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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, September 4, 2014

In the fall of 1972 I was a freshman in high school and one of the classes I took was typing where I learned – not only how to type – but to always, always, always space twice after your ending punctuation.

Fast forward roughly 100 years and I was on a committee at church with someone who works at a publishing company and he happened to mention that the double space after each sentence was no longer done and hadn’t been done for years. Regardless of his credentials I honestly didn’t believe him.

Until I read this scathing article about people who space space after a sentence and I realized I had it all wrong! Truly the earth shifted on its axis and I was completely thrown for a loop!

THANKFULLY, there are some things that NEVER change – like the fact you’ll always find amazing furniture at good prices at Jubilee Furniture! With so much inventory we’re putting pieces on top of other furniture - be prepared to shimmy down the aisles!

Here are photos of SOME of what’s currently in the store:

JFC 09-04-14 002JFC 09-04-14 003JFC 09-04-14 004JFC 09-04-14 005

two fabulous Scandinavia Woodworks Co. made in Singapore retro chairs in excellent condition – priced $90 for the pair (which is a steal!)

JFC 09-04-14 006JFC 09-04-14 007

Peter Lorentz sofa – needs some spot cleaning – priced $75

JFC 09-04-14 008JFC 09-04-14 009

lovely rust colored sofa – some wear – priced $75

JFC 09-04-14 010JFC 09-04-14 011

cool loveseat covered in different fabric – priced $90

JFC 09-04-14 012JFC 09-04-14 013JFC 09-04-14 014JFC 09-04-14 015

though these chairs look nice around this table – it’s not a set. There are six chairs – two with arms – that are, overall, in good shape (you’ll notice the stain is worn off at the top of the chairs). We’re selling all six for $175. And then there’s the table – it’s beautiful! In the photos the extra leaves are slightly pulled out at each end (pull to extend; push to hide them). Price? $185 for the table w/table pads

JFC 09-04-14 016JFC 09-04-14 017JFC 09-04-14 019

and then we have six armless Hitchcock chairs in excellent condition – priced $385 for all six

JFC 09-04-14 020JFC 09-04-14 021

the Hitchcock chairs are around another extremely nice dining table – this time a two pedestal table with 3 leaves which is priced $125

JFC 09-04-14 022JFC 09-04-14 023JFC 09-04-14 024JFC 09-04-14 025

I loved the curved glass on this Pennsylvania House lighted two piece china cabinet! Priced $235

JFC 09-04-14 026JFC 09-04-14 027

lovely cream colored flamed stitched side chairs in really good condition – priced $45 each

JFC 09-04-14 028JFC 09-04-14 029

sweet two tiered walnut side table for $45

JFC 09-04-14 030JFC 09-04-14 031

this is a large original watercolor by artist Chapman Kelley – gorgeous! Priced $800

JFC 09-04-14 032JFC 09-04-14 033

I LOVE the bright colors of this original artwork by Jonas Bradford – priced $225

JFC 09-04-14 036JFC 09-04-14 037JFC 09-04-14 038JFC 09-04-14 039JFC 09-04-14 040JFC 09-04-14 041JFC 09-04-14 042JFC 09-04-14 043

this shiny, bright dining room set was made in Italy and the donor told me her parent’s paid $8,000 for it originally. We’re selling it as a complete set which include: table, 1 leaf, 6 chairs, rolling drop-leaf buffet; lighted china cabinet. Love the pops of gold! Jubilee Furniture price for all is $1,485

JFC 09-04-14 044JFC 09-04-14 045

loveseat in lovely gold fabric priced $55; matching sofa is frayed along the edges and I saw at least one stain so is only priced $35

JFC 09-04-14 046JFC 09-04-14 047

glass top table with metal base and four cushy chairs for $75

JFC 09-04-14 048JFC 09-04-14 049

there’s something about this corner chair that is very attractive (and it’s surprisingly comfortable) priced $45

JFC 09-04-14 050JFC 09-04-14 051

this is an absolutely GORGEOUS china cabinet from Century Furniture and part of their Chin Hua collection – excellent condition (here’s a link to a pin of an identical piece that was on ebay for $2,400). We’re selling ours for $915

JFC 09-04-14 052JFC 09-04-14 053

pine armoire – second photo shows doors open and the rod for hanging clothes (there are no shelves – but it looks like if you cut a couple of pieces of wood to size and there are already the brackets to support them). Priced $75

JFC 09-04-14 054JFC 09-04-14 055

this sweet chair is low to the ground and would be perfect for a child. Some wear – priced $20

JFC 09-04-14 056JFC 09-04-14 057JFC 09-04-14 058JFC 09-04-14 059

behind the Century Furniture Chin Hua china cabinet I discovered these beauties! GORGEOUS mahogany servers – the smaller one is priced $275 and the larger one is $350. Words fail me.

JFC 09-04-14 060JFC 09-04-14 061

we have five of these Room & Board black molded plywood chairs with chrome legs – looks like they’ve changed the shape of the chairs if you click here – but they retail for $129. We’re selling them for $45 each (I noticed some scratches)

And so, dear reader, you’ll find me proof-reading everything I write and carefully removing the extra space I type after each sentence as automatically as I breathe while wondering what other new trick this middle-aged dog will have to learn!

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