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Jubilee Furniture weekly post for Friday, December 20, 2013

Ho, ho, ho!  Need a last minute gift idea?  How about a Jubilee Furniture gift certificate?  They come in whatever amount you choose and can be redeemed within a year of purchase. 

Additionally, a Jubilee gift certificate benefits not only the lucky person you give it to – but also children, families and single moms in DuPage County through the programs and services at Outreach Community Ministries (Jubilee Furniture is a division of Outreach and the proceeds of what we sell help support Outreach’s mission of restoring hope and providing opportunities to the most vulnerable in our area).

Our store hours are Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4 and we WILL BE OPEN our normal hours on Friday, 12/27; Saturday, 12/28; Friday, 01/03/14 and Saturday, 01/04.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the fabulous furniture we received for donation this week:

JFC 12-20-13 002JFC 12-20-13 003

if you’re feeling a sense of deja vu right now it’s because this Divani Chateau d’Ax two piece sectional with ottoman made with Italian leather was showcased two weeks ago.  It sold as soon as we opened that Friday and was moved to its new “forever” home only to find it wouldn’t fit through the older, narrow doorway.  Bummer.  The bright spot?  You now have another chance to buy it!  We’re selling it for $775

JFC 12-20-13 005JFC 12-20-13 004

this two piece (one piece is very l-o-n-g) sectional is a lovely brown color with neat nail head trim accents and nice firm cushions.  There’s some wear and some of the cushions need to be adjusted so it looks neater/better.  Priced $125

JFC 12-20-13 006JFC 12-20-13 007

sometimes it’s hard to take good photos of glass/metal furniture against our busy showroom – but these photos are of a cafĂ© height glass top table with two leather adjustable stools – all in great condition – priced $135 for the set

JFC 12-20-13 008JFC 12-20-13 009

here’s another fun sectional – this time three pieces: a chaise; two seat armless piece and a curved end piece – priced $145

JFC 12-20-13 010JFC 12-20-13 011

wonderful baby blue micro-suede armless sofa – very comfortable – priced $95

JFC 12-20-13 012JFC 12-20-13 013JFC 12-20-13 014JFC 12-20-13 015

this is a very cool set – I love the leather with the different upholstery on the body of the pieces – the sofa is in great condition and is priced $145; the matching loveseat and ottoman were the favorite place for the donor and her dog (on the ottoman) to sit and show much more wear and need to be cleaned – so are priced $75

JFC 12-20-13 016JFC 12-20-13 017

this desk with a right return and hutch are black particle board but a nice quality (I just hate the cardboard-like back they put on these things) and we’re selling it for $100

JFC 12-20-13 018JFC 12-20-13 019

sweet table with six chairs – two of the chairs have a hole in the caning (the second photo is the worst of the two) – priced $135 for the set

JFC 12-20-13 020JFC 12-20-13 021

great student desk with hutch and chair priced $45

JFC 12-20-13 022JFC 12-20-13 023

nice oak six drawer dresser with attached mirror (unfortunately, the mirror got cracked) priced $95

JFC 12-20-13 024JFC 12-20-13 025

like new Highland House matching loveseats priced $125 each

JFC 12-20-13 026JFC 12-20-13 027JFC 12-20-13 028JFC 12-20-13 029

ugh – these photos don’t accurately show the condition of this Room & Board loveseat and matching sofa – both are dirty, both have pilling, the loveseat has kitty crawl marks on one back corner (first photo) – BUT – they both have great lines, are structurally sound and under the grime and hair oil (see the dirty spot in the third photo?) are really very nice pieces of furniture.  The loveseat is priced $40 and the sofa $125

JFC 12-20-13 030JFC 12-20-13 031

fabulous chest of drawers (missing one knob and one knob is different from the rest of ‘em) priced $85; matching two drawer nightstands are $40 each

JFC 12-20-13 032JFC 12-20-13 033

lovely side chair for $40

JFC 12-20-13 034JFC 12-20-13 035

fantastic flame-stitched sofa in excellent condition priced $135

JFC 12-20-13 036JFC 12-20-13 037

I am madly in love with these two Oriental flavored end tables which are priced $65 each (wouldn’t they look fabulous painted black?  Red? Orange?)

JFC 12-20-13 038JFC 12-20-13 039

and then look at this gorgeous glass top coffee table – amazing! – priced $175

JFC 12-20-13 040JFC 12-20-13 041

a little rumpled Bauhaus sofa for $50

JFC 12-20-13 042JFC 12-20-13 043

wonderful floral glider and ottoman – priced $95 for the two

JFC 12-20-13 044JFC 12-20-13 045

set of four dining chairs (second photo is my attempt to show you the pattern on the upholstery) priced $60 for all four

I have one volunteer who prices all antiques when she arrives to work on Fridays which is AFTER I’ve taken photos and finished this weekly post so I rarely showcase them here (why show you photos without telling you the price?).  Since we have some beautiful pieces in the store right now I thought I’d show you some of them.

JFC 12-20-13 046JFC 12-20-13 047

this is a wonderful mahogany secretary priced $185

JFC 12-20-13 048JFC 12-20-13 049

gorgeous two piece sideboard.  The doors are missing their glass (the donor gave us the clear glass and metal that goes between them like stained glass).  Priced $395

JFC 12-20-13 050JFC 12-20-13 051

fabulous china cabinet from the 1920s (we think) priced $295

JFC 12-20-13 052JFC 12-20-13 053

amazing Victorian three drawer dresser with a marble insert on the top for $225

JFC 12-20-13 054JFC 12-20-13 055

another mahogany piece – this time a gorgeous china cabinet – priced $375

JFC 12-20-13 056JFC 12-20-13 057

art deco dresser with mirror priced $225

JFC 12-20-13 058JFC 12-20-13 059

amazing walnut chest (top is pretty beat up but the carved front panels are incredible) for $275

And so, dear reader – until next Friday I leave you with wishes for an incredible and joyful Christmas and a holiday season that’s filled with friends, family, laugher and love!


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