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Hope to see you at Jubilee Furniture today or tomorrow!

If you've been avoiding North Avenue due to the road construction that's made driving on it a royal pain in the buttock - I don't blame you. The happy news is when I left the store last night - as far as my eye could see - there were no annoying traffic cones and all six lanes of traffic appeared to be moving well. Yea!

My boss told me he was "disappointed" when he drove by the store last Friday and our Jubilee Furniture signs weren't up along North Avenue. Carol Stream has an incredibly strict sign law that only allows one sign per property - and Wheaton Christian Center Church - where the store is located and whom I rent space from - already has a sign. Now, we could replace their sign with one that identifies both the church and Jubilee Furniture - but we're talking big bucks to do so. Add in the fact that as the church grows they will eventually ask Jubilee Furniture to vacate the premises and you have a better understanding why we don't want to invest in an expensive permanent sign. Carol Stream does allow us to put signs out - day of sale - so we had three signs made which we faithfully put up and take down every Friday and Saturday. The problem last Friday was the high winds which were blowing down North Ave. like a run away train! Our bungee-corded signs did not stand a chance! So, if you happen to be thinking of stopping in at Jubilee Furniture and it's a Friday between 1 and 8 or a Saturday between 9 and 4 - but you don't see our yellow signs along North Ave. so assume we're not open and drive by - DON'T - we're open and would love to have you stop in!

Whew - lots of explaining goes into working at Jubilee! Thankfully, the following photos of some of the "new" things picked up this week require minimal explanation!

blue velvet side chair $50 and there are two matching

this is part of a set of bunk beds that Dan and Gordon were still putting together when I came around snapping photos - but since bunk bed are in high demand, I wanted to let you know we have one in and I've priced the set $135

if I needed a dresser - which I don't - I would purchase this one. I love it! Price $85 (I'm not sure why I priced it so low - it's in excellent condition and I love the clean lines and the off the floor look with the legs)

we again had an excellent week of bedroom furniture being donated - so there is a fairly good amount to choose from. These pieces are part of a matching set - though they're priced individually. The nightstand is priced $35 and there is only one; long dresser with mirrored hutch $125; and the tall chest of drawer is $95

here's another set of matching bedroom furniture that's in excellent condition (the first set is too): tall chest of drawers $95; nightstand $50 (and there are two of 'em); queen-size headboard and frame for $55; and long dresser w/mirror for $125

this is a crappy photo of a cool, retro sofa which is more orangy than it looks for $125

this is a heavy, cool table with stone insert (don't you love the stone?) for $145 (no chairs, unfortunately); the little sideboard thingie also has a stone insert and it's priced $95

ok - this is going to take some explaining - so bear with me. This is a gorgeous piece, but needs just the right buyer. Though it looks like one huge single piece of furniture (the top trim gives it a seamless look) it isn't. The two end pieces are simply bookcases - nice ones and they're 30" wide and I've priced them $225 each; the center section is actually three sets of double door base cabinets (each opens and there is a single shelf inside) and three sets of bookcase/hutches which rest on top of a SINGLE 9' long piece of wood top and the three bookcase/hutches pieces are topped with a single piece of crown molding which finishes off the whole look. The 9' section is priced $450 and since it really is designed to stay exactly as you see it in the photo, I have a "buy the whole thing" price of $800 (a savings of $100 over buying the individual pieces)

this sofa is actually a futon! Futon and two shaggy pillows for $165

three piece sectional with ottoman for $85 (not sure why I priced it so low - it's in good condition though there are a couple of fabric tears on the ottoman)

oversize chair and ottoman for $165 (now this one I might have over-priced because there's a rip and stain along the back piece of bottom fabric - I think I'll re-price this one $125 - if you come in and want it and I've forgotten to re-price it, just remind me)

blue wing back chair for $45 and there are two of them

Smithe sofa for $175

excellent condition sofa and ottoman for $195

Hope all is well and grace and blessings to you!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!
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