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Thank you

to the servicemen and women who have fought, and are currently fighting, for my freedom. Thank you also to those who died defending this country. On this Memorial Day weekend we especially want to remember those who have given everything in service to their country. Thank you.

With Wheaton's Memorial Day parade scheduled for Monday, May 31 starting at 10:00 a.m. (for details go to http://www.wheaton.il.us/ and click on calendar of events) and Elmhurst's parade starting at 9:30 (http://www.elmhurst.org/) you have plenty of time either today (Friday 1 to 8) or tomorrow (Saturday 9 to 4) to stop by Jubilee Furniture to check out what's "new" without missing a single marching band or firetruck! As always, I have some photos of the most recent additions to our inventory:

hands down, this is my favorite piece this week (though I also very much like some cool mid-century orange chairs we got in too - you'll see photos below). It's a stainless steel rolling kitchen island which measures 5' long, 2' wide and 34" high and priced $295

we got in a Howard Miller grandfather clock a week ago and I forgot to show you - so am doing so now. It works, lovely chimes every 15 minutes, and is priced $550

floral rocker/recliner for $50

what I love about this sofa w/chaise is you can have the chaise on either end of the sofa - or - not use it at all! It's a Max House sofa and priced $165

dresser $95 and matching desk w/chair for $40

table, 1 leaf and 5 chairs for $75

Steelcase task table for $45 (and we have three of them) and the chairs are by J.G. Furniture Co. and priced $20 each

round table for $65 and six chairs for $75 (for all six of 'em)

here are the orange chairs I mentioned earlier. I love the seamless line of the upholstered part which flows from the front to behind the back of the chair - can you see what I mean? They sit low, but are very comfortable (because of the angle of the seat) and I couldn't find any thing to identify who manufactured them. The fabric is actually zippered onto the frame and then stapled - does that help anyone? I priced them $75 each and I don't know if that's a steal or not. I guess time will tell!

this is a huge sectional - it's actually 5 pieces - two pieces recline and there is a sleeper in another one of the sections. We took one of the armless pieces out of the configuration - but you can add it back in which would actually better balance the short part of the "L" and is priced $245

looks like stone - but without the weight! Unique coffee table for $95

okay these Room & Board pieces require some "splainin" (name the character and TV show which debuted on 10/15/1951 who said "splainin"). There is a sofa and chair and they look pretty good in my top photos - but look at the bottom photos. The pieces originally had a pattern impressed onto the fabric which appears to have disappeared with wear. They're not bad - other than the disappearing pattern and some stains and I've priced them to sell - sofa for $35 and chair for $50 (chair's in better condition than the sofa - thus the higher price tag). Remember all sales are final!

we really got in some cool mid-century pieces this week - here's a yellow leather (I think - it's hard for me to tell leather from really good fake stuff) chair and the white frame is metal for $65, sofa for $85 and coffee table for $40 and the pieces are very heavy (just an interesting note)

gorgeous three piece sectional with chaise for $395

Steelcase armless desk chair (note the four prong legs) with nubby orange fabric for $50 (and we got in 3? 4? of these plus two with arms which I priced - I think - $65 and one of the armed ones is a different color)

this is a buttery yellow sofa by Klaussner - which ServiceMaster just professionally cleaned yesterday - priced $125 - thank you ServiceMaster!

Though I certainly hope you have a wonderful weekend of connecting with friends and family, don't forget to take a moment and remember those who gave their lives in service to our country as well as all who have served, currently are serving and their families. Thank you and God's peace and blessings on you.

And to you too, dear reader!
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