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Jubilee is a jolly joint jammed with jillions of gems! That’s easy for you to say…

I often joke with my kids that English isn’t my first language – gibberish is!  I was slow to talk (using words, in my defense I’m #4 out of 5 kids– so by making grunting noises I had a better chance of being heard!), a slow-to-learn reader and the worst speller ever born.  Thankfully, due totally to my amazing mother who spent tons of time helping me learn to read when I was in 2nd grade – reading is one of my passions.

However, occasionally nonsense still comes out of my mouth.  Here’s a recent example: I stopped at the dry cleaners after work on Tuesday - remember Tuesday when it was over 90 degrees with a heat index of over 100? – and as I was waiting for my dry cleaning another customer walked in and said something to me about how hot it was (don’t we Illinoisans love to talk/complain about the weather!).  Here, verbatim, was my response: “I guess it’s here official summer.”  Since my dry cleaning had just arrived I high-tailed it out of there muttering, “I guess it’s here official summer? What?”.

My best guess is I meant to say “I guess it’s official – summer is here!” or “I guess summer is officially here!” (and the irony is the forecast is for a high of 60 degrees over the next few days – so summer does not seems to have arrived just yet) – but that’s not what came out of my mouth.

I know the woman I spoke to understood what I meant and it probably didn’t even register how stupid I sounded (at least I can hope) – and my little verbal blundering is no big deal – but sometimes I wish I spoke as fluently and effortlessly as others.

Lucky for me, I’m extremely articulate when it comes to describing all the fantastic furniture to be found today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4 at Jubilee Furniture!

Let’s take a look!

JFC 06-10-11 001

side chair on wheels priced $35

JFC 06-10-11 002

Ashley sofa in great condition (some minor pet hair under cushions) priced $195

JFC 06-10-11 003

fabulous McCreary chair for $125

JFC 06-10-11 004

Classic Leather sofa for ??? (ah! I forgot to write down the price! $395? Call me at 630.337.1467 after 12:00 p.m. today if you’re interested.  Sorry!); Hufford Furniture Co. end table with glass $85 each and there are two of them

JFC 06-10-11 005JFC 06-10-11 006JFC 06-10-11 007JFC 06-10-11 008

Hufford Furniture Co. coffee table with glass for $105; Statesville Chair Co. wing back chair with golfer fabric and one throw pillow for $125 each and there are two of them

JFC 06-10-11 009

outdoor table, four chairs (two of them swivel and are bouncy), chair cushions and tablecloth (with hole for umbrella) priced $125 for all

JFC 06-10-11 010JFC 06-10-11 011

blue rocker/recliner $50 each – very worn on arms and where your head rests

JFC 06-10-11 012JFC 06-10-11 015JFC 06-10-11 013JFC 06-10-11 014JFC 06-10-11 016

great “bones” to these Crate and Barrel pieces – but issues with fading and rips – sofa priced $65; chair $45

JFC 06-10-11 017

fantastic two piece sectional by Henredon priced $245

JFC 06-10-11 018

wonderful green leather club chair priced $135

JFC 06-10-11 019

brown velvet sleeper sofa priced $85 (great condition, seat cushions are a little thin)

JFC 06-10-11 020JFC 06-10-11 021

very pretty fabric on these two Smithe-Craft pieces – love seat priced $135; matching sofa $75 (sofa has some issues where the cord is coming out of the piping along the seat cushions)

JFC 06-10-11 022JFC 06-10-11 023

amazing Stanley Furniture table, two leaves and six chairs – in excellent condition – not a mark on the table top! – priced $375; matching ONE piece lighted china cabinet is $225

JFC 06-10-11 024

these gorgeous pieces are by Hufford Furniture Company – part of their Harden collection – and it’s 13’ 6” long and consists of two towers (on each end), storage/desk area and lighted bridge that connects the two towers – desk is covered with glass and you could put a massive flat screen TV over the desk – priced $995 for the whole thing

JFC 06-10-11 025

lovely white painted, with fabric insert on both head board and foot board – full size bed (does not include mattress and box spring) priced $95

JFC 06-10-11 026

queen or full size head board, foot board and side rails priced $40 (decorative piece broken off on head board – see between two curved pieces?)

JFC 06-10-11 027

great neutral color sofa for $50

JFC 06-10-11 028

launder or change out these slip covers and you’ll have an amazing love seat priced only $135

JFC 06-10-11 029JFC 06-10-11 030

sweet two piece china cabinet priced $65

JFC 06-10-11 031

Smithe-Craft sofa for $35

JFC 06-10-11 032JFC 06-10-11 033

blue corduroy chairs (I think they swivel but I didn’t write that down on my notes and now I can’t remember – what’s my problem?)  - both need to be cleaned priced $35 each

JFC 06-10-11 034JFC 06-10-11 035

this amazing sofa was put out Saturday afternoon and it’s in excellent condition and priced $275

JFC 06-10-11 036

gorgeous – maybe my favorite piece this week – buffet/media stand – all three doors slide open and there’s shelves for storage inside – priced $235

JFC 06-10-11 037

one of my volunteers, Tim – inserted corkboard in a frame he and Connie (find a photo of Tim and Connie on the right sidebar) owned – and Connie created this wonderful jewelry display since someone donated some costume jewelry to the store (which simply reinforces a constant Jubilee Furniture refrain – all together now – “You never know what you might find at Jubilee Furniture!” said in a sort of sing-song-y way, of course!)  Every amazing necklace, pin and set of earrings is yours for the fantastic price of 25 cents* each!

And that, dear reader, answers today’s “What’s ‘new’ at Jubilee Furniture?” question.

May you know how much I care and God loves you today and always!  And that’s no nonsense!

*plus 8% sales tax :-)

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