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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post!

Ack!  Store’s so jammed with furniture I couldn’t price it all yesterday and need to get in early today to finish!  So, I gotta get this post up and get ready to go so everything will be priced and done before all you amazing people come by! 

Remember, we’re open today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4!

Here are photos of SOME of the “new” furniture donated this week.  Enjoy!

JFC 12-07-12 001

gorgeous oval coffee table with granite? marble? top – priced $225

JFC 12-07-12 002JFC 12-07-12 003JFC 12-07-12 004JFC 12-07-12 005

is the fabric on this fabulous chair intentionally faded in certain areas to give it a distressed look?  It almost seems so – the fading certainly adds to the uniqueness and looks lovely.  Priced $125

JFC 12-07-12 006JFC 12-07-12 007JFC 12-07-12 008

fun art-deco dining set which has been painted black – fine as is – or you might want to refinish or repaint depending on your own taste.  There’s a table (no leaves) and six chairs (only one captain’s chair) priced $245; someone added a hutch to the matching buffet and it contributes to the funky vibe and looks nice (and adds storage and interest) and the two pieces are priced $195 for both

JFC 12-07-12 009JFC 12-07-12 010

slip-covered chair and ottoman priced $20; matching slip-covered sofa for $35

JFC 12-07-12 011JFC 12-07-12 012

this wonderful Colonial style desk has lots of storage and a front guest over-hang and is priced $95.  Another nice thing is we have SEVEN matching!

JFC 12-07-12 013JFC 12-07-12 014

fabulous four piece sectional in an excellent gray-tone – some minor fabric pulls along the back – priced $395

JFC 12-07-12 015JFC 12-07-12 016

sweet two piece Crate and Barrel sectional is fairly worn and so priced $95

JFC 12-07-12 017

pleather recliner needs to be cleaned otherwise it’s ready to help you get your retro on!  Priced $35

JFC 12-07-12 018JFC 12-07-12 020JFC 12-07-12 019

speaking of retro – here’s a vintage Kent Coffey desk in great condition priced $165; chair is $40

JFC 12-07-12 021

purplish leather sofa – both ends recline – priced $125

JFC 12-07-12 022

leather/pleather recliner for $45

JFC 12-07-12 023JFC 12-07-12 024JFC 12-07-12 025

gorgeous retro side chairs in an amazing green velvet fabric (which is in excellent shape) priced $45 each; one drawer end table/night stand for $20

JFC 12-07-12 026

though this sofa needs to be cleaned – it’s in great shape and I love the pattern in the fabric (flowers!) priced $65

JFC 12-07-12 027

leather sofa for $125

JFC 12-07-12 028JFC 12-07-12 029JFC 12-07-12 030

these Barcalounger leather/pleather recliners are amazing!  Too bad about the stains!  Last photo also shows you where the pleather is ripped.  The non-ripped Barcalounger is priced $85; ripped one $65

JFC 12-07-12 031

lovely hall or sofa table priced $85

JFC 12-07-12 032

fun, white-washed storage piece for $65

JFC 12-07-12 033

vintage Bassett dresser for $85

JFC 12-07-12 034JFC 12-07-12 035

this micro-fiber rocker/recliner looks brand new – and even has the manufacturer tags!  Priced $165

JFC 12-07-12 036

clean this great sofa and it’ll be amazing!  Priced $65

JFC 12-07-12 037JFC 12-07-12 038JFC 12-07-12 039

wonderful executive office suite of furniture!  Large cherry desk with matching credenza and hutch.  Cherry desk priced $275; cherry credenza/hutch priced $325 – OR BUY ALL FOR $550 and save $50!

God’s peace be with you, dear reader!

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