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“…At the tone DON’T leave a message since I don’t listen to them anyway. Oh, and have a nice day!” Voice mail message which would be helpful to me.

Apparently there are phone messaging “rules” which I am unaware of and I’m finding myself frustrated by this lack of knowledge.  So, I thought I’d seek advise from my hip and knowledgeable blog readers. 

Ready?  Here are my questions – there are only two:

1.) If you go into someone’s voice mail when should you leave a detailed message – explaining everything you’re calling about, or, answering all of their questions from the phone message they left you – and when should you simply hang up assuming they’ll see a missed call and call back?

2.) If you leave a detailed message – often answering questions which have perplexed generations but once the words leave your mouth the information mysteriously is lost from your brain – and the individual calls back – without listening to your brilliant message – asking who are you and why you called their number – is it okay to feel sad, disappointed and a little angry?

I hope you never use words like – sad or angry – when describing your experience at Jubilee Furniture!  Though I have had disappointed customers when something sells immediately upon opening on a Friday – but not to them.  It’s not unusual for customers to be waiting at the door for us to open Friday at 1:00 p.m. because they spotted something on the blog that is perfect for their home (and a great price too!).  Amazing! 

As always – Jubilee Furniture is open today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4.  Additionally, we WILL BE OPEN Friday, 12/21; Saturday, 12/22; Friday, 12/28 and Saturday 12/29 our normal hours (so stop in for some holiday cheer!).

What follows are photos of SOME of the fabulous furniture donated this week. 

JFC 12-14-12 001

gorgeous dresser priced $125

JFC 12-14-12 002

in excellent condition sofa for $95

JFC 12-14-12 003

table, 2 leaves, 6 chairs and table pads – caning is in perfect condition – priced $225 for the set

JFC 12-14-12 004JFC 12-14-12 005

great leather sofa for $225; matching leather chair and ottoman for $175

JFC 12-14-12 006

lovely sofa/hall table with glass top priced $95

JFC 12-14-12 007

sweet narrow storage piece made of hard rock maple priced $95

JFC 12-14-12 008JFC 12-14-12 009JFC 12-14-12 010JFC 12-14-12 011

curved wood side chair in a rose fabric priced $75; gorgeous Ethan Allen over-sized chair (or loveseat) priced $295; amazing gold leaf and shell round coffee table priced $175

JFC 12-14-12 012

great chair and ottoman priced $95

JFC 12-14-12 013JFC 12-14-12 014JFC 12-14-12 015JFC 12-14-12 016

two Room & Board brown twill side chairs in good condition (some fading) priced $395 each

JFC 12-14-12 017JFC 12-14-12 018

fun mirrored hall or sofa table priced $75 (two chips in mirror along top back of piece)

JFC 12-14-12 019JFC 12-14-12 020JFC 12-14-12 021

amazing pieces all by Pennsylvania House – first the desk for $125; tall chest of drawers priced $175; dresser with mirror for $150

JFC 12-14-12 023

also by Pennsylvania House an unique side table priced $45

JFC 12-14-12 024JFC 12-14-12 025JFC 12-14-12 026

I am completely in love with the solid cherry secretary – see how the top flips out and two “arms” pull out to support it? – amazing!  There are a couple of gouges on one of the drawers that should be easy to stain – priced $245

JFC 12-14-12 027

upholstered bench in excellent condition priced $40

JFC 12-14-12 028

lovely sleeper sofa priced $135

JFC 12-14-12 029JFC 12-14-12 030JFC 12-14-12 031JFC 12-14-12 032JFC 12-14-12 036JFC 12-14-12 033

words are going to fail me as I try to describe these amazing chairs – they were manufactured on February 13, 1970 by Style Upholstering Inc. in Hickory, NC and delivered to the John M. Smyth store on West Polk in Chicago.  They are a golden mustard colored pleather with fabulous nail-head trim and ball casters.  They are in almost perfect condition – no rips, a mark or two here and there – and are priced $75 each and there are six of them.  Pedestal table is $65

JFC 12-14-12 034JFC 12-14-12 035

what fun this loft twin bed with curtains and slide will be once you have it all assembled!  Donor paid $539.99 new – Jubilee Furniture price is $195 and does NOT include the twin mattress

JFC 12-14-12 037JFC 12-14-12 038JFC 12-14-12 039

here’s another set of fabulous chairs – they are also priced $75 each and there are four matching.  Two would look great at each end of your dining room table or as a side chair in your living room or a spot to sit and put on your shoes in your bedroom…!  The huge mirror is priced $375.  Oh, and there’s Teresa writing down prices while I snap photos!  Thank you, Teresa!

JFC 12-14-12 040

sweet writing desk by Home Depot priced $50 – sorry, I didn’t note the cost of the black chair pulled up to it, oops!

JFC 12-14-12 041

cool two door retro storage piece priced $40; Hon vintage guest chair (not a desk chair since it doesn’t have wheels) – very faded but still amazing priced $45; small wooden foot rest for $8

JFC 12-14-12 042JFC 12-14-12 043

fabulous old Bassett pieces – dresser is priced $200; matching dressing table (would also make a great narrow desk) priced $150 – both pieces have original hardware!

JFC 12-14-12 044

sweet bench has a plastic fabric top and is priced $45

JFC 12-14-12 045JFC 12-14-12 046

fantastic Thomasville desk and chair – priced $150 for the set

After numerous phone messages to my kids and Dan and Chris – the fantastic Jubilee Furniture warehouse guys – without any of them listening to them, I started calling and if they didn’t pick up simply hanging up.

I arrived home from work about a month ago and my daughter was sitting on the couch reading – which is no big deal except I had tried to phone her and she hadn’t answered or called me back.

“Hey Abbers!  I tried to reach you earlier.  Why didn’t you call back?”

“Because you didn’t leave a message.”

Grrrr..what’s a person to do, dear reader?

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