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And the winner is….not Jubilee Furniture!

I admit I’ve been waiting anxiously for this year’s Reader -  Best of Chicago issue hoping Jubilee Furniture would be included as we were last year.  Alas, we weren’t.  Since I don’t know how a store is nominated to begin with – it really was a fluke we were included last year (and note: our hours are listed incorrectly in last year’s write-up – we’re open Fridays from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.). 

Still there’s something amazingly heady to be listed as one of the Best Thrift Store in the Chicagoland area – so to not even get a mention this year is sad.  Is our inventory suddenly crappy (no, actually the quality and variety of our merchandise is better than ever)?  Are we not friendly enough (some might argue we’re too friendly)?  Is our 30,000 square feet of warehouse not enough space (our size is somewhat unrivaled)?   Do you simply not love us anymore (just for the record, I still love you)?

Not getting a mention in the Reader’s 2012 Best of Chicago is a good reminder that what we’re doing at Jubilee Furniture is not about awards or recognition (though both are very nice) – it’s about impacting people.  From respecting and valuing everyone who walks in our doors to knowing those most in need in DuPage County are benefitting since the proceeds (minus our expenses) of what we sell are helping to support the programs and services offered by Outreach Community Ministries – that’s why we do what we do each week.

Seriously, the store has never looked better!  Lots o’ fabulous furniture and my design team out did themselves yesterday. 

Let’s take a look:

JFC 07-08-11 006JFC 07-08-11 007

this lovely sofa simply needs to be cleaned and a seam rip fixed and it would be great – priced only $45

JFC 07-08-11 008

this is a great tone-on-tone striped sleeper sofa for $145

JFC 07-08-11 009JFC 07-08-11 010JFC 07-08-11 011

these are amazing “suitcase” tables which actually open and provide storage.  Also the suitcases can be easily removed from the metal bases.  The coffee table is priced $195; two end tables $165 each

JFC 07-08-11 012JFC 07-08-11 013JFC 07-08-11 014

these two Vanguard wing back chairs with nail-head trim are in mint condition and I LOVE the colors.  The chair is priced $175; chair AND ottoman for $225

JFC 07-08-11 015

we’ve moved our kid’s coloring table to the front of the store where we used to keep all our TVs.  Dan built a fabulous, massive storage unit for all the TVs toward the dock area, which opened up this part of the store.  We decided to leave one TV in the front for kids to watch and moved the coloring table up to provide a nice corner for your children to watch/create while you shop.  I envision this area evolving even more as time goes on ‘cause creating spaces where kids feel safe and comfortable are important to us at Jubilee Furniture!

JFC 07-08-11 016JFC 07-08-11 017JFC 07-08-11 018

this is a wonderful over-sized three piece sectional – the two seats on the left piece should both recline and only one does – and it’s that great micro-fiber fabric and is priced $125 (no stains I could see – but small rips along the back corners of the several of the pieces); glass and wood coffee table in front of the sectional is priced $125; matching end table for $70 (there’s only one end table).  Last photo is just another one of the coffee table

JFC 07-08-11 019

here’s a fabulous two piece Young-Hinkle china cabinet priced $135

JFC 07-08-11 020JFC 07-08-11 021

right next to the Young-Hinkle china cabinet are two of these fantastic two piece lighted hutches (they’re back-to-back in these photos) which are priced $95 each

JFC 07-08-11 022

we received these four amazing chairs – with blue checked attached cushion seats – several weeks ago for donation but they immediately got buried in one of our “black holes” in the store and no one noticed them.  They’ve been moved and this lovely vignette, shown here, is one of my favorite this week – the four chairs (two have arms, two don’t) are priced $100 for all four; round pedestal table is $40; beautiful blue/white pieces on top of the table are all cheap – yet oh so lovely (I have to force myself NOT to buy every blue/white china piece we get in at the store)

JFC 07-08-11 023

great retro sleeper sofa for $65

JFC 07-08-11 024JFC 07-08-11 025

fan-flippin-tastic retro chairs priced $85 each and there are five of them (except one is priced $80 because the seam is ripped along the bottom cushion).  These are solid, heavy pieces with the denser cushions you find with older furniture

JFC 07-08-11 026

the same donor gave us three vintage chairs like this one from Jasper Seating Co.  and two of ‘em are priced $45 – one of them is missing the second wood piece of the right arm and I priced it lower ($20?).  I totally love all of these chairs!

JFC 07-08-11 027

very nice one pieced bookcase for $135

JFC 07-08-11 028JFC 07-08-11 029

first photo is without my flash, second with – so blend the two and you have approximately the right color of these cool vintage pieces – two drawer night stand is $35; matching chest of drawers with a mirror for $55 (the drawers do not easily open on either of the pieces which is reflected in the lower prices)

JFC 07-08-11 030JFC 07-08-11 031

these last two photos are simply reminders that we have a large wall of art and other hanging things – like clocks – something people don’t always think of when they think of Jubilee Furniture!

Though I’m still bummed we didn’t get recognized by the Reader this year I do realize “best of” titles come and go (though the Brown Elephant seems to always get mentioned) and my desire is Jubilee Furniture will continue offering (with a smile and a warm greeting) good furniture at good prices – while restoring hope and providing opportunities to those with neither – for a very long time!

One final thing – I’m heading out for a week away and will be unable to update the blog while I’m gone, so I’ll next see you for Tuesday customer inspiration (provided someone sends me – sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org – some photos – please!) on July 19th!

Until then, dear reader, you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

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