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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Friday, December 13, 2013

Off to a challenging technological start this fine morning.  It’s been weeks of me having some type of problem with the blog (and other internet/email issues) and I think it’s time I realized we need to purchase a new laptop.  Ugh.  Don’t you hate added expenses at an all ready expensive time of year?

Thankfully, if you need to purchase FURNITURE now – Jubilee Furniture is an amazing resource where for a FRACTION of what you’d pay retail you’ll find fabulous, quality, gently used pieces AND the proceeds of your purchase are helping to support the programs and services offered through Outreach Community Ministries!  Great furniture + wonderful prices + helping those most in need in DuPage County = win/win/win!  Woot! 

Here are photos of SOME of the new-to-us pieces which ere donated this week.  Remember, we have 30,000 square feet of inventory and are open Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4.

JFC 12-13-13 001JFC 12-13-13 002

if you’ve been reading the blog for a while you know I LOVE plaid – so it shouldn’t surprise you that I find this blue and yellow (my two favorite colors to boot!) plaid loveseat amazing!  Priced $125

JFC 12-13-13 003JFC 12-13-13 004JFC 12-13-13 005JFC 12-13-13 006

starting with the first photo, we have a sofa (needs to be cleaned) priced $40; upholstered side chair (very nice) for $125; great, comfy sofa (the one with many pillow on it) for $175 – and then simply a photo of the whole grouping

JFC 12-13-13 007JFC 12-13-13 008

four fabulous swivel bar stools by Gilo which are priced $250 for all four

JFC 12-13-13 009JFC 12-13-13 010

I knew immediately this gorgeous desk (some surface scratches on the top) was a Heywood Wakefield and I was proud of how much I’ve learned over the last seven years in my role as general manager (I wouldn’t have known what or who a Heywood Wakefield was when I started).  Priced $295

JFC 12-13-13 011JFC 12-13-13 012

there are THREE of these fabulous mustard colored retro chairs with fantastic nail head trim.  Priced $65 each

JFC 12-13-13 014JFC 12-13-13 015

and there are two of these peach-y colored wingback chairs (both need to be cleaned) priced $50 each

JFC 12-13-13 016JFC 12-13-13 017

this is a LOVELY oriental style storage cabinet which is priced $225

JFC 12-13-13 018JFC 12-13-13 019

Teresa and I decided this would be a perfect Christmas loveseat (due to the red and green in the plaid).  It’s made by Simmons and is priced $125

JFC 12-13-13 020JFC 12-13-13 021

there are two identical brown velour sofas – some wear on both of ‘em – priced $75 each

JFC 12-13-13 022JFC 12-13-13 023

ignore the ottoman (it’s part of a chair and ottoman set from last week) it’s the dark stained wood writing desk I want you to look it – it’s got one drawer (missing the drawer pull) and is priced $125.  It’s one of those graceful, lovely pieces of furniture

JFC 12-13-13 024JFC 12-13-13 025

I THINK I’m in love with this cream color PLEATHER rolling wingback with green piping – which is in excellent condition and is priced $70

JFC 12-13-13 026JFC 12-13-13 027

old timey rocker for $30

JFC 12-13-13 028JFC 12-13-13 029

Neither Teresa nor I have ever seen a coffee table quite like this one!  It starts out fairly large but then OPENS to be even bigger!  We decided it would be a wonderful table to serve dinner at IF your guests could get BACK on their feet from sitting on the floor (so in other words for a young crowd!).  Priced $45

JFC 12-13-13 030

another fabulous Christmas piece – this time a chair and ottoman – a seam rip on the ottoman – priced $65 for the set

JFC 12-13-13 031JFC 12-13-13 032JFC 12-13-13 033JFC 12-13-13 034

the writing desk I showed you a couple of photos ago has a dark STAIN on the wood – these pieces are PAINTED black.  There are two, two drawer file cabinets priced $50 and $65 (the cheaper one has some scratches on the top) and then a large-ish desk with a low hutch which is priced $135 and there’s a photo which shows you the big scratch on the surface of the desk (no covering up issues at Jubilee – with an all sales are final policy we want you to know the complete story on whatever it is you purchase from us!)

JFC 12-13-13 035JFC 12-13-13 036

FANTASTIC oak pedestal table with one leaf and six chairs – priced $295

JFC 12-13-13 037JFC 12-13-13 038JFC 12-13-13 039JFC 12-13-13 040

Okay – so I THOUGHT I was in love with the pleather wingback but I KNOW I’m in love with this Vanguard curved sofa in cream with black paisley design that’s sort of like an embroidery (the black is raised – know what I mean?).  Priced $495 and it’s in excellent condition!  Sigh. Love. It.

JFC 12-13-13 041JFC 12-13-13 042JFC 12-13-13 043JFC 12-13-13 044JFC 12-13-13 045JFC 12-13-13 046

Get ready for some more love (sorry, but there’s just so much amazing stuff this week!) – here’s a Room & Board sofa (needs to be spot cleaned) for $445; matching chair for $195; and then look at this incredible coffee table!  The glass slides into grooves on each side of the amazing curved wood pieces!  Priced $145

JFC 12-13-13 047JFC 12-13-13 049

wonderful pine Link-Taylor four drawer dresser for $85

JFC 12-13-13 050JFC 12-13-13 051

I think this is the final piece that I’m going to gush over – it’s a Walter E. Smithe loveseat in this gorgeous flame stitch upholstery and it opens to a twin size bed!  Hello?  Not sure it could get any better – though with a priced of $195 I guess it just did!   Gosh, I’m crackin’ myself up this morning!

JFC 12-13-13 052JFC 12-13-13 053

wonderful square glass and wood and wrought iron coffee table for $85

JFC 12-13-13 054JFC 12-13-13 055

there are two identical sweet pine entry/hall pieces and are priced $75 each

JFC 12-13-13 056JFC 12-13-13 057

and there are THREE identical Nichols & Stone rocking chairs which are priced $65 each

JFC 12-13-13 058JFC 12-13-13 059JFC 12-13-13 060JFC 12-13-13 061

this bedroom grouping from Templeton is all wood and though needs some work is really neat!  There’s a small-ish dresser with a mirror for $85; two nightstands for $40 each; and then a taller chest of drawer also for $85

Phew – I’ve made it this far and my computer hasn’t crashed but I feel like I’m on borrowed time so without further ado, dear reader, I leave you with cheery wishes for a most excellent day!

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