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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, October 2, 2014

JFC 10-02-14 052JFC 10-02-14 053JFC 10-02-14 054JFC 10-02-14 055

Lots of progress on the exterior of our building! Though workmen were gone when I was there last night – they might be buzzing around during store hours (today from 1 to 8; tomorrow also from 1 to 8 and Saturday from 9 to 4) – but don’t let that stop you from coming in!

Not only is there some of the best inventory I’ve ever seen (remember, the Furniture Gallery is another way to see what’s available) – but it’s priced super well! Bruce – Jubilee Furniture Store Operations Manager – also told me there will be $5 sofas for sale this weekend! Yep, you read that correctly – $5 sofas! Take that Subway ($5 foot long. Get it?)! Haha!

Ooookay. Moving on. What follows are photos of some of the furniture currently available. Let’s take a look!

JFC 10-02-14 001JFC 10-02-14 002

very nice denim chair priced $65

JFC 10-02-14 003JFC 10-02-14 004

and next to the denim chair is this cool wood drum side table for $55

JFC 10-02-14 005JFC 10-02-14 006JFC 10-02-14 007JFC 10-02-14 008

really neat older desk that does need some TLC but priced at only $55 makes it worth it! That’s a Room & Board chair pulled up to the desk and it’s currently marked 25% off from $125 which brings the price down to $93.75  (retails for $329)

JFC 10-02-14 010JFC 10-02-14 011

beautiful Crate & Barrel sofa in excellent condition (some chips out of the sofa legs that could use a touch up) priced $365; in front of the sofa is this gorgeous wicker round glass topped coffee table – brand new from the Merchandise Mart (from their outdoor furniture collection) priced $355 (retails for $1,769). I love the weathered gray finish of the table

JFC 10-02-14 014JFC 10-02-14 015JFC 10-02-14 016JFC 10-02-14 017JFC 10-02-14 018JFC 10-02-14 019

words are going to fail me with this Heywood Wakefield drop leaf table, two leaves and six chairs (two with arms) – some MINOR blemishes but overall in excellent condition! Truly spectacular (not sure I’ve ever used that adjective before – that’s how amazing this set is!). Priced $1,965

JFC 10-02-14 020JFC 10-02-14 021

as much as I LOVE the Heywood Wakefield dining set – I also ADORE this retro glass topped coffee table. Sleek lines. Cool shape. Excellent condition. Priced $185

JFC 10-02-14 022JFC 10-02-14 023JFC 10-02-14 024JFC 10-02-14 025JFC 10-02-14 026

while I was snapping photos last night I forgot to ask if this Zenith record player with radio worked (sorry!). If I’m remembering my conversation with the donor – it does (we typically don’t take ‘em if they don’t). Anyway – it’s super fun and priced $115

JFC 10-02-14 027JFC 10-02-14 028

lovely two tiered coffee table with beveled glass insert – in excellent condition (lots of things in excellent condition this week!). Priced $65

JFC 10-02-14 029JFC 10-02-14 030

muted colors, lovely pattern on this over-sized chair – priced $85

JFC 10-02-14 032JFC 10-02-14 033

LOVE this high gloss black side table with gold accents! Priced $55

JFC 10-02-14 034JFC 10-02-14 036

you have got to see this one in person to really appreciate the fabulous retro design on the fabric covering this sleeper sofa! Truly, it’s a work of art! There are multiple places where the fabric is worn/ripping (especially at the corners) – but still! PLUS it’s only $35! Man! You can’t go wrong!

JFC 10-02-14 037JFC 10-02-14 038

let’s go ever further back in time – to the Eastlake Company and this antique dresser – with incredible original hardware – priced $225

JFC 10-02-14 039JFC 10-02-14 040

truthfully, there’s nothing special about this solid wood chair – except the price! $10 and there are four of them (all priced $10 each). All need some work/paint/sanding/staining – but sold wood chairs for $10 apiece? You can’t beat it with a stick!

JFC 10-02-14 041JFC 10-02-14 042

I believe – technically – this is a Pennsylvania House two piece lighted CHINA CABINET – but the shape of it makes me think it would work equally well in a family room or office holding books or your rock collect (what? you don’t have a rock collection? I thought EVERYONE had a rock collection.). Priced $245

JFC 10-02-14 043JFC 10-02-14 044

we’ve got some glam going on back in the bedding “department” with this king size wood and fabric headboard! Regal! Priced $115

JFC 10-02-14 045

this fantastic chest of drawers caught my eye – especially priced at only $85. I couldn’t find a brand name but it seemed in great condition (I would have said, “excellent” but I figured you were a little tired of that word by now)

JFC 10-02-14 046JFC 10-02-14 047

this gray painted dresser is missing one of the marble inserts as well as hardware on four of the drawers (the lower ones) – but otherwise really a lovely piece. Priced $45

JFC 10-02-14 048JFC 10-02-14 049

very nice country style sleeper sofa in great condition priced $55; matching loveseat (also in great condition) for $40

JFC 10-02-14 050JFC 10-02-14 051

this is a cool table – the top closes in half and slides into place to be a smaller square table (in these photos it’s fully extended) and there are three rattan chairs that match. Priced $85 for the set

I hope you’re doing well, dear reader – and that you have an EXCELLENT weekend!

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