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“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Letting go is a big part of my job.

Daily I’m talking with people who are letting go of their furniture and household items – sometimes due to a happy occasion (bought new) but often due to something sad (illness and even death).

The last seven months have been a time of personal letting go for me.  We’ve sold our home and are moving on the 23rd into a smaller rental property.  The purging has begun and I have Jubilee Furniture scheduled to come for a large donation pickup.

Additionally, last fall my role at Jubilee Furniture changed with my focus moving to the marketing side of things and a slow letting go of store operations.  I no longer work on Saturdays – and that’s been sad since connecting with customers is one of my favorite parts of my job.

Yet I’m excited too.  Excited about learning new things in this different role at work.  Excited that a smaller house and yard should translate into less time doing chores (that makes it sound like I’m 12 – but you know what I mean) and more time…

SHOPPING!  What follows are over 40 photos of some of the new-to-us furniture which was donated this week.  Jubilee Furniture is open Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4.

JFC 03-15-13 001

gorgeous micro-suede loveseat in excellent condition priced $195

JFC 03-15-13 002JFC 03-15-13 003JFC 03-15-13 004JFC 03-15-13 005

we received two library card catalog files from the Wheaton College Library this week – both have a black stripe painted along the bottom and screw holes on each side where the cabinets had been screwed together.  Additionally, not all the drawers are wood –  some are plastic (see photo # 2 – plastic drawer in on top).  Finally, the metal rod that would have held the index cards in place has been removed from every drawer.  Still – a fabulous donation and would make quite a statement in any room in your house!  We’re selling them for $750 each

JFC 03-15-13 006

photo doesn’t capture how amazing this chair with caning on the side is – priced $85

JFC 03-15-13 007JFC 03-15-13 008

gorgeous Plunkett three piece sectional – some minor wear – fantastic nail-head trim – warm colors – curved in a way that is perfect for conversation – super comfortable too!  Priced $295

JFC 03-15-13 009JFC 03-15-13 010JFC 03-15-13 011JFC 03-15-13 012

amazing donation of a complete bedroom set by Dixie and every piece is in excellent condition (though I found one drawer in the long, low dresser that needs one corner glued).  Starting with the long, low dresser the price is $275; sweet two drawer nightstand (there is only one nightstand) priced $85; taller chest of drawers is $225; full size head board is $35.  Buy all four pieces for $600 and save $20!

JFC 03-15-13 013JFC 03-15-13 014JFC 03-15-13 015JFC 03-15-13 016

This unlabeled sofa is very heavy, very well made and could be a retro Danish Modern piece?  Looks a bit like some of Sergio Rodriguez’s furniture?  I’m not sure!  Obviously, needs to be reupholstered or repaired.  Priced $395

JFC 03-15-13 017

fantastic red micro-suede recliner with a built in two option massager!  Great condition too.  Priced $225 and there are two of them

JFC 03-15-13 018

this amazing micro-suede recliner is like new and also priced $225

JFC 03-15-13 019

nice dresser (IKEA?) priced $85

JFC 03-15-13 020

so fun retro drying rack priced $18.50

JFC 03-15-13 021

blue metal vintage desk for $125

JFC 03-15-13 022JFC 03-15-13 023

wonderful Ethan Allen dining table with two leaves and six chairs in excellent condition priced $250; matching two piece china cabinet is $145

JFC 03-15-13 024

sweet maple chest of drawer for $125

JFC 03-15-13 025

blue leather loveseat – both sides recline – small rip along back – priced $75

JFC 03-15-13 026JFC 03-15-13 027

wonderful two piece computer hutch priced $135

JFC 03-15-13 028JFC 03-15-13 029

plaid sofa for $60; matching loveseat for $40 – both have issues with the piping being frayed

JFC 03-15-13 030JFC 03-15-13 031

Bassett mission style sofa – some minor wear on arms – priced $145

JFC 03-15-13 032JFC 03-15-13 033

cream color sofa for $85; lovely long coffee table for $50

JFC 03-15-13 034JFC 03-15-13 035

gorgeous Toms Price coffee table is $125

JFC 03-15-13 036

sofa by Conover is $75 – excellent condition, dated style

JFC 03-15-13 037

lovely side chair for $85

JFC 03-15-13 038JFC 03-15-13 039JFC 03-15-13 040JFC 03-15-13 041

fabulous Henredon buffet with protective pads for $145; matching one piece lighted china cabinet (missing one pull) priced $225

JFC 03-15-13 043

Flexsteel SLEEPER loveseat – upholstery need to be cleaned and is frayed – priced $45

JFC 03-15-13 044

oak “ice box” end table priced $40

JFC 03-15-13 045

retro rolling dining room chair priced $40 and there are two of them

Though I want to make room to grieve the letting go that is happening in my life – I also don’t want to stay in that place of sadness.  For there is…

A time to weep and a time to laugh

A time to mourn and and time to dance (Ecclesiastes 3:4)

Here’s hoping whatever season you’re in right now, dear reader, you allow yourself to feel it fully – good or hard – and then face whatever is next with courage, hope, grace and excited expectation!

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