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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, April 10, 2014–GRAND OPENING TODAY–select items 25% or 40% off!

Though we opened in our new space last Friday – today marks our “grand opening” with ribbon cutting and finger food and you are very warmly invited.   Here are the details:

  • 12:00 p.m. gather outside at our new building (address is 730 E. North Ave. Carol Stream)
  • 12:15 p.m. ribbon cutting
  • 12:15 and 20 seconds (can’t take long to cut a ribbon, right?) come see the inside of the store (light snacks will be served)
  • 1:00 p.m. store opens for business for the first time on a Thursday!  We will not be marking furniture sold or opening the register until 1:00 p.m.

Keep an eye out for labels like these as you shop today, tomorrow or Saturday:

JFC 04-10-14 037JFC 04-10-14 038

We have marked select items either 25% off or 40% off the price tag price (discount will be taken at the register).

What follows are photos of SOME of what was donated to Jubilee Furniture this week.  Enjoy – there are some beautiful and unique pieces!

JFC 04-10-14 001JFC 04-10-14 002

gorgeous Toms Price two piece sectional – from their American Bungalow by Vanguard collection – with swoop arms – the seat cushions need to be adjusted (minor fix by unzipping and readjusting inner cushion) – priced $995

JFC 04-10-14 003JFC 04-10-14 004

super fun “shutter” style retro cabinet – was originally for record albums – priced $60

JFC 04-10-14 005JFC 04-10-14 006

lovely slip-covered sleeper sofa – priced $145

JFC 04-10-14 007JFC 04-10-14 008

there are two of these cool bamboo and wood end tables – priced $30 each; Smithe Craft loveseat in excellent condition for $165

JFC 04-10-14 009JFC 04-10-14 010JFC 04-10-14 011JFC 04-10-14 012

fabulous plaid vintage sleeper sofa priced $125; hand-crafted pillow for $8; neat-o end table (note the side opening for storage which is unusual) for $40 each and there are two of them.  Oh, and I LOVE that lamp!  I think it’s $30

JFC 04-10-14 013JFC 04-10-14 014

wonderful chrome rolling island with a wood top for $75

JFC 04-10-14 015JFC 04-10-14 016JFC 04-10-14 017JFC 04-10-14 018

worn – but in a good distressed way – Bauhaus chair and ottoman for $145; also by Bauhaus a full size sofa for $225

JFC 04-10-14 019JFC 04-10-14 020

I couldn’t get a good photo of this child-size work bench – there’s peg board along the back and one large drawer – priced $45

JFC 04-10-14 021JFC 04-10-14 022

surprisingly heavy tile top with a wrought iron base small side table for $40

JFC 04-10-14 025JFC 04-10-14 024

here are two more amazing pieces that I couldn’t get a good photo of – they’re a primitive style of furniture that I really like.  There’s a hutch (open the doors and there are shelves) for $145; and the matching bookcase is $115

JFC 04-10-14 026JFC 04-10-14 027

these three matching pieces are also fabulous!  Two, two door storage cabinets priced $125 each; bookcase for $95

JFC 04-10-14 029JFC 04-10-14 028

totes sweet small writing desk – priced $40

JFC 04-10-14 030JFC 04-10-14 031

wonderful chair and ottoman priced $145 for both pieces

JFC 04-10-14 032JFC 04-10-14 033

this is a futon that’s – obviously – open.  The two end shelves fold down if you don’t need ‘em or don’t have the space – Serta futon mattress in excellent condition – all for $195

JFC 04-10-14 035JFC 04-10-14 036

off-white wicker full size headboard priced $25; matching three drawer dresser for $60; and one drawer night stand for $40

JFC 04-10-14 039JFC 04-10-14 040

here’s another fabulous wicker dresser – also three drawers but in a neat wrought iron frame – priced $60

As always, I’m so grateful to you, dear reader – my blog followers/store shoppers have played a big role in the success of Jubilee Furniture!

Thank you!

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