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Craft Suggestions About My House

pin cushion tea cup planter Craft Suggestions About My House hand made stuff

Do you like my little tea cup planter?! Acquire for 1 complete pound, it sat about for a extremely lengthy time in my home even though I figured out what to do with it. Right after a post on the fabulous home of Lille Ting, I decided to use this planter with my embroidered Tilda pin cushion that I created following I saw the project in Sew Pretty Homestyle book.

stampin up kit Craft Suggestions About My House hand made stuff I was lucky enough to get my hands on this “Undefined” stamp carving kit from Stampin’ up. I currently have lots of erasers and tools for stamp carving but this box was a great way to get your hands on every thing necessary with no obtaining to acquire in bulk. If you want to attempt out stamp carving but not commit to a box of 30 erasers or invest lots on cutting tools then you need to certainly use 1 of these kits.

stampin up kit Craft Suggestions About My House hand made stuff

I have an uncle who likes wood functioning so I was in a position to get my own small wooden blocks but I’ve lots of them! These come with a restricted set of wooden blocks but there are sufficient for the amount of rubber that’s there for carving. The tools are really great and I love the designs that came with the kit, specially the small speech bubble! I attempted carving the speech bubble but produced a booboo and it’s just 3 lines now. haha. Start over! You can buy the kit right here.

on my desk Craft Suggestions About My House hand made stuff

 And now a lovely view of my desk! In my favourite mug! I don’t use this mug that often simply because I’m so terrified of  breaking it. Do you guys like my tiny ceramic sewing reel?! It was a gift from Santa and I adore it. It’s a little big for pens and pencils (tall I mean) but it’s perfect for my paint brushes and it’s stunning. ^_^ That’s also my collection of greengate tins and suitcases. ^_^

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