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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for this very special day–April 4, 2014–when we’re opening in our new building!

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Lights and windows and restrooms – on my (go on, chant it – it’s got a pretty good flow!).

We’ve finally arrived!  Feels sort of unbelievable.  What a ride these last eight years!  Though there’s still some clean-up to be done in the dock/grounds area and there’s a door or two off in the restrooms (working on it this morning!) and I haven’t priced everything yet (also will be working on that this morning) – Jubilee Furniture will be opening today at 1:00 p.m. in our very own building which is located at 730 East North Ave. in Carol Stream.  The building is two blocks east of our old location.  If you’re heading west on North Ave. you’ll have to make a U turn where you used to turn into our parking lot and then watch for our amazing signs!  Here’s some additional information:

  • Today – Friday, April 4th, and tomorrow – Saturday, April 5th, our normal hours (Friday 1 to 8 and Saturday 9 to 4)
  • Thursday, April 10th, we’re adding store hours from 1 to 8 
  • So, as of Thursday, April 10th, Jubilee Furniture store hours will be Thursdays and Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4.  Easy peasy!
  • Another big change is our “holding” policy.  Once something has been purchased you now have ONE WEEK FROM DATE OF PURCHASE to pick the item up.  We have a much smaller dock area and simply do not have the space to hold furniture more than one week – unfortunately, we will not be making any exceptions

Okay – something good – more store hours and something not so good – shorter holding policy.  But let’s get to the REALLY good stuff – which there is plenty of!  For the last four weeks – all incoming donations have been going into our new building.  What follows are some of those donations:

-JFC 04-04-14 001JFC 04-04-14 002JFC 04-04-14 003JFC 04-04-14 004

gorgeous trestle table from Room & Board retails for $1,295 – alas the two end pieces of wood trim are a fraction longer than the body of the table (wood in the center wasn’t dry when it was built and then it shrank?) – so needs some fixing.  Still a beautiful piece of furniture – solid wood – priced $650

JFC 04-04-14 005JFC 04-04-14 006

four wood chairs – excellent condition – priced $135 for all four

JFC 04-04-14 007JFC 04-04-14 008

greenish sofa – chaise can be flipped to either end of the sofa (it’s magic!) – showing some wear and needs a spot or two cleaned – priced $125; lovely glass and brass square coffee table for – oops I forgot to write down the price – $55?

JFC 04-04-14 009JFC 04-04-14 010

I love this vintage rocker – sits a little lower to the ground – priced $85

JFC 04-04-14 011JFC 04-04-14 012

two nice swivel rockers – need some spots cleaned – priced $60 each

JFC 04-04-14 013JFC 04-04-14 014

mini bar and wine holder – priced $95

JFC 04-04-14 015JFC 04-04-14 016JFC 04-04-14 017JFC 04-04-14 018JFC 04-04-14 019

this is a fabulous light green (perfect spring color – it is spring, right?) leather set.  The chair and ottoman both need to be cleaned but the sofa and loveseat are in fantastic condition.  Chair and ottoman are priced $145; sofa is $325; loveseat for $225; wonderful wood and glass coffee table is $30

JFC 04-04-14 020JFC 04-04-14 021

great table with six chairs – all in really good condition – priced $245 for the set

JFC 04-04-14 022JFC 04-04-14 023

oh my – amazing American Leather leather recliner with a mid-century vibe (either because it is from that era or was made to look like it – I’m not sure) – priced $295

JFC 04-04-14 024JFC 04-04-14 025

light blue micro-suede sofa by Max Home – needs to be cleaned – priced $85

JFC 04-04-14 026JFC 04-04-14 027

sweet side chair for $95

JFC 04-04-14 028JFC 04-04-14 029JFC 04-04-14 030JFC 04-04-14 031

really cool half-moon desk and rolling chair (chair is missing one of the brass wheel covers) – desk is priced $295; desk chair for $95

JFC 04-04-14 033JFC 04-04-14 035

gorgeous two piece secretary – priced $125

JFC 04-04-14 036JFC 04-04-14 037

these are cool denim-like upholstered, wood and nail head trimmed chairs that sit lower to the ground than your average bear, I mean, chair – priced $125 each

JFC 04-04-14 038JFC 04-04-14 039

gorgeous oriental style, brass trimmed secretary (in the second photo the writing desk is opened) by Thomasville – priced $275

JFC 04-04-14 040JFC 04-04-14 041

two Walter E. Smithe side chairs in a muted minty green (very fresh!) priced $125 each

JFC 04-04-14 042JFC 04-04-14 043

in between the minty Smithe side chairs is a very cool side table!  The three drop leaves stay open with a twist of the base (it’s neat how it works) – priced $45

JFC 04-04-14 044JFC 04-04-14 045JFC 04-04-14 046JFC 04-04-14 047

this is really a gorgeous wicker/rattan set (donor just moved to the area and didn’t have space) – two rattan sofas – priced $235 each; wicker chair and ottoman for $125; second matching wicker chair for $75 (there’s some blue fuzz – probably from a moving blanket – on the back corners of this chair)

JFC 04-04-14 048JFC 04-04-14 049

two – one drawer – end tables or night stands – priced $45 each

JFC 04-04-14 050JFC 04-04-14 051

sweet oak table with four chairs (seats are caned and all are in perfect shape) – priced $165

JFC 04-04-14 052JFC 04-04-14 053

two oak one drawer end tables by Broyhill – priced $45 each

JFC 04-04-14 054JFC 04-04-14 055JFC 04-04-14 056JFC 04-04-14 057

wonderful Bassett side chairs – some wear – priced $85 each; I am so in love with this cool round glass, brass and metal side table – so perfect! – priced $60

JFC 04-04-14 058JFC 04-04-14 059

Henredon swivel chair – excellent condition – priced $145

JFC 04-04-14 060JFC 04-04-14 061

fabulous one piece hutch – priced $225

I so hope you can stop in and see the new building for yourself, dear reader!  Honestly, I can’t get over what some windows and good lighting can do to a space!  Amazing!

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