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This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine–broken and imperfect though it may be!

Earlier this week I was reading a short bio about a Christian artist and it said he was raised in a “broken home” and I’ve been mulling that phrase over ever since.

My kids are also being raised in a “broken home” though they have two parents living together as husband/wife in the household.  Simply put – I am a broken individual and so my parenting – and everything else I do – is going to be broken too.  You are also broken.  We all are.

Last Friday the brokenness of this world was starkly shown in Newtown, CT.  Yet coming just a little over a week after that horrific event is Christmas – the coming of light into our broken and dark world.  Perfect, unbroken, holy God made man and coming in the most humble and vulnerable form – a new born baby.  Hope for the hopeless. 

Restoring hope and providing opportunities is the foundation on which Outreach Community Ministries operations.  The proceeds of everything Jubilee Furniture sells is helping to support Outreach’s programs and services.

Jubilee Furniture is open Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4.  What follows are photos of some of the new-to-us furniture which was donated this week and available for purchase:

JFC 12-21-12 001JFC 12-21-12 002

nice sleeper sofa priced $145; matching chair and ottoman for $125

JFC 12-21-12 003JFC 12-21-12 004

wonderful lighted globe and stand for $45

JFC 12-21-12 005JFC 12-21-12 006

gorgeous table with one leaf for $295; chairs were shown last week and are priced $75 each

JFC 12-21-12 007

very nice Bauhaus chaise in excellent condition – but missing loose back pillows – priced $145

JFC 12-21-12 008

great lines on this sofa – but it needs to be cleaned – priced $55

JFC 12-21-12 009

small silver Christmas tree for $10

JFC 12-21-12 010

great swivel/rocker for $65

JFC 12-21-12 011

fabulous side chair for $95

JFC 12-21-12 012JFC 12-21-12 013

unbelievably gorgeous Vanguard upholstered side chair for $425; matching chair with ottoman for $475

JFC 12-21-12 014JFC 12-21-12 015

this three piece sectional is also by Vanguard and also in excellent condition – fabulous green herringbone fabric – priced $895; lovely oval coffee table for $65

JFC 12-21-12 016

sweet two piece hutch – missing some hardware – priced $65

JFC 12-21-12 017

lovely red plaid sleeper sofa priced $95

JFC 12-21-12 018JFC 12-21-12 019

gorgeous glass and brass end table for $75; matching glass and brass sofa table for $125

JFC 12-21-12 020

wonderful bench priced $125

JFC 12-21-12 021

ornate hall or sofa table priced $70

JFC 12-21-12 022

great retro table for $50

JFC 12-21-12 023

blue leather retro side chair by Leathercraft priced $65 and there are two of them

JFC 12-21-12 024

wonderful rocker/recliner priced $75

JFC 12-21-12 025

nice pine dresser for $85

JFC 12-21-12 026JFC 12-21-12 027JFC 12-21-12 028JFC 12-21-12 029

gorgeous round table with two leaves priced $325; amazing retro side chairs by Brayton priced $55 and there are four of them (note the cool fold detail on back of the chairs)

JFC 12-21-12 030

long dresser with double mirrors priced $85

JFC 12-21-12 031JFC 12-21-12 033JFC 12-21-12 032

wonderful vintage pieces by Bassett – desk with chair is priced $95; dresser with amazing hutch is also $95

JFC 12-21-12 034

this is a fantastic counter-height table by Room & Board – has a butcher block top and measures 60'” x 30” – wood top has some marks – priced $395

JFC 12-21-12 035

another Room & Board table – also butcher block – but with just legs – not the full frame of the first piece – and measures 72” x 30” and is dining or desk height.  Top also has some wear and is priced $150

JFC 12-21-12 038JFC 12-21-12 039JFC 12-21-12 040JFC 12-21-12 041JFC 12-21-12 042JFC 12-21-12 043JFC 12-21-12 044

this is a fabulous vintage dollhouse – it’s attached to a table to make it taller – with a house full of wooden furniture (except for one upholstered chair and ottoman).  Front gate and front door both open – has back panels which close off access to the inside and “finish” the house.  Individual roof shingles.  Photos make it look cleaner than it really is.  It definitely needs some “love” (and a good cleaning).  This doll house was well used – grand piano is covered in crayon and there are some scribbles on the front door too.  Real glass in windows (though one is piece is missing).  Donor is in his 70s and it belonged to his sister.  It was very fun arranging all the furniture!  Priced $395 for everything

My prayer for you, dear reader, is that you might know peace and hope in the midst of our horribly broken world – taking action against injustice; showing love, grace and kindness in the face of anger so your light might brighten a very dark and lonely world – just as the light of God, in the form of Jesus, did over two thousand years ago.

Merry Christmas!

Ack – someone recently mentioned they’re looking for a split queen box spring and I can’t remember who!  We got one in this week. 

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