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Back to School at Jubilee

As much as I don't want it to be true, the new school year is just a few short weeks away.  It's time to do some back-to-school shopping and brush up on your bargain-hunting skills! This week at Jubilee there are many items that will help your house or classroom get ready for a new school year.

Jubilee is open on Fridays from 1-8 and Saturdays from 9-4. If you do the math on that it's only 14 short hours to search our 30,000 square feet of warehouse to find your perfect pieces.  I bet you'll have a 100% chance to find something perfect for your space!

Who remembers the name of the shape that has 4 sides, but only 2 of the sides are parallel?  It's a trapezoid, which is the shape of this awesome side table.  The side doors open up to reveal ample storage.  There are two of these, priced at $45 each.  Put them together and you have a hexagon for only $90. Tiffany- Susan says to check these pieces out!

This next piece is a beautiful desk/writing table, a perfect place for your written correspondences.  Or pair the old with the new and put your laptop on this beautiful vintage piece.  Beautiful inlaid wood pattern with antique drawer pulls, $135. 


After a long day at school, it's time to veg out on this beautiful and comfortable floral couch.  It's up to Mom if the kids are allowed to put their feet on this oval coffee table for $40.  Drinks and schoolbooks will stack nicely on 2 matching end tables for $25/each.

For a fancier sitting room, this yellow/gold loveseat is just perfect. House of Lindberg sofa is just $145 and has beautiful carved wood details. This buyer would get a gold star for great taste!

For the student on the move: a desk on wheels with a moveable keyboard stand, $12.50.

Now these next 2 items may not be very pretty, but they sure are functional!  As an elementary school librarian I can attest that these items are in hot demand at my school.  Wheeled AV carts WITH POWER STRIPS!!  These are so handy because they store a lot of stuff, can be used as a power supply, and can be easily moved around the classroom.  $35 each.

And of course these carts are perfect to store overhead projectors!  Even if you are not a teacher, these could be fun to have around the house for projects and in children's playrooms (for the little future teachers to play school).


I love this next couch (kind of wish I needed a couch at my house because I would want to get this one). It is displayed in 2 parts, but can be combined to make one large sectional.  Priced at $195, this sleeper sofa/chaise sectional from Crate and Barrel is perfect to relax on with a good library book.  Some slight fabric pilling.

Susan mentioned this might be of interest to a South Holland customer.  Gray Stack-able chairs from Global Upholstery.  $15 each or $12 each if you buy 8 or more.  Apparently the cheapest you can get these chairs online are $25, which means you can save at least $10 if you buy them at Jubilee (and you get warm fuzzies knowing you're helping families at Outreach Community Ministries).

For the student who likes to do homework on the couch: totally awesome roller desk with mesh pocket for $35.

Very unique cylinder (a solid geometric figure with straight parallel sides and a circular or oval section) display.  It does spin around for easy access.  Note that some of the black trim is coming off, but nothing a little super glue couldn't fix!  $20.00

I'm not totally sure what this next piece is, but I know I love it.  I'm suspecting it is some sort of newspaper or reference center.  The shelves pull out easily and could store all kinds of flat objects (papers, posters, small items).  $95.

This podium would be perfect for students to practice giving speeches (or perhaps a parent lecturing their child?!).  There is one shelf that's adjustable and it seems to match the newspaper/reference shelf above. $65.

Question: How studious would you look sitting in this blue velvet wingback chair? 
Answer: Very! And at only $65 each (there are 2) you would be a very savvy and smart shopper!

All houses and classrooms need a lot of storage- especially for books.  Jubilee received a lot of great MATCHING bookshelves this week with adjustable shelves.  These are 7 foot tall bookcases for $65 each, 6 foot tall bookcases for $55 and some shorter guys (that match the 6 ft. tall cases) for $35.  Get a couple to create a library wall in your home!

I always love a good storage item that can be used to display pretty items and hide away a mess.  Bookcase/secretary for only $35.

This dining set is perfect for after-school snacks and plenty of room to spread out books to get homework done: square table with built in storage for leaf. $145 (including 6 chairs!!).  Note there are a good amount of scratches and scuffs on the surface of the table.

Lovely blue Vanguard armchairs for $75 each.

These bookshelves make reaching the bottom shelf a breeze since the bottom angles out.  Not in perfect condition, so each of the 3 bookshelves are priced $35.

 Make sure you are in style for school by getting a mirror for $1 each. 

If you like yellow, this is the place for you.  Beautiful yellow couches displayed next to a modern dining area.


Two Smith-Craft sofas are $125 each, donor had a cat.


Glass table top for $175 and 4 yellow microfiber chairs for $140. 

Green microfiber oversized armchair and ottoman for $185.  Note there is some ripping at the top of the armchair where the cushion attaches to the back.

Colorful paisley print wingback chair and matching ottoman for $65. Unfortunately there is an area of piping that has been torn away. 

Hopefully you see some items that will inspire you to visit Jubilee this weekend! 

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