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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, September 18, 2014

Though my husband and I had a lovely vacation last week – I was pleasantly surprised how nice it felt to get back to work on Monday. I like being busy and I like what I do – which makes for a wonderful combination!

And what I do is interact with individuals and businesses who want to donate good-to-excellent used furniture to Jubilee Furniture. We offer free pick-up service (though the furniture for donation must be “street level” – no stairs) and an IRS approved donation receipt is provided to all donors. Click here for a short list of items we do not accept and here to complete an online donation form. We’ve also created a unique “donation hot line number” which is 630.337.1467 (again this number is just for incoming donation calls – all store inquires should use the store number which is 630.784.2890 – thank you!).

Due to the generosity of our donors we then have amazing inventory for you – our customers – to peruse each week! The blog was created seven years ago to widen – and hopefully increase – our customer base. The Furniture Gallery is our newest way of allowing you to see our inventory.

The final piece of the Jubilee Furniture donation-customer puzzle – and a very important one – is who benefits from the proceeds of what we sell. The many stories of restored hope and providing opportunities to those most in need in DuPage County through the programs and services offered by Outreach Community Ministries will touch your heart (read Kate’s story here).

Now let’s take a look at a some of our current inventory!

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 008Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 009Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 011Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 012

if you’ve been reading the blog for a  you know I love me some plaid! These fresh colors make these plaid chairs and storage ottoman extra fun! The chairs are priced $75 each and they look to be in great condition. Obliviously, the ottoman photo is taken with the top up to show you the storage part – and it’s priced $65 and also in very good condition.

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 013Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 014

I also absolutely LOVE the windows in our new space – but they do make taking photos a little harder. This is a gorgeous, thick piece of oval glass sitting on a cool wooden base (you can sorta see the base through the top of the glass in these photos) – table is priced $365 (some minor scratches on the glass); The Room & Board black and chrome chairs are from a couple of week ago – priced $45 each and there are five of them

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 015Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 016

beautiful oatmeal color Room & Board sleeper sofa priced $365

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 017Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 018

two matching mid-century modern, one drawer nightstands or end tables – in excellent condition – priced $75 each

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 019Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 020Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 021

if “Fancy” is your middle name – take a look at this amazing French Ireland side table with a pull out leather writing desk! There are  two small drawers on each end too (you can see a key sticking out from one of the drawers). Priced $175

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 022Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 023Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 024Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 025

Oh man – this is a GORGEOUS mahogany secretary in mint condition! Priced $385

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 026Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 027Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 029Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 028

there’s something about these two flame stitch side chairs that is super appealing (at least to me). Both looked in great shape and are priced $75 each

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 030Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 032

now you see it – now you don’t! This Stickley brand adjustable server has a tray that can be inserted in the top (after the two halves are extended) or sits nicely on the bottom “X” when a smaller footprint is needed (also can be used as an actual tray for serving). The wheels means this versatile piece rolls wherever you need it to! Priced $215 (some scratching on the top but otherwise a beautiful piece of furniture)

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 033Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 034Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 035

six gorgeous Bassett Parson chairs in a lovely muted pattern and in excellent condition – all six for $300. They surround an alder wood, double pedestal table which is also lovely and only priced $135

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 036Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 037

here’s another pretty plaid – this time a little more masculine and woods-y – it’s by Vanguard and it’s a sleeper sofa and is priced $115 (also looked to be in great shape)

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 038Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 039

very nice glass and brass coffee table – either my camera angle makes the top look off center or it really is off center (and a simple readjustment of the glass would correct that) – priced $35

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 040Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 041

sweet painted and crackled finish, one drawer side table for $35. Would provide a wonderful shot of color in any room!

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 042Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 043

lots of plaids this week! This one is also checked and some of the stitching is coming off (can you see in the second photo where there’s a break in the neat rows of light stitches?). This sofa is also a sleeper and is priced $30 due to the stitching and some fading.

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 044Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 045

and then this plaid has a southwestern flare to it! Sofa by Cochrane and is priced $65

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 046Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 047

neutral color chair and ottoman (sort of looks like a back cushion might be missing but I could be wrong about that – I didn’t sit in it to see if one is needed) priced $45 for the set!

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 048Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 049

solid, clean lines define this round pedestal table with four chairs – love the black finish! Priced $145 for the set

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 050Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 051

okay – this might be my favorite piece this week – I’m completely in love. This is a round glass top table with a metal base and four amazing metal chairs with fabric seats. So much potential for something super fun, elegant and statement making! And here’s the best part – it’s priced $115 for the set! Just look at those swirly details on the chairs! Whoever buys this HAS to take photos of what you do with it and show me, please?

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 052Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 053

here’s another amazing piece – this time a bright pop of tangerine in this velvet side chair. Priced $45

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 056Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 057

2 piece lighted china cabinet with lovely details – priced $135

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 058

oops, only took one photo of this fabulous dresser with matching mirror AND a headboard (looked to be for a full or queen size bed). Tons of potential here too – looks okay but all the drawers stick and it’s needs work to be usable – thus the low, low price of $25 for all three pieces! Yep – you read that correctly – $25 for the dresser, mirror and headboard!

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 059Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 060

and though this dresser also needs some work (you can see how the top is a mess) – it’s otherwise in great shape (dovetailed drawers all work well) – and is priced $145

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 061Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 062Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 064Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 063

this solid, well-built bedroom set is priced for all four pieces which include: twin size platform (so no box spring is needed) bed with under-bed drawers; behind bed shelving piece; tall dresser and nightstand – all in excellent condition. Smooth opening and closing of drawers. Nice finish. Priced $265 for the four pieces

Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 067Glen Arbor trip 09-2014 069

we end with this gorgeous, four drawer dresser by Drexel with a protective piece of glass on the top  - excellent condition – priced $175

So, as you – dear reader – consider what to do with a good, usable piece of furniture you no longer need – or – where to shop for something unique and one-of-a kind for your home – consider Jubilee Furniture where each donation and every purchase is impacting an area child, single mom or family through Outreach.

Thanks for stopping by!

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