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“Time does not pass, it continues.”– Marty Rubin

Once you reach a certain age – you’re forever lamenting the passing of time and how quickly it seems to go by.

On Wednesday I took my son, Jack, back to college.  He’s beginning his senior year.  Now there are many positives about Jack being a mere 10 months away from graduating (the cost being the number one), but there’s also a few pangs as well (becoming an “official” adult – moving on with his life and, possibly, away from his mother).

Though I’d obviously never want to keep either of my kids forever young and dependent on me – I do wonder sometimes how they could possibly be all grown up – and what that makes me.

Thankfully, “mother” isn’t my only role.  I also have – General Manager of Jubilee Furniture – which certainly keeps me hoppin’!

Speaking of the store - remember we’re open Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4.  Let’s take a look at some of the new-to-us stuff which was donated this week:

JFC 08-17-12 001

nice blue denim chair priced $85

JFC 08-17-12 002JFC 08-17-12 003

JC Penney sofa, chair and ottoman – all in excellent condition – sofa is priced $95; chair and ottoman for $65

JFC 08-17-12 004

gorgeous cherry armoire for $235

JFC 08-17-12 005

interesting bench? – almost seems to be part of a church kneeler – priced $45

JFC 08-17-12 006JFC 08-17-12 007

fabulous side chairs in excellent condition – priced $95 each

JFC 08-17-12 008

great chaise – missing end pillows – priced $125

JFC 08-17-12 009

McCreary sofa – needs some adjusting and there’s some fading – priced $135

JFC 08-17-12 010

antique fainting couch – priced $125 (you already own smelling salt, right?)

JFC 08-17-12 011

loose back pillow sofa priced $95

JFC 08-17-12 012JFC 08-17-12 013JFC 08-17-12 014

six amazing oak chairs priced $215 for all six; great oak table for $125

JFC 08-17-12 015JFC 08-17-12 016

these two pieces are this week’s “groove thing” and if you want to shake your groove thing – then you need one or both of ‘em!  Retro sofa by Coffington is priced $60; matching loveseat $40 and they’re both in excellent condition

JFC 08-17-12 017JFC 08-17-12 018JFC 08-17-12 019JFC 08-17-12 020

oh my – this dining set by Pennsylvania House is amazingly gorgeous!  There’s an oval table with three leaves, four chairs and table pads priced $375; matching cooper dry sink for $145; and a two piece china cabinet (note how the glass is curved – almost like it was hand-blown) for $225

JFC 08-17-12 021JFC 08-17-12 022JFC 08-17-12 023JFC 08-17-12 024

lovely glass and wood coffee table for $40 and matching end tables – one is priced $20 and the other $25 due to more wood scratches on the one

JFC 08-17-12 025JFC 08-17-12 026JFC 08-17-12 027

okay – this is a cool but weird rusted old shelving unit by Follett Fixture Co. in Chicago.  Besides being a rusted mess – it’s missing some feet on the bottom and is listing to one side – but oh, the potential with a little work! – it’s solid metal and a great size!  Price?  $15!  Yep – only 15 smackaroos!

JFC 08-17-12 028JFC 08-17-12 029

oversized sofa (missing one back cushion) priced $35; matching loveseat also $35; ottoman (doesn’t match) for $20

JFC 08-17-12 030JFC 08-17-12 031

we received a box FULL of Harlequin romance type books this week – one of my favorite titles is The Widow and the Rodeo Man (why in these books is the widow always in her twenties and gorgeous?).  We sell paperback books for 50 cent each.  If reading this type of book is your guilty pleasure – I promise your secret is safe with me!

JFC 08-17-12 032JFC 08-17-12 033

neat oval table for $125; great orange wingback is priced $65

JFC 08-17-12 034

nice spindle bookcase for $45

JFC 08-17-12 035JFC 08-17-12 036

cradle with western motif cutouts (guns and boots – not even going there) priced $15

JFC 08-17-12 037JFC 08-17-12 038

cool tiered metal side table (actually comes apart into three pieces) priced $55 and there are two of them

JFC 08-17-12 039JFC 08-17-12 040

brown sofa priced $60; matching loveseat for $45 (both are a little worn but not too bad)

JFC 08-17-12 041

fabulous Hooker brand retro dresser priced $85

JFC 08-17-12 042

nice looking dark wood dresser w/mirror priced $85; matching tall chest of drawer for $95

JFC 08-17-12 043JFC 08-17-12 044

these mint condition enzo counter top height black leather stools by Room and Board retail for $239 each – our price?  $75 each!

JFC 08-17-12 046JFC 08-17-12 047

I love, love, love these two muted blue wingback chairs – one of them the seat buttons have come un-tufted and it’s priced $50; the one that’s still all buttoned up is $65

This is the first year I didn’t cry as I drove away and watched my son get smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror.  Maybe I’ve had more time to adjust to him being gone?  Maybe I know he’s in a good place and I’m happy for him?  Maybe I’m learning to enjoy the space that less hands-on mothering has granted me?  Maybe though “mother” is an identity I’ll always have – I’m finding there are other facets of me that I’d forgotten about or are just discovering?

And the answer to that last question – dear reader – is what makes this very moment – as fleeting as it is – a very interesting (if a little scary) place to be!

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