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Jubilee Furniture an even better value? Doesn’t seem possible!

After almost six years in my role as general manager, I feel confident with my pricing of our inventory.  Additionally, I have several volunteers who are knowledge about pricing antiques.  These two things mean we rarely mark things down.  Since we have a no bartering policy – the price tag shows the amount you – or any other customer – will ever be asked to pay.  End of story.

Or is it? 

As we flip our calendar to a new month it seemed the perfect time to reassess the amount we were asking for furniture which has been in the store for a while.  The result?  Lower prices – much lower prices – on many pieces (especially antiques) which have been accumulating dust over the last few months. 

Add in our usual week of great donation pickups and our inventory is jammed pack and priced to move!  All we need is you, your VISA, MasterCard, Discover or cash and we’re ready to get down to business!

Stop in today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 to see up-close-and-personal the following items as well as the rest of our 30,000 square feet of inventory (though – technically – once the store opens today any of these posted items might be sold – always feel like I need to add that little disclaimer).

JFC 08-03-12 001JFC 08-03-12 002JFC 08-03-12 003JFC 08-03-12 004

we have some unusual – and amazing – things in the store right now.  This bronze Native American figure from the Pompeian Bronze Co. would have been made some time prior to 1920 – it’s one of a pair of bookends and we’re selling it for $295 (again – there is only ONE – I took several shots of the same figure from different angles)

JFC 08-03-12 005

gorgeous antique wash stand with soap stone top priced $195

JFC 08-03-12 006

beautiful large coffee table – heavy, solid – priced $165

JFC 08-03-12 007

lovely Ethan Allen glass top table with six chairs priced $295

JFC 08-03-12 008

buffet by Bernhardt for $85

JFC 08-03-12 009

fabulous leather sofa – leather worn, but in a good way – priced $345

JFC 08-03-12 010JFC 08-03-12 011JFC 08-03-12 012JFC 08-03-12 013JFC 08-03-12 014

this is a steel Art Deco dresser w/mirror (again everything is metal EXCEPT for the mirror itself) by Simmons that’s been painted green (would date back to 1920s or 1930s) in excellent condition!  Leave as is or strip it down to original steel and put a clear coat lacquer on it to protect.  Priced $745

JFC 08-03-12 015JFC 08-03-12 016

two wonderful sofas by Smithe-Craft – both need some spot cleaning and there’s cat hair along back and bottom – priced $125 each

JFC 08-03-12 017JFC 08-03-12 018

not in fabulous shape – but still some life left to this green sofa/recliner and loveseat/recliner – sofa is priced $35 and loveseat $25

JFC 08-03-12 019

fabulous pine table with two leaves and four chairs – needs refinishing – priced $145

JFC 08-03-12 020

nice Bassett sofa for $85

JFC 08-03-12 021

this is an ottoman that opens and a tray lifts out!  Sweet!  Priced $20

JFC 08-03-12 022

fantastic round glass top table with four leather chairs (leather is dark brown – looks sorta burgundy in this photo) priced $395 for the set

JFC 08-03-12 023JFC 08-03-12 024JFC 08-03-12 025JFC 08-03-12 026

these two rolling gondolas were donated by Chico’s in Town Square Wheaton and are in excellent condition with 1/4 thick glass shelves that can be rearranged and are two sided.  Use ‘em in your walk-in closet, or craft room or as room dividers in your kids’ room – they can be so much more than displays in a store – priced $1,195 each

JFC 08-03-12 027

great leather sofa priced $145

JFC 08-03-12 028

nice plaid loveseat for $75

JFC 08-03-12 029

great metal outdoor table for $50

JFC 08-03-12 030

clean – but faded – Smithe-Craft sofa for $45

JFC 08-03-12 031

Crate and Barrel sofa (only arm on one end) priced $40

JFC 08-03-12 032

lovely night stand or end table with four slim drawers priced $55

JFC 08-03-12 033JFC 08-03-12 034

SEVEN piece sectional that can be configured in tons of different ways – priced $50 (just needs to be thoroughly cleaned)

JFC 08-03-12 035JFC 08-03-12 036

beautiful teak dresser/secretary priced $135

JFC 08-03-12 037JFC 08-03-12 038

funky chair – has issue with missing padding on seat cushion – priced $15

JFC 08-03-12 039

white IKEA bookcase priced $40

JFC 08-03-12 040JFC 08-03-12 041

this is a gorgeous solid walnut antique dresser w/mirror priced $345 – donor gave us the history which included that it was “bought somewhere around Somerset, KY” and was brought to Illinois “on a raft down the Cumberland River about 1865-1875”.  Wow – it’s over a 135 years old!

Lower prices are always good.  Lower prices on quality used furniture where the proceeds are helping area kids and families through Outreach Community Ministries’ programs and services is icing on the cake!

And that, dear reader, is the sweetest kind of added value!

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