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A visit to Jubilee Furniture is like the sun breaking through a gray and cloudy sky!

Having woken up the last two nights due to the wild storms which have blasted the area (but, unfortunately, not brought any relief from the heat and humidity) I thought I’d use storm analogies throughout today’s post where I show you some of the amazing furniture which was donated this week to Jubilee Furniture.  These photos give you a glimpse at the roughly 30,000 square feet of inventory currently for sale today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4.


Our customers are often blown away by the quantity and quality of our inventory.  When you imagine how much you’d have paid at retail furniture stores for comparable items, it’s like it’s raining money directly into your bank account.  The thundering cheers of satisfied customers is not an unusual sound at Jubilee.  The toothy smile of welcome you’ll receive upon entering the store is as bright as a flash of lightning.

Maybe you should get more coffee before we continue.

Grab your umbrella and let’s walk through some of the new-to-us things currently available to purchase!

JFC 07-29-11 001JFC 07-29-11 002JFC 07-29-11 003

great color brown leather sofa – wear on the seat cushions and one small rip – fantastic nail head trim priced $145

JFC 07-29-11 004

wonderful wicker chair – very comfortable – priced $95

JFC 07-29-11 005

mint condition micro-suede sofa, comfortable too, priced $395

JFC 07-29-11 006JFC 07-29-11 007

this made-in-China dining set has lovely carvings on chairs and table (carving continue on both extra table leaves too – which isn’t always the case).  Set includes: table, two leaves, six chairs, seat cushions along with a second set, and table pads all for – drum roll, please! – $325

JFC 07-29-11 008

lovely Temple Stuart  Early American two piece china cabinet for $85

JFC 07-29-11 009

bentwood rocker priced $35

JFC 07-29-11 010JFC 07-29-11 011

we received 30+ chairs from Alberto’s in the Holiday Inn in Carol Stream – and they’re perfect for all my DIYers who’ll have the creativity to turn these ho-hum chairs into something spectacular – I have no doubt – at $10 a pop per chair you can buy extra and experiment!

JFC 07-29-11 012

lovely yellow sofa priced $75

JFC 07-29-11 013

Bernhardt sofa for $60

JFC 07-29-11 014

lovely glass and metal side table – top lifts off and you have a tray – priced $50

JFC 07-29-11 015

very nice sofa – both ends recline – priced $125 (price reflects a small fabric issue which isn’t super noticeable and could be covered with a throw or a pillow)

JFC 07-29-11 016

white leather bar stools – there are four of them – priced $10 each (leather is torn in varies places – FYI)

JFC 07-29-11 017

fantastic old farm house table priced $125; black leather chairs around said table are $4 each.  Yes, you read that correctly – we have a good 10-15 black and white leather chairs and all of ‘em are priced $4 each – due to the fact the leather on this style of chair rips over time (either the seams come undone or the leather on the front of the back rips from being grabbed as the chair is being pulled out)

JFC 07-29-11 018JFC 07-29-11 019

fabulous Steelcase chairs – two with wheels are priced $40 each; two without wheels are $30 each

JFC 07-29-11 020

oops, this photo should have been by the glass and metal side table with the top that is a tray – oh well, this end table/small shelf is priced $60

JFC 07-29-11 021

amazing retro one piece hutch priced $95 (looks like top part originally had doors – I’m assuming they were glass and broke over time – you could easily have doors cut if you prefer that look)

JFC 07-29-11 022

very nice, solid, well built table, two leaves and four chairs priced $145

JFC 07-29-11 023JFC 07-29-11 024

these pieces are by Ethan Allen – from their mission style collection – sofa has denim covered cushions and is priced $95; chair with ottoman is $75

JFC 07-29-11 025

very nice La-Z-Boy sleeper sofa priced $75

JFC 07-29-11 026JFC 07-29-11 027

two piece gorgeous entertainment center by Ethan Allen priced $195

The winds of change have been blowing for several years now that recycling, repurposing and reducing waste are good for everyone.  That’s what we’re doing at Jubilee Furniture.  Add in restoring hope and providing opportunities to those most in need in DuPage County – which is what Outreach does (whose programs and services Jubilee’s proceeds – minus our expenses – are helping to support) and you’ve just created the perfect storm.

Wouldn’t you agree, dear reader?

Oh my – I crack myself up sometimes.

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