and are priced $40 each

I've priced these gorgeous Thomasville floral chairs $145 each - but am thinking of lower the price to $125 because the trim on the arms is a bit fraying and I'm not sure how you fix that. Do you know? Is it an easy thing to repair? If so, I'll leave 'em at $145 - otherwise I'll drop them to $125

drop leaf table for $125

we put this retro set out last Saturday, but it didn't sell (not sure why - it's amazing) and I wanted to showcase it on the blog. It's the table, one leaf and four chairs for $60

we received a number of china cabinets in this week - this one is priced $135

and this one $95

Dear readers - I started this entry by saying I would let the photos do their own talking and then added enough written description to sink a ship! Since you probably either enjoyed my comments or simply skipped 'em - I guess it all worked out in the end. No?

Grace and peace - in abundance - to you!
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