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Jubilee Furniture Weekly Post for Friday, December 6, 2013

Like a lot of people – the fairly short distance from Thanksgiving to Christmas is throwing me this year.  I honestly had to TRIPLE check my calendar on Wednesday to make sure I was counting correctly and that Christmas was a mere three weeks away!

Thankfully, due to some major changes in who we buy gifts for and the amount we spend (in my immediate family we exchange homemade gifts only) – I’m not super stressed (though the homemade gifts have been known to give me a worry or two since I am not very crafty) and rather enjoy the hustle and bustle, ringing of bells and cold nip to the air!

I also love how pretty all the stores look and the wonderful holiday music and Jubilee Furniture is no exception!  With our fabulous player piano belting out Christmas carols (if you haven’t seen/heard this thing – that alone is worth the trip!), amazing looking furniture vignettes, free cookies and warm smiles to greet you as you enter – we hope to add to your feeling of excitement and joy this season!

And though you might think donations slow down at this time of year – the opposite is actually true with more and more calls coming in due to folks wanting to spruce things up before the holidays and buying new furniture which means they have quality used pieces to donate!

This week is a prefect example!  We have TONS of inventory and what follows are photos of SOME of the new-to-us furniture which was donated this week.  Remember we’re open today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4.  Though I’ve mentioned this before – it bears repeating – I will not sell anything from this blog post over the phone this morning before the store opens at 1:00 p.m.

So, let take a look!

JFC 12-06-13 001JFC 12-06-13 002

though this two piece leather sectional and ottoman are showing wear – it really adds to the distressed looked in a positive way.  This Divani Chateau d’Ax piece is made with Italian leather and is priced $775 for all three pieces

JFC 12-06-13 004JFC 12-06-13 011

sweet maple coffee table – love the “X” legs – priced $45

JFC 12-06-13 005JFC 12-06-13 010

blue leather sofa – some wear along the edges – priced $95

JFC 12-06-13 006JFC 12-06-13 007JFC 12-06-13 008JFC 12-06-13 009

amazing Drexel Heritage truck – alas missing the latch piece of metal – but in excellent condition and is priced $250

JFC 12-06-13 012JFC 12-06-13 013

lovely rattan chair and ottoman – cushions are somewhat faded – priced $165

JFC 12-06-13 014JFC 12-06-13 015

two very lovely four drawer end tables (or would make wonderful nightstands) priced $65 each

JFC 12-06-13 016JFC 12-06-13 017

cool black pleather (which is in excellent condition) retro rocker/recliner priced $65 (Dustin? Mike?)

JFC 12-06-13 018JFC 12-06-13 019

great wood entry/sofa table – one issue, the oval burn that took the finish off – priced $70

JFC 12-06-13 020JFC 12-06-13 021

this is a super fun fireplace mantel (second photo is of the back of it showing the fake interior back of the fireplace) priced $65; Teresa added a painted fireplace screen in front of it which – I believe – is priced $45

JFC 12-06-13 022JFC 12-06-13 023

man oh man – I LOVE this chair – clean sleek metal arms and legs with a rustic natural fiber seat and back!  Priced $265

JFC 12-06-13 024JFC 12-06-13 025

small white cabinet priced $30

JFC 12-06-13 026JFC 12-06-13 027

nice oval table with 2 leaves and 4 chairs priced $100

JFC 12-06-13 028JFC 12-06-13 029

gorgeous painted writing desk purchased from Toms Price – priced $245; lovely maple chair pulled up to it is $30

JFC 12-06-13 031JFC 12-06-13 032JFC 12-06-13 033JFC 12-06-13 034

try to sort out this fabulous Ethan Allen dining room set which includes: a table, 2 leaves, 6 chairs and table pads – all for $345 – amazing!

JFC 12-06-13 035JFC 12-06-13 036

mossy green sleeper sofa priced $75

JFC 12-06-13 037JFC 12-06-13 038

fun retro drop leaf table with two chairs for $45

JFC 12-06-13 039JFC 12-06-13 040JFC 12-06-13 041JFC 12-06-13 042

totally fantastic vintage metal base furniture all in really good condition – includes: 2 end tables which are priced $15 each; a corner table for $25; ottoman for $30; two piece “sofa” for $75

JFC 12-06-13 043JFC 12-06-13 044

another nice dining room set which includes: a table, 2 leaves and six chairs – all for $150

JFC 12-06-13 045JFC 12-06-13 046

amazing, solid, heavy, side chair for $85

JFC 12-06-13 047JFC 12-06-13 048

I love the green color on this arm-less chair which is priced $20

JFC 12-06-13 049JFC 12-06-13 050

it’s a little hard to see because there’s a larger headboard behind the one I was trying to take a photo of – but this is a fabulous queen size headboard with wood frame priced $125; this USED queen size mattress is super comfortable and priced $125; the USED queen size box spring is $15

JFC 12-06-13 051JFC 12-06-13 052

this oatmeal colored sleeper sofa by Ethan Allen is a classic and in excellent condition – only issue is I couldn’t seem to get the sleeper element to go all the way down so the seat cushion are somewhat raised (?) – priced $95

JFC 12-06-13 053JFC 12-06-13 054

someone was recently in the store looking for a twin size sleeper and we received one for donation this week.  EXCELLENT condition and opens to a twin size bed – perfect for any holiday guest who want to crash at your place! – priced $145

JFC 12-06-13 055JFC 12-06-13 056

I love, love, love the clean lines and shape of this entry table and would buy it in a heartbeat if I had a place to put it – but, alas, I don’t (plus my husband would be very, very angry if I did!  I may have developed a worse furniture addiction since working at Jubilee!  Yikes!) – priced $65

JFC 12-06-13 057JFC 12-06-13 058

so sweet small white table (top has somewhat yellowed) priced $50 (solid, well made); ladder back chairs with rush seats are $30 each

JFC 12-06-13 060JFC 12-06-13 062

there are EIGHT of these wood chairs with upholstered seats and they were priced separately – $20 each; ONE of the chairs (the one in the second photo) has a straight top instead of an arched one like the other seven chairs (my theory? The arch broke and they replaced it with a straight piece of wood since it was easier and doesn’t look bad)

So, though the holidays are speeding toward us like a freight train – I hope you, dear reader, find time to savor the the excitement, relish the connection with family and friends and drink deeply from the joy which abounds.

Apparently I’m hungry and better go eat breakfast!  Ta ta for now!

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