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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hello!  And thank you for stopping by the Jubilee Furniture blog where each Thursday morning we provide snapshots of some of the new-to-us furniture which was donated that week!

With our warehouse team making donation pickups four – and sometimes even five – days each week, fantastic furniture is streaming in throughout the weekend! 

Here are a few of photos of our current inventory:

JFC 07-10-14 001JFC 07-10-14 002

amazing teak table with five chairs (two with arms; three arm-less) by Uldum Mobelfabrik – vintage Danish Modern (there are no leaves through there were some originally) – all for $1,970

JFC 07-10-14 003JFC 07-10-14 004JFC 07-10-14 005JFC 07-10-14 006

mid century one piece china cabinet for $165; matching buffet for $155 (love the lines and lack of hardware)

JFC 07-10-14 007JFC 07-10-14 008

this is a very cool piece – or rather two pieces.  Chair and ottoman but push the ottoman up to the chair and it looks and acts just like a chaise!  Wonderful carvings on both pieces that – unfortunately my photos do not capture – both pieces also need to be cleaned.  Priced $115 for the set

JFC 07-10-14 009JFC 07-10-14 010JFC 07-10-14 011JFC 07-10-14 012

great sleeper sofa priced $115; matching chair for $55.  Again, both these lovely pieces need to be cleaned

JFC 07-10-14 013JFC 07-10-14 014

again – not the best photos – but these are fantastic green metal and glass side tables .  The taller/larger one is priced $50; and the slightly smaller one is $45

JFC 07-10-14 015JFC 07-10-14 016

oh my – look at this fabulous piece!  The three shelves SLIDE out (was it originally for stereo equipment?  Sheet music?).  Priced $75

JFC 07-10-14 017JFC 07-10-14 018JFC 07-10-14 019JFC 07-10-14 020

beautiful table with two leaves and six chairs (though, interestingly, only one has arms) priced $425 (there’s a high gloss finish on the table – fyi).  Matching buffet is gorgeous!  Priced $225

JFC 07-10-14 021JFC 07-10-14 022

this tan micro-suede Room & Board sofa need some cleaning and some fluffing (or new cushion inserts?) – priced $135

JFC 07-10-14 023JFC 07-10-14 024

here’s the start of all sorts of rattan goodness!  Glass top rattan table for $75; two matching rattan chairs for $45 (for both)

JFC 07-10-14 025JFC 07-10-14 027

four rattan swivel stools for $80 (for all four) – one is missing the round seat cushion (you can slightly see it in the second photo); metal base café height small table is a drop leaf – so would fit snuggly next to a wall – for $45

JFC 07-10-14 028JFC 07-10-14 029JFC 07-10-14 031JFC 07-10-14 032

rattan wingback chair for $55; next to this chair is a small round glass top side table for $25; next photo is of a swivel/rocker rattan chair which is priced $?? (what’s my problem? – I forgot to write it down!)  maybe $45?  Last two photos are of a wonderful rattan sofa which is priced $95.  All are in good condition

JFC 07-10-14 034JFC 07-10-14 038

lovely Vanguard sofa – note small rip in skirt – priced $95

JFC 07-10-14 036JFC 07-10-14 037

this is a gorgeous round wicker coffee table with glass top – priced $75

JFC 07-10-14 054JFC 07-10-14 055JFC 07-10-14 056JFC 07-10-14 057

lovely dark wood night stand for $45; matching chest of drawers for $115; queen size head board, foot board and side rails are priced $125 (mattress and box spring are sold separately); and dresser for $95. 

JFC 07-10-14 058JFC 07-10-14 059JFC 07-10-14 060JFC 07-10-14 061

and then look at this cute retro bedroom set!  Starting with the dresser which is $65; matching tall chest of drawers for $75; full size head board, foot board and side rails for $85 (again mattress set is sold separately); and this amazing small dresser/night stand is only $10

Speaking of $10 – we’re having a $10 sofa sale, on select sofas, this weekend only!  The following pieces have been marked down and I think I got a photo of every $10 sofa!  All of them are structurally fine.  Some the upholstery is fine but dated.  Some need to be cleaned.  And one or two got past our “no rips” screening process and would make an excellent candidate for you to try your hand at re-upholstering or – if you were me – to purchase a slip-cover!  Any way you slice it – at $10 (well, $10.80 with tax) you truly can’t go wrong!

JFC 07-10-14 041JFC 07-10-14 042JFC 07-10-14 043JFC 07-10-14 044JFC 07-10-14 045JFC 07-10-14 046JFC 07-10-14 047JFC 07-10-14 048JFC 07-10-14 049JFC 07-10-14 050JFC 07-10-14 052JFC 07-10-14 053

Peace out, girl scout – I mean, dear reader!

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