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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, October 9, 2014

Greetings! I want to continue pointing you to the Furniture Gallery – since my sense is the blog is winding down. I’m not saying it’s over – just yet – but with the very positive change in my general manager position into two distinct and different roles – I am now fairly removed from the store side of things and part of the appeal of the blog is my personal involvement in the whole process and that’s no longer possible.

However, until that time – I’ll continue providing bad photos of good furniture along with my “descriptive” comments and the price of the piece. So, let’s get right to it!

JFC 10-09-14 003JFC 10-09-14 004JFC 10-09-14 005JFC 10-09-14 006

this is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL dining set! Has that lovely country feel without being too country! There’s a table, one leaf, six rush-seat chairs along with custom-made pads – all for $335 (there’s some starches on part of the apron and one edge of the table has the finish removed)

JFC 10-09-14 007JFC 10-09-14 008

gorgeous mid-century modern two piece sofa – priced $495

JFC 10-09-14 009JFC 10-09-14 010

lovely mission style table with two leaves and six chairs – some nicks in the finish – priced $240

JFC 10-09-14 011JFC 10-09-14 012

sofa with extra deep seating – a bit worn in spots – priced $135

JFC 10-09-14 013JFC 10-09-14 014

this Pennsylvania House sofa is also priced $135 – and like the other sofa – has some pulls in the fabric (but overall in good condition)

JFC 10-09-14 015JFC 10-09-14 016

this leather sofa – both ends recline and it’s in excellent condition – is, what I would call, the deal of the week because it’s only priced $85. Why? It smells of cigarette smoke (which is normally a “No, thank you” for us – somehow it slipped through)

JFC 10-09-14 017JFC 10-09-14 018

lovely burgundy sofa priced $95; matching ottoman for $45

JFC 10-09-14 019JFC 10-09-14 020

very nice plaid side chairs – priced $80 each; matching ottoman for $35

JFC 10-09-14 021JFC 10-09-14 022

I LOVE this painted armoire even though the interior is sorta wonky. Priced $35

JFC 10-09-14 023JFC 10-09-14 024

wonderful, lighted bookcases – there are two of them – in excellent condition – priced $375 each

JFC 10-09-14 025JFC 10-09-14 026

very nice muted green upholstered chair – only priced $20 (I couldn’t see anything wrong with it but I didn’t sit in it)

JFC 10-09-14 027JFC 10-09-14 028JFC 10-09-14 029JFC 10-09-14 031

oh man! Look at these wood and iron retro chairs from John M. Smyth Co.! There are four of them and we’re selling them for $395 (for all four). They’re around an amazing glass topped table that we’ve had for a few weeks (and is priced $365)

JFC 10-09-14 032JFC 10-09-14 033

lots of great dining sets this week! This time it’s a table (no leaves) with six chairs – the black paint needs to be touched up (or repainted) and the table top needs a little TLC. Priced $145 for all

JFC 10-09-14 034JFC 10-09-14 035

wonderful oak sofa table priced $85

JFC 10-09-14 036JFC 10-09-14 037

two wood framed chairs – priced $35 each (you could do TONS with these chairs with a little elbow grease and some paint!)

JFC 10-09-14 038JFC 10-09-14 039

this is a cool storage piece – I could see it in a kitchen. The top pulls out for easy access to all your pots? dishes? and underneath are three doors with shelves for addition storage! Storage galore you might say! Priced $55

JFC 10-09-14 040JFC 10-09-14 041

I thought this sweet Stanley brand nightstand and smallish chest of drawers was super nice (top of the nightstand needs to be refinished – chest is fine as is). The nightstand is priced $25 and the chest is $55

I hope you’re finding time to enjoy this lovely fall weather, dear reader! I also hope to see you here again next week!

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