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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, July 17, 2014


I was struck this week by the fact that summer is about half over and it made me shudder.  I’m Illinois born and raised – so no stranger to extremely weather – but I resolve to be mindful of every warm and sunny day without the shadow of the upcoming cold, snow and gray skies ruining my enjoyment!

Another trip to The Merchandise Mart for some amazing outdoor furniture certainly helps me with that commitment!  It’s easy to imagine family and friends sitting outside talking and laughing in these super comfortable – and very attractive – pieces!  And the best part?  The quality is so excellent they’ll last for years and years!

Let’s take a look at some of the items donated this week (but know there are lots more wonderful pieces than just these photos):

JFC 07-17-14 001JFC 07-17-14 002

high-end outdoor table and four chairs (though I think this set would be super fun INSIDE too) – priced $595

JFC 07-17-14 003JFC 07-17-14 004

two piece sofa/chaise sectional priced $185 (good condition but some spot cleaning needed)

JFC 07-17-14 005JFC 07-17-14 006

another two piece sofa/chaise – the micro-suede needs to be completely cleaned on this one – priced $145

JFC 07-17-14 007JFC 07-17-14 008

this is an amazing brass and metal lighted curio cabinet – really shiny and pretty – priced only $55

JFC 07-17-14 009JFC 07-17-14 010

there are four of these chairs – and I think they’re fabulous! – the seats need to be reupholstered and some minor touch up to the wood – but schazam!  They’re amazing!  Best part?  All four for $40 (they’re on the covered patio)

JFC 07-17-14 011JFC 07-17-14 012

more fantastic metal furniture from The Mart – these chairs are priced $75 each and we have one mustard yellow, one orange, one white, one brown and one black.  They’re circled up to a round wood table which is only $15 (needs work)

JFC 07-17-14 013JFC 07-17-14 014

gorgeous teak chairs priced $175 each (also from The Mart)

JFC 07-17-14 015JFC 07-17-14 016

this beauty retails for $2,000 (teak with wonderful cushions – mint condition – from one of The Merchandise Mart showrooms) our price is $595

JFC 07-17-14 017JFC 07-17-14 018

excellent condition Room & Board two piece sectional in a great heather gray fabric – priced $595 (retails for $2,498)

JFC 07-17-14 019JFC 07-17-14 020

comfy chair and sofa – in a tan micro-suede – the material is worn and needs to be cleaned – chair is priced $45; matching sofa for $65

JFC 07-17-14 021JFC 07-17-14 022

lovely sage green velvet sofa for $145

JFC 07-17-14 023JFC 07-17-14 024

man-oh-man look at this gorgeous mid-century sofa with wood trim – in very good condition – priced $425

JFC 07-17-14 025JFC 07-17-14 026

love this round pedestal coffee table priced $45

JFC 07-17-14 027JFC 07-17-14 028

this is a great side chair – but you can see a stain just above the pillow in the first photo – otherwise looked really good to me – priced $55

JFC 07-17-14 029JFC 07-17-14 030

I am completely in love with this retro cabinet – - I’m not sure what it was originally used for but you could add a rod and make it a wardrobe or remove the shelf at the top, add one toward the bottom and put your flat-screen TV in it or you could add more shelves and turn it into an amazing organizer (and it’s attractive enough that it could sit by your front door).  The caning is broken in one spot on one of the panels (alas) – still it’s fantastic!  Priced $165

JFC 07-17-14 031JFC 07-17-14 032

this is a three piece (thus easy to move) pecan secretary which is gorgeous!  Priced $225

JFC 07-17-14 033JFC 07-17-14 034

and look at this lovely secretary!  It’s only $85!

JFC 07-17-14 035JFC 07-17-14 036

fantastic walnut desk with incredible art deco hardware – one of the non-supporting legs is off but the pieces are in a drawer – priced $125

JFC 07-17-14 037JFC 07-17-14 038

for all you bench lovers out there  (Tara!) this is the mother of all benches!  French Provencal style, upholstery in fairly good condition (though I did see at least one button off) priced only $55!  Measures 6’7” (that’s l-o-n-g!).  You can see it fits perfectly at the end of a king-size bed (fyi)

Dear reader – I hope you enjoy this lovely, warm, sunshiny day with nary a thought about the possibly horrid winter we’re facing in just a few short months!! Winking smile

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