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There’s nothing freaky about Jubilee Furniture–but lots of howling good deals that just might keep you up at night!

You know what’s freaky?  Being woken at 2:00 a.m. by a coyote yowling outside your window – that’s what.  I was in a deep sleep when this unearthly sound penetrated my dreams and as I surfaced I honestly didn’t know where I was.  Both my husband and daughter were also wakened by the noise and all three of us stumbled to the window to see if we could spy the coyote making it (so we could verify it was an animal and not a figment of our imaginations?  to see if it needed help?  to make sure we weren’t under attack by killer coyotes?).  No one could see much of anything and we shuffled back to bed.

But falling back to sleep after hearing a howl like that wasn’t easy.  It was loud and lonesome and powerful and scary – it was like a really loud scream – and this coming from someone who regularly hears packs of coyotes howling (we live near Morton Arboretum and there’s lots of open space and lots of critters – including coyotes – that make the arboretum their home and are very vocal).  It was a single coyote and its cries were answered by another coyote much farther away.  Husband and wife spat and he took off and then decided to yell an “I’m sorrrrry!” to his wife (did you notice how I made the fight the husband’s fault so he has to apologize?)?  A new coyote in the ‘hood who was challenging the alpha coyote and calling him out to rumble?  A coyote who’s sick of all the rain and storms and was screaming its frustrations?

Thankfully, the only screaming you’ll hear at Jubilee Furniture are happy shouts from the amazed and thrilled customers who can’t believe the roughly 30,000 square feet of quality used furniture – for home and office – that can be found today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4.

I don’t have as many photos to share this week – I had a splitting headache yesterday afternoon and could hardly wait to get out of the store – sorry!

But let’s take a look at what I did snap…

JFC 06-24-11 001

lovely Room and Board sofa that simply needs to be cleaned and then will be perfect for only $125 (I think my headache clouded my judgment in pricing in a lot of cases!)

JFC 06-24-11 002

super nice Smithe-Craft sofa in excellent condition for $345

JFC 06-24-11 003

donor told me this white wicker sofa is from the 1920s (newer cushions) and it’s priced $145

JFC 06-24-11 005JFC 06-24-11 006

I used my flash for these two photos – so the actual color is a little darker – but the love seat is priced $50; sofa for $65 – both in good condition but the fabric is dated

JFC 06-24-11 007JFC 06-24-11 008JFC 06-24-11 009

this is a lovely set of tables/shelving – all glass and painted metal – coffee table is priced $75; shelving unit is $125; end table (there’s only one of ‘em) is $50

JFC 06-24-11 010JFC 06-24-11 011

there are TWO of these H. Brian sleeper sofas and though they’re identical, the upholstery on one is in better shape than the other so they’re priced differently – one is priced $75 and the other $60 (the $60 one has some pulls as if from a cat).  Also the ottoman in front of the one sofa is from last week – but it didn’t sell and is very nice – by Sherrill – and since it’s in this photo I thought I’d tell you it’s priced $45

JFC 06-24-11 012

lovely blue check love seat for $75 (I’m 99% sure this is new this week – but my head really did hurt…) :-(

JFC 06-24-11 013

very nice small round table and four chairs for $135

JFC 06-24-11 014

white tile table for $95

JFC 06-24-11 015

this is a king-size Sleep-Number mattress, box springs and modular base (that’s what it’s called on their website) and it’s priced $350 (though it works, the numbers on the two controllers don’t light up)

JFC 06-24-11 016JFC 06-24-11 017JFC 06-24-11 018

this is – hands down – my favorite piece this week – again it’s darker than it looks in these photos because I used my flash – but it’s a retro two piece china cabinet by Broyhill and is priced $125.  Can you see the star-like detail?  I am totally in love with this piece and if you buy it you have to send me a photo so I can see how amazing it looks in your home (sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org – now you have no excuse for not doing so)

JFC 06-24-11 019

very nice glass top table with four rolling chairs for $95

JFC 06-24-11 020

nice leather love seat for $65 (some color off on seat cushions)

JFC 06-24-11 021

retro chest for $45; two matching night stands for $20 each

Remember Vickie’s amazing transformation of the smelly china cabinet from Tuesday?  After reading about Vickie’s struggles in trying to remove the cigarette smell from the piece, Mary sent me a link to this product which is all natural and removes all odors (and Mary gave a personal testimony that it indeed works!).  It sounds fantastic and I wanted to pass the information onto you!  Thanks again, Mary!

This morning I asked my daughter, “Wasn’t that coyote yowling last night awful?” and her response was, “Was that real?”.  There was a dream-like quality to the whole thing and I guess I’ll never know exactly why a coyote was in our yard screaming at 2 a.m. but it does make you wonder about animal communication and relationships, community, pecking order…are there coyote “rules” and is there punishment if you break them?  Do coyotes mate for life and how are disagreements settled?  Do coyotes get headaches?

Okay, so maybe you don’t wonder those things… :-)

Take care, dear reader!

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